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  1. Best of luck HiH, hope you love it there.
  2. NG1 6GX is postcode centre I keep an eye on, I'm familiar with it and used to know a lot of Nicole-Farhi-scarf-wearing developer types there who thought buying a flat or two off plan would see them retired by 45. Err, wrong. Look at that, it's a bloodbath. Most flats are going waaay below their nominal price in the early 2000's, pre bubble. I expected prices to drop to their nominal 2002ish level, but they have already overshot that and we are just getting warmed up. Maybe people do not want to pay hundreds of thousands to live in glorified student halls after all. But there has not been a house price crash, oh no. Not here. Never. It's NG1, you see.
  3. Until yesterday this had no new data since October, it has finally been updated. Only 8 properties sold in PE1 in Feb. That's a big central postcode in a city of 175'000. The property market there is running on air. Peterborough is already overpriced, with little going for it apart from good transport links to London. How do estate agents stay afloat on that sort of turnover? In every area I've looked, February has the lowest transaction levels in the 12 year dataset.
  4. Short version, people are tired of seeing hard work punished, and the feckless rewarded with the spoils. Also, having successive governments that are clearly hell-bent on destroying the most successful cultural and legal system in the history of mankind - the fifth column state funded broadcaster, 'media', 'intellectual' and 'educator' classes cheerleading all the way - is unlikely to be popular. Back to basics folks. Low taxes, small state and defend the f*cking borders from those who would be perfectly happy to turn this country into whatever backward hell-hole they scurried in from. Edit: I've said it before, I'll say it again. We are one charismatic leader away from things turning very, very nasty indeed.
  5. Unless you live in a bedsit, you're a hypocrite. I f*cking hate this attitude. Get your eyes off of other people's stuff man. PS - two people can easily share the average bedsit. Even more if you hot-bed it and some of them work nights. Let's all live like that eh comrade, so we're not 'squatting on resources'.
  6. But I thought the Rotunda was the new Rock n' Roll? You have to be a hardcore HPCer to remember that gem.
  7. It certainly would feel like it if you were trying to sell your house. My indicator areas (some bits of Peterborough I know well) have plummeted on Rightmove's market trends indicator; a typical semi goes for about £110K but that does not stop mugs trying to sell theirs for £150K and watching it sit on the market for 3 years, while the real achievable price plummets further.
  8. Continuing my observations on Peterborough PE1, the average price for a terraced place sold in October is down to £106K, down from an average of £125+ for the previous 6 months. Link here Ouch. It goes to show that the very few houses selling are way below the average asking price. You can't sustain prices on such tiny volumes (down to 25% of the peak). (Rubs hands)
  9. I do development work on Facebook. It gets on my tit ends. Constantly changing interface / features (oh you have to use FBML oh no that's deprecated now use iframes and you have to do app profile pages oh no they are not there any more) makes it a pain in the ass. You are often left scratching your head as to how to do the most simple things (such as adding the app / tab you have just developed to a particular page). All in all, the technology of it just does not impress me, it's completely disjointed and ugly. That fact that people currently pay a gigantic premium for development work on it is the one mitigating factor.
  10. If the government had spent 20% less per annum since 1997 we would not be in this mess. That's the tragedy.
  11. Tax them! Tax them till the pips squeak! These numbers illustrate why socialism can never, ever work. If you took all the money and divided it equally, millions most would be a tiny bit richer, many about the same, with a very very few losing big. Still, it would be worth it just to see their faces, right comrades?
  12. I remember going in to a Sony Store to look at a multi-function remote control. £125. I got it off Amazon for £88 instead. If they can't offer their sole product line cheap, what is the point?
  13. Yes isn't it awful that Russia Today softens news critical of the state. Luckily we've got that beacon of depoliticised impartiality, the BBC.
  14. More expensive credit = lower prices for credit based purchases, especially houses. Bring it on. As for the OP, I do not trust a word that comes from the mouth of a woman that saw fit to go out with both Ed Balls AND Ed Milliband. I know where that mouth has been.
  15. Ah yes, rules on overspending. Despite the fact that many members lied about their accounts in order to join in the first place. Sure.
  16. I'm sure whoever buys these will do really well. In shalla.
  17. She despised Greenspan in the end - she thought he was just a social climber.
  18. If you've read her, you didn't understand her. She was utterly prescient when it comes to crony capitalism. A terrible, terrible writer - but prescient.
  19. I regarded £2.50 an hour as a decent wage when I started work. Mind you, that was 1988.
  20. Remember when it went under $10 an ounce? Talk about backing up the truck...
  21. He's the most Fatcha-obsessed, those-baby-eating-Tories type poster here mate. The act that he claims he 'does not do politics' just adds to the factor.
  22. I had suffered through Question Time, but was happy to go to bed upon seeing Billy Bragg look utterly crestfallen upon being called a useful idiot of the right. You could tell he knew it was true deep down. The left really have absolutely nothing to offer other than: Tax and hose it at their fellow travellers.
  23. That is actually a much bigger house, it's just that horizontal lines are very slimming.
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