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  1. When someone in the media starts sneering about Capitalism, you just know they are implying it needs replacing with 'something'. That 'something' is inevitably, always, every time, without fail - Socialism. They just don't name it. “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it” - Thomas Sowell.
  2. A friend used to work high up in Notts CC and their propensity for pissing copious amounts of taxpayers money up the wall is legendary; IIRC they were one of the biggest losers with the Icelandic banks. One year he was a bit under budget so he ordered himself a nice interactive whiteboard for his office that he barely ever had group meetings in - £4700 not-well-spent. Ironically, he used to live on Musters Road too. Just how much good money is going to be thrown after bad in an attempt to cushion house prices? How many of the people involved in this decision own BTLs?
  3. I saw that part, I just get irritated by programmes with an axe to grind tritely blaming 'Capitalism' for corruption of a scale only possible with an enormous state. The whole thing was self-indulgent pap. Shame, I was looking forward to it.
  4. I've tried watching it, but rather than being an analytical piece on Italy's problems it slid irrepressibly into being yet another BBC lefty sneer-fest at Capitalism. Politically enabled corruption and media monopoly IS NOT CAPITALISM Emmott, you lefty t*t. Don't bother watching if you want any sort of objective analysis.
  5. Get the feeling we are entering a 'hold on to your hat' period?
  6. Compare these statements: 'What do they want, a thank-you note?' 'There's no money left' Remember who made them and when, and it tells you everything you need to know about the usual state of the economy after long innings by particular parties.
  7. Aaahhh, socialism. They are talking about 75% marginal tax rates. What is the point of earning an extra £50K when you can only keep £12.5K of it? Utter, utter madness. There is also talk of a 'one off' net wealth tax, where you surrender x% of what the State thinks you are 'worth'. House prices will plummet out there, but then many French are unpleasant to be around at the best of times. Will this be a net positive for our economy? Time will tell.
  8. I'm going down to Devon for a break the day before it starts, returning the day after it finishes. I don't intend to watch a single minute. It never ceases to amaze me the hassle people will go through to go and do something that isn't objectively that enjoyable. But it's the 'limpics, innit.
  9. Apple staff are expected to be able to talk at length with their customers; they should be paid more. Seriously though, Apple fanboys are tedious beyond measure. I used to use OS7 extensively when doing graphic design back in the 90s, and it used to crash requiring a restart at least twice a day. Slow, too. I also think the scarily cult-like adulation around Steve Jobs is staggeringly weird and sad. Having said that, if he had not returned to sort out the mess that was the Copland operating system, and let them use the NeXT OS he had developed in his absence to be basically be re-badged as OS X I think Apple might have gone to the wall.
  10. In many areas house prices seem to be really sticky despite transaction levels dropping to 20% of their 2000's average. My watch areas in Peterborough reflect this, there are umpteen 30s semis on the market for £150K+ which have sat there for years. If the dumbass vendors would just accept 125K for them they could get them sold, but no, "they aren't giving them away". Every now and then I see a house which is relatively good value; how about a 5-bed detached in a decent area for £190K? I'm not saying it shouldn't be cheaper, but relative to bog standard 3-bed semis expecting nearly that amount it shows there are people out there willing to drop the price to actually get a sale. That is the beginning of the next 30% leg down IMHO. Once that hits, I might buy.
  11. If you are a girl going out with a short-arze, this could be the house for you. Ideal for those forced perspective shots, your vertically challenged partner can look like he towers over you. Note to estate agent photographers - if a house has one skewed wall already, don't use the fisheye as it just makes it look like some sort of Kafkaesque nightmare.
  12. Staggered at the 'valuation'; we seem to be in a bit of a Web 2.0 bubble. I'll never forget Lewis literally choking back tears while being grilled in the wake of the Icelandic blow-up. I wonder how far that £87M would go towards compensating those who lost money, after taking his 'advice'? Hugs.
  13. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Facebook is sh*te. The technology is not that impressive, they were just in the right place at the right time.
  14. Facebook is shite. It's appalling to develop for, even after they went to iFrames rather than the atrocious proprietary FBML. Zuckerberg is just a lucky little ******er; right place right time with something half acceptable. There is really nothing that special about the technology of Facebook.
  15. Yes, because to a certain type of mind the answer - irrespective of the question - is 'more government - more public spending'.
  16. The exterior pic looks 'shopped to me, particularly around the door. Naughty.
  17. Actually, most of the current world proves him wrong. Most of the worlds people hate their rulers, which is why said rulers need an aggressive security apparatus to stay in power and keep their so-called countries from descending into tribal pogrom. Look at Africa and the Middle East. Absolute tinderboxes without strong men in charge. It's so fashionable to believe in the noble savage that people refuse to see otherwise.
  18. I think too much is made of information being 'freely available'. Is Jassie J gay? What about Simon Cowell? Oooh look Brian Cox just said something is really cool in a shit-cool panning shot of himself. Buy this album, which is so amazing we have to advertise it for you to have even heard of it. These strikes are wrong. To be honest, I think people are getting sick to death of information. The fever pitch of hype, spin and BS has reached such a white-noise crescendo it's getting harder and harder to filter the signal from the static. Very few people can be bothered to find and utilise the information which actually would better their lives, mainly because it requires a rare act: Thinking. Even fewer would be willing to use machinery, never mind make their own. Particularly when it looks like you would spend more time fixing it than using it.
  19. Sssshh! The tribal lefties don't like to be reminded we had a Labour government between 1997 and 2010. You're upsetting them. Thatcher! Ashcroft! Coal miners! No such thing as society! Osborne! Anything but face up to the fact that their malevolent imbecile ruined this country's economy between those dates.
  20. I've just had to spend some time in the centre of Derby. There's a recession, believe me.
  21. I don't really care about asking prices. I just look at transaction levels. When they are about 10% the average in most areas, you know there is no upward pressure on prices. The sold properties section in Rightmove is also telling, there's no point looking at places that have been languishing on the market for 3 years - despite gigantic £2500 price drops - and presuming they are an indication of market prices.
  22. Not all teachers have to deal with feral kids in the classroom. In most cases it is just time-putting-in-till-pension. Am I right in saying that more than half of the Labour Party's membership is made up of teachers? Need I say more?
  23. RACIST! I don't really think so - I'm just demonstrating how far your argument will get in those circles that presume to have the right to set acceptable national discourse.
  24. PS - Apartment 8, Loxley Court, St James's Street, Nottingham, City Of Nottingham NG1 6FE £95,000 Flat, Leasehold 13 Aug 2010 £162,000 Flat, Leasehold 11 Jun 2004 £160,000 Flat, Leasehold 14 Feb 2003 £148,500 Flat, Leasehold (New Build) 07 Nov 2002 Looks like buyers 2 and 3 didn't get their discount for it not having that 'new flat smell' (ie cheap plaster and sealant).
  25. Yeah, right. I'm sure the developer explained all that to this canny investor. 23, Ropewalk Court, The Ropewalk, Nottingham, City Of Nottingham NG1 5AB £92,500 Flat, Leasehold 19 Oct 2011 £157,000 Flat, Leasehold (New Build) 26 Sep 2001 Dear? Shall we buy a flat off-plan, and sell it 10 years later for 60% what we paid for it, despite there being the biggest property bubble in history in the interim? Yes? Sounds like a good idea? Great, I'll call the estate agents. What utter bullsh*t. These people thought they would make a killing. These prices are a very good barometer of market prices for flats that were horrendously overpriced to begin with. Settle that dust.
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