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  1. They'll claim 800% rates are manageable if they think it keeps the party going a little bit longer.
  2. Just read that Italy has barely grown since 2000 - a staggering achievement considering the funny money flying around.
  3. How will you look if it turns out to be a scam? Or will you be too obsessed with another three-card-monte style sham by then?
  4. 7.16% now, parabolic. Pathetic isn't it, that 7% - a perfectly reasonable return for lenders - is the tipping point.
  5. It's because they didn't cut spending. Ironic that we have an anti-cuts demo today. You can't base an economy on the public sector any more than you can fly by reaching down and pushing up on the soles of your feet. Italy is about to have it's nose firmly rubbed in this fact.
  6. According to EU stats this is the top ranked country for ease of doing business. A quick call to the HMRC to tell them you are a sole trader, and off you go. All the 'oooh - you need rich parents', 'aaaaah you need a degree' whiners are making their own excuses for having neither the nouse or the balls. F*ck degrees. I've done hundreds of sales pitches, and I can count the number of times I've been asked about my academic achievements on no hands.
  7. Looks like I won the drivers-pay-for-roads argument. It's pretty direct funding - especially fuel duty which is a linear charge on usage. Don't try the socialist strawman crap - a road network is one of the few things that should be organised centrally.
  8. That's because drivers pay road tax and fuel duty, only a third of which is required to run the road system. The rest does down the public sector plug hole. Say thank you to those generous drivers.
  9. No, it's the smashing-up-our-capital-city bits that people object to. Or is that good violence?
  10. 10yr at 6.86%. Bang. Edit. Sorry, make that 6.9%. Bang Bang Bang.
  11. No, and I'm not your slave either. Good. Glad we've established that. Let's get on with our respective business then. ...
  12. Oh for Christs sake mods, don't let this turn into another thread where the likes of Traktion and whatever_eagle whine that we are all non-believers and will not be allowed into cold fusion heaven with Saint Rossi. Better threads than this have gone OT in a flash.
  13. Maybe they should apologies for the fact that this site has been far more accurate on many issues than their publication. I hate the FT. The colour of the paper is a clue why.
  14. It's more like 'The Flaws'. Looking at this photo is quicker than watching the program. There it is folks, your kid's futures compromised for the vanity of two men. I wonder if the one on the right knew when this was taken he would be sulking in Kirkaldy by now, frantically ignored by his own beloved party?
  15. I noticed this... seems strange when usually the media tries to avoid comparison between our lifestyle and the EU members like the plague. Bit of preparative propaganda perhaps... "here's why we had to cast them loose".
  16. Re-emergence of a Military Junta would be my bet. Firing the top brass last week may not avert this. Cue lots of tension with Turkey.
  17. I only discovered the other day that Italy is actually the Eurozone's third largest economy. Obvious once you think about it. But, oh dear.
  18. That's an index of the perniciousness and oversize of government, not business's dependence on it.
  19. The government has no money of it's own. The government is utterly reliant on businesses that are actually productive. Where it sprays money once it has been extorted is not the issue, but this process is seldom an incentive for productive businesses to remain so.
  20. Judging by the slightly trustafarian nature of protests these days, I was expecting to see them roll up on Segways. Edit: judging by the fact that this march is about supposedly about unemployment, I presume these people now accept that unfettered immigration when we have 20% youth unemployment is not exactly a brilliant idea? Or is that still protected by an impenetrable field of political correctness?
  21. It's very simple. You enter your absolute maximum budget, the app then automatically offers the asking price on a house 15% over this, and tells you that you can knock some of the walls out to give you a bigger 'wum'. You then have to congratulate the app on what a hard bargainer it is.
  22. Believe me, in the next few years there will be lots of people feeling they are entitled to things. Happily in your case, you will ignore this shakedown attempt, yes?
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