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  1. No, an example of private sector money being poured into the public sector, and some of it leaking back again in a staggeringly inefficient manner. The public sector has no money of it's own. It's been given far too much OPM to begin with; stop trying to make it sound magnanimous for handing some back.
  2. Why not? Sitting around a station playing pool isn't that hard. They can work until whenever they like - it's the fact that others are expected to fund a cushy life for them afterwards, during which they will probably work anyway. Don't start about "oooh, it's a dangerous job" - want to know what the most dangerous job is, bar none? Guess? Travelling salesman. More chance of dying at work (car smash) than any other occupation. Not as glamourous though, is it?
  3. Every now and then, someone states your own feelings in such a concise, clear fashion you have to defer to them. PS, how do you get youtube vids with a preview?
  4. Yeah, let's base the entire economy around the activities of Kerry Katona. We need an urgent return of moral hazard. That won't harm actual entrepreneurs one bit.
  5. Not sure if Sherwick misunderstood - when I mentioned the Fred Goodwin Evil Banker Ace Card I was referring to the fact that some seem to think the public sector should be able to demand more and more and more by simply invoking his name. "He screwed the system, why can't we?" Yes, he got millions - but divide that by the salary of a useless public sector middle manager and you can see that it's small beer. A typical NHS hospital administration probably trousers more saveable cash each year than Fred did in his career.
  6. Iceland only has a population of 320'000. It is proud of itself and culturally cohesive. That makes it much easier to get through things like they have; it's harder to take the piss from the shadows in a society like that. Plentiful geothermal power also reduces the ability to hold them to ransom. On the downside, that wittering a*sehole Einar from the Sugarcubes is culture minister or something. Can't have everything.
  7. You're quite right billfunk - however, other things that needs to be acknowledged are: that the public sector is paid for by the private that the public sector does not have to compete that the public sector has higher job security, cuts or no cuts that the public sector could be cut by 25% with little effect on services actually required Until these things are acknowledged, we won't get far into sorting this mess. The public sector needs to return to being an employer for people accept less pay for greater job security - not a means to chuck borrowed money into the economy by getting a bunch of god's little mistakes to do useless - if not outright damaging - tasks.
  8. Sorry - throwing in the evil banker ace card does not mean that the entire public sector gets carte blanche to be as equally corrupt, profligate, idiotic and unsustainable. The country needs to start cutting it's cloth according to it's means. I don't plan to have my quality of live lowered so others can have theirs artificially increased, thanks.
  9. Mate, I was specifically told that there would be no more boom and bust. Governments lie. The difference is, I don't expect my fellow (NET) taxpayers to underwrite my foolish expectations.
  10. I don't know why you're worried anyway - Random Karma is going to see to it that everyone in the private sector gets paid 50% more, to balance it against the public sector. If anyone disagrees they are little more than slave plantation owners, and probably racist, and involved in phone hacking. The local Jag garage is getting a visit as soon as my rise comes though I can tell you. We've all got to do what we can for the economy.
  11. Oh, you've won me over. All we need to do is pay the private sector 50% more. Why didn't we think of this before. Got to do some work now. I'll be paid money for it, and would love to put that towards my pension pot. Unfortunately, much of it is extracted from me with menaces, and instead goes to someone else's pension.
  12. Except, I have never said that. What's bizarre is how you got to thinking I did. Yeah, we're in a really good position to start pushing China around. If I owe the bank a million, do I get to ring the bank manager and demand to f*ck his wife?
  13. You're the one that thinks an economy can be run by diktat. But I am the wannabe slave master. OK. Whatever stops you from having to face how deranged your ideas are, whatever gets you though the day. Ooooh, football.
  14. So... with inflation already high you want to: 1. Impose tariffs on imports 2. Enforce higher wages and pensions in private companies, to save the blushes of the public sector What do you think that would do to prices? Or the real value of future pensions? Maybe you could fine any company that goes bust. That'd show 'em. I suppose mortgages would be inflated away, there's a plus.
  15. If you get your way, there won't be any capital, no returns, and no labour. But still, as long as it hurts the eeevil bankers, eh?
  16. "It's hard to make a man understand something, when his getting paid depends on his not understanding it". Like so many, their effort is not to see, not to know, not to understand that they are utterly, utterly dependent on others. Their labour was probably not worth what they were paid for it up front, never mind the sugar sprinkles on top of a fat pension.
  17. Thanks lsq - I don't think I can be bothered to try to bend my mind into the knots required to even begin to work out what he is on about. Clearly, on planet RK people are babies that are looked after from some magic perpetual money pot. All the while, Evil Space Emperor Fatchurmilksnatcha plots to take the pot away, helped by her evil sidekicks the Bankazz from the planet Torreee.
  18. So, for the the honour of employing you a private company also has to look after you until the day you die. Who's the slave again? Go ahead, force companies to become financially unviable. We'll all work for the state instead.
  19. Thanks for helping me make my point. Customers of private sector companies have alternatives. The public sector bends over backwards to try to ensure that it's 'customers' don't.
  20. Mainly because they know they can play the sappy female role for a bit, move in with a bloke, turn the blow job tap on for a while and all's well in the world until they can start borrowing again.
  21. 10 year bonds shooting up to 6.34%. Looks like someone released that Berlusconi album after all.
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