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  1. What is to stop people priced out of jobs by technology trading with each other?

    I visited a client the other day who works in a shared office block in Brum.

    While waiting for the lift I observed the list of residents. 95% were technology based, particularly internet. All jobs that did not exist 25 years ago.

    Anyone who thinks technology results in a net cost in jobs is a twit.

    It results in a net drain in jobs for people who don't want to think much, because computers can be programmed to replace them. But overall, it's a plus with new opportunities arising every second.

  2. Of course it was. Nearly nobody left who was alive during it, nobody alive who fought in it, those who did had a completely different set of values and expectations in life. It would be bizarre if things were as they were in 1914!

    So why bother? If everyone is so renewed and trendy and beamed straight in from the planet Now, how about we not bother next time and not have a generation of young men utterly decimated?

    As long as we all get to consume the latest Lily Allen video, itz all good innit?

  3. There is a generational theory by Strauss and Howe that there are distinct 20 year phases they call 'turnings'. This is distinctly pop-sociology but it nails much of what has happened since it was written in 1997. There are four periods that run in series - highs, awakenings, unravelings and then crises.

    They predicted we would enter a crisis in about 2006. Crisis periods are where people lose faith in institutions en masse, and the young generation in particular rebel against them.

    Which begs the question, what do our institutions actually stand for? Forget what they claim, look at what they have done. They have screwed the young beyond belief.

    They have forced them to pay huge sums for a distinctly average and 'trendified' education which prepares them for approximately nothing, they expect them to pay ludicrous amounts for houses in rough areas next door to people who get them for free, and above all they have guaranteed mass youth-unemployment with unfettered immigration. The young suffer more than anyone from mass immigration - crime, jobs, you name it.

    The free money running out means there are less public sector mcjobs available which used to be one option for job-seekers, particularly as older generations will leave finger-nail marks in the doorframe before vacating these cosy sinecures so there is little 'churn'. On top of all this they will be expected to pay punitive taxes to keep the very generations that screwed them comfortable.

    So in short, the young will rebel against everything the social democratic rump which constitutes our political class has tried to foist on them in over the past 20 years.

    It could get very ugly for some, particularly lefties who presume only change which benefits them is 'acceptable' and regard the young as natural fodder for their idiocy.

  4. Middlesbrough. A friend works in social services up there.

    He points out that there have been a generation of kids, the ones who are the product of the trendy fragmentation of the family that got in to full swing in the 70s, who had kids themselves but were too feckless to look after them. So the grandparent/s bought those their kids up, after a fashion.

    However, who is going to look after the spawn of those kids? The parents are even more feckless, and it won't be the grandparents this time because they were too irresponsible to look after their own sodding offspring, never mind that of the children they were so incapable of bringing up properly!

    So places like Middlesbrough have become ASBO and TWOC central, an absolute feral baseball-capped ratboy infested hellhole. No one who had half a choice would dream of living there. Who in gods name is going to set up a private business in that environment? Even places like Yarm are getting rough on a night.

    This is the price we pay for two generations of liberal hand-wringing and the encouragement to do the absolute most stupid thing in the world - have a child you are unwilling and unable to care for properly.

  5. So you were 8 when the 80s started but the 70s were miserable. So what were you doing in the 70s? Out on the pull and the lash? Partying till all hours with Elton John and David Bowie?

    The 70s for me was all second-hand Christmas presents and cheap food.

    Funny you should say that, but I was quite into Elton John when I was 8. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is an awesome album, forget all his later camp bilge.

  6. For anyone else, those prepared to get off their backsides and work hard, the 1980s was a fantastic time.

    I was only 8 when they started but I had a whale of a time in the 80s. The 70s by comparison were miserable, but we can't remind ourselves of that can we lefties because the 'correct' party was in power at the time.

    'What do they want, a thank-you note?'

    'There's no money left'.

    Two references to notes. Who said which one, when? Therein lies the answer to how certain parties tend to leave the economy.

  7. That depends on where you lived during her time at no. 10. She was most definitely NOT what my country needed!

    If you were not a coal miner, the 80s were great. At their start barely any private homes had so much as a telephone, it was a period of massive economic expansion, technical advance and cultural vibrance (and no, I don't mean from f*cking immigrants).

