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  1. Sickening indeed. Once day, people will wonder how an individual like this managed to have so much influence over our politics and our lives. Look at him. What an empty husk.
  2. Translation: Any attempt to reform a chronically bloated and corrupt public sector should be immediately derailed by the incantation of the magic word: 'Bannkkkerrzzzzzzzz'.....
  3. They need someone with vision to sell the place. Someone used to success. Here comes your man That web site is f*cking brilliant. Web 4.0 - forget the 3.0!
  4. Thanks. This post really, really, really clarified things.
  5. You're burning energy and killing GAIA with your computer, posting that. Turn it off and go knit some yoghurt or something. Or are you using a special green internet 'Zil lane', reserved especially for the righteous and enlightened? I hereby tug my forelock if so.
  6. Seriously, I've been to 2 Harry Ramsden's now and I don't know what the fuss is about. It is chipped fried potatoes and battered fish, for Christ's sake.
  7. Show me a pie chart illustrating what proportion of that 24% work in the public sector. You'll need a lot more of one colour than the other.
  8. Your pension has arrived, Sir. You might need a spade to pick it up.
  9. I would say it is x, where x is the price you are able to actually sell the house for within six weeks of it going on sale.
  10. The Economist I'd say about 35% off current prices would get us near fair value... in real terms we have already lost 25% from 2007. Hopefully there will be an undershoot.
  11. Who. Pays. For. The. Construction. And. Maintenance. Of. The. Apartment. This forum is dying because you can't get more than five posts into a thread without some armchair anarchist rudely posting, with levels of self-assurance synonymous with serious emerging mental health issues, about some batshi*t pastoral dream-world which would see the survivors living like peasants within a generation. That's 'freedom' apparently. This place used to be on fire, in economic circumstances far less onerous than today's. Shame.
  12. I think they've left it too late. It's like saying the solution to your neighbor's horrendous debt and gambling problem is to get a shared bank account. Countries are going to be exiting the Eurozone shortly.
  13. Can't be true. Corporates are awash with cash. I read it here.
  14. Is this a public sector position? I would bite your tongue and tolerate this bilge if so, it goes with the territory. If it's private sector, you might want to consider another company that does not propagate this drivel. If it were me, I would fill the section with a nice bit of newspeak drivel of your own. Here's a suggestion: "In my previous role myself and my valued female co-facilitators worked in a non-paternal non-heirarchal idea space to imagineer more blue sky thinking within a genderless framework that accommodated LGBT viewpoints. This included making non-phallic decorations to celebrate the winter festival, and helping valued co-workers follow the correct narrative to avoid careless humour or speech patterns which could cause what we regarded as offence to valued groups of co-workers. We regularly addressed these issues in staff meetings and prevailed despite resistance from co-workers, many of whom were in oppressed groups and had a false conciousness regarding their diminished role in a typically paternal job space." That should do it. Let me know if that gets you the job. No charge.
  15. ROFL at the idea there would not be corporates without LL and 'state support'.
  16. When the money really does run out, and there is no longer the free cash available to keep the public sector dredger lurching forward, we'll see who's willing to work and who isn't. Think China will pay for you to sit on your ass while they pay their workers even less? Think again.
  17. There are also a lot of whiny, self righteous citizens wage types who seem to have no practical answers to the issues they drone on about, existing only to post enigmatic little sneers at the suggestions of others. Some of them are being paid by taxpayers while they post here - not the best people to judge on matters of suitable reward for employment. Clearly, others being self sufficient makes them so insecure they start making emotionalised little claims that they expect them to work for free. So, what is their answer. I doubt it is thought through any further than - extract money with menaces from the productive (although they will never pay them the respect of calling them that) to give to the unproductive. They then wait to be told how generous they are with the money of others, while snarling at anyone who objects (aka 'Daily Mail readers', 'Little Englanders', 'Tory scum' etc). If you think the workshy are so goddamn noble, start a charity and pay for them yourself.
  18. Translation - they had the release pre-prepared and someone pressed the button too early. I recall a thread here years ago where a paper released an article stating interest rates were on hold, with all sorts of analysis, whereas in fact they had just risen. The comments thread was amusing while the 'wrong' article lasted.
  19. Here is another entry from the blog above - a NASA scientist who went to one of the 'demonstrations' explains why it was a failure. Must be a cover up, right? Maybe Traktion and notalerttoscams_eagle can investigate. Ever felt had? I told you the 'customer' was a shill.
  20. Do I respect the judgement of a woman who has been out with Ed Milliband and Ed Balls. Add that to the list of questions to which the answer is 'No'.
  21. Once video can be played reliably in a vanilla browser it will cut Flash usage by 90%. There is no place for it in a standard web page, considering what you can now do with JQuery and a few lines of code. I've done a couple of big projects in Flash, it is amazingly capable particularly with graphics manipulation. Not sure of it's place elsewhere though.
  22. What a miserable outlook. Is that the excuse you live by? Still, 40'000 posts worth of attention seeking self affirmation must help... Gotta go. Work. You done your two hours worth this week yet?
  23. ...so let's just sit on our arses and winge, or smash up Fortnums because that cushy public sector job we presumed we would wander in to suddenly looks doubtful. No mystery at all after 13 years of Edukashun x 3. Not funny, at all. I've got about a 75% success rate in getting business from first introduction. Most of it now is through recommendations, anyway. Wrong, wrong, wrong Injin.
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