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  1. The house did not crash, it was merely suffering a vertical seasonal adjustment due to the late Easter. After this weekend, the house will go from strength to strength, and will be worth £45 squillion gazillion by 2009. It is flying off the shelf.
  2. Well, we agree to agree then! It is odd how polarised opinion is on the matter. In real terms, Israel's relations with it's neighbors are no more important than Sudan's. The difference of course is oil, with a strange duality of associations in America's links to both Israel and various Middle Eastern regimes. Is it safe to say that the sole reason for all these individual's rather slanted, aggressive worldview is their abject failure to score at their junior prom? I mean, none of them are 'classically handsome'. Class - discuss.
  3. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this RB. As far As I am concerned, Israel seems to do whatever it pleases while invoking holocaust imagery to silence criticism and stifle debate.
  4. Oooh, those naughty Iranians developing covert underground facilities hidden from inspectors. Just like a certain other Middle Eastern country did at Dimona. But no-one saw fit to nuke them. Funny that.
  5. Is it just me, or is the 70's retrospective programming on now (c5) attempting to prepare us for what is to come? All talk of how 'indepted' on 'credit cards' we 'were' in the 70's, how obsessed we 'were' with 'materialistic status symbols', how 'sexualised' society 'was', etc etc etc etc. Is 'cyclical' the operative word here?
  6. Can I let my signature do the talking here?
  7. Fine, fine, fine, whatever you say. But please understand that you come over like the flip side of the coin of extremist bears who selectively jump on whatever evidence supports their world view.
  8. I think you doth protest too much. Have we been naughty Sir? Have we mentioned the elephant in the room? Sorry.
  9. Why do you bother posting here then? There are umpteen websites with very polarised viewpoints that restrict contrary views. Bullish posters are not vilified here providing they have evidence to back up their opinions.
  10. Back to this issue; The landlord has now extracted the deposit from our agent claiming he has the legal right to hold it? Look like we are going to have to take the guy to court. The landlord has claimed that the 'damage' we did to the flat prevented him from renting it out immediately, and if we take him to court he will counterclaim for £1000 of 'lost' rent. The agent has already rectified any issues with the flat - just about all of which needed doing before we moved in. The flat still lies empty two months later.
  11. I agree about the woodsmans cottage - I loved the roof in particular. There have been a couple of modern pads on the show that just do not work as living spaces. I remember a cube-like house with a glass front that was particularly bad. It just was not big enough, by the owners own admission. I also admired the fact that he built despite the fact he would never be allowed to sell it. A bit of a tonic for these memememe times.
  12. For me, this reeked of VI the second I saw those quotations around "unaffordable". They had a sneering quality, as if finding the current prices unaffordable made you a nobody.
  13. I was looking forward to this programme after the reviews stated 'you would be beating your hands on the screen in jealousy' etc, but I hated that house. It looks good in tasteful-special-lens-panning-shots with incidental muzak, but to live in? No thanks. Give me a cottage any time. This just looked like the Emperors new clothes. Plus, the landscape was pretty but the water always looked dirty. Was it just the building works?
  14. Me and a friend recently left a 'luxury' flat in Nottingham. The rent was £1000 a month, which the landlord wanted to put up to £1200 at the end of our first 6 months, to 'cover the service charge' on the block. So we moved out. To a nicer area of Nottingham. For less money. He now has had 2 months void. He would need to fill it for nearly a year at the increased rental rate, just for the extra £200 to cover this void his greediness has created. The flat is now marketed at £995 per month. TimeToRealiseTenantsAreHighlyMobileCustomers
  15. I moved out of a place in Nottingham like this last month. A 'penthouse flat' with two bedrooms in the roof (read: four flights of stairs and no lift); the smaller bedroom had insufficient height for hanging clothes once a double bed was in. All because they wanted an en-suite shower and toilet in the main bedroom, as well as a bathroom upstairs (which did not have height over the bath for a proper shower due to the roof slope - so you were supposed to sit in the bath holding the shower head). Luxury! After my 30s 3 bed semi (with about 130% more area), I felt like a proper maharaja.
  16. Quiet everyone. It states clearly that this property is well presented. We should respect the opinions of our betters.
  17. It's really confusing having two users - 'homeless' and 'STR2004' - with the same avatar. Especially when one is a bear and the other a bull, respectively.
  18. It's really confusing having two users - 'homeless' and 'STR2004' - with the same avatar. Especially when one is a bear and the other a bull, respectively.
  19. Agreed. Although when a 40% correction occurs, many will not use the word 'wonderful'. I sold it for £150K in October. And no, I would not want to buy at that price! Nor should anyone else in their right mind. God, I'm such a hypocrite...
  20. I'm talking about 1998, not all that distant. I was single, and earning 20K - the average wage at the time I believe. A single person - male or female - should be able to buy a decent home on the average wage. It was tough for me for the first couple of years, but not ridiculous. A couple should be able to fly it. Should... and here we are.
  21. 'People' are not buying them. Speculators are.
  22. That's a big 'how'. House prices should be attached to the fundamentals of affordability. If someone works a decent wage, they should be able to afford decent food, warmth... and shelter. Housing is currently spun up into a bubble through speculation, and a correction must occur. It will not be pleasant, but afterwards there will be considerable relief. Just like a visit to the dentist.
  23. I have to say that despite myself I agree with CO here. There is a 'disease' in the under 40's wherupon they feel they constantly 'deserve' better, without the preliminary 'earning' part. HOWEVER, I bought my first house. a decent 30's 3-bed semi, for 3x my then earnings. A 26 year old SHOULD be able to do the same today.
  24. My mate was in an apartment in 'The Habitat' for 6 months - quite nostalgic really, just like being back in student halls! Not so attractive to a 30 year old on 50K though. When I used to stay over there I had to sleep on his sofa, as the second bedroom had no windows or ventilation, and was completely airless. I used to wake in the night fighting for breath! The standard of fittings was also poor. There were bit cracks in the plaster in the corners by the time he left.
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