    Again, heal thyself. Have a good think about what Labour did to the country in the 70s before invoking faux histrionics about Thatcher. As so often is true for the Conservatives, when they come into power it is like being the parents coming home to find the house being trashed by a teenage party.

    Boooo go the kids as they are forced to stop their fun and start cleaning up. Booooooooo.

  8. Just to calm any anxieties on the left, she won't have a State funeral - at her own request.

    Do you think Gordon Brown would turn one down???

    The ongoing lefty histrionics over Thatcher serve one main function, to distract attention from what she inherited and prevent the eye of history from focusing further back on a ikkle period ending with 26% inflation and The Winter of discontent.

    Or did that start in America, too?

  9. A sad day, she was what the country needed and we need another like her now.

    I wonder - can the left now set a specific date beyond which they stop blaming her for everything - including the things that happened before and after her time in power?

    Shall we offer 2nd April 2080 as a provisional timeframe?

  10. However, for companies, who is liable is obvious - the owners - and it is all about limiting their exposure.

    The problem isn't that a party can limit their liability though. It is that the nature (limits/compensation) of the protection isn't defined by the market.

    Why is a business owner liable for the actions of a dim-witted employee?

    If a mate is running an errand for you and runs over a blameless child on the way - are you liable? Should you lose your savings, house, everything?

    Why not? What is the difference? Is it 'obvious'? If so, explain.

    Much positioning on these issues is emotionalism based on satisfying snapshot fantasies of evil capitalists in top hats, cackling atop piles of gold coins.

  11. Ah, an HPC perennial favourite, Limited Liability.

    In a couple of weeks anyone on this board can be the Director of their very own Limited Company. It is not exclusive to Toffs, evil Tories and golf club members. Go to a newsagent, pick up a lawpack DIY kit, and away you go. You are lucky to live in a country where - despite the best efforts of lefties - it is cheap and easy to start a Limited Liability company. Try it in Greece...

    So - detractors - go for it if you have the balls. Or are you scared that you can offer absolutely nothing a third party would voluntarily trade with you for? Worried that 'owning the means of production' might not be all it is cracked up to be? Terrified that when put in the balance, every scrap of your armchair wisdom would count for two things; f*ck and all?

    No, really - good luck.

  12. This whole "bedroom tax" / benefit reductions ding-dong is a superb example of heaping the blame onto the failures of society so as to distract attention from the rent seekers and criminals at the top.

    People increasingly seem to think that because there is abuse and rent seeking at the top (and always has been) then we can turn a blind eye to a much wider section of society taking the p*ss and having a go at extracting as much other-peoples-money out the system as possible. It's not true.

    We have lived though the most monumental credit bubble the world has ever seen. Much of this ended up in property, which suits many people very nicely. However, there is now a monumental effort to maintain the high prices, not driven by toffs pulling strings but because it is simply politically unpalatable for a government to admit that house prices are artificially high.

    Governments have three jobs:

    1. Get elected

    2. Get re-elected

    3. Everything else

    1 and 2 loom far, far larger in the mind of the modern politician than 3 will ever do. If house prices did go into free-fall, the government in power would be blamed by the populace and would almost certainly be voted out at the next election. Thus, we are all in this together and no-one comes out of it smelling of roses. Successive governments will sustain high house prices, even at the cost of the wider economy, because they want our votes.

  13. A handout is something you are given that you can do with as you please.

    Housing benefit ain't a handout. It a susbsidy for property.

    At the same time as the bedroom tax comes in, the unemployed will be liable for council tax due changes to the council tax benefit system.

    Next you will be saying that, that ain't a tax, because it is a reduction in a handout (in the form of council tax benefit).

    Injin is right when he says most things are just the government, making and cancelling demands.

    If you imposed a monopoly currency on a Mr A. Mugger, and denied him the ability to brew his own beer, then allotted him a proportion of said monopoly money to buy beer, controlled the price of beer via taxation denominated in said monopoly currency, increased the level of taxation upon beer, and simultaneously reduced the amount of money allotted to him for beer purchase, whilst denying him from being able to brew his own beer. Then yes you would be taxing Mr A. Mugger.

    Housing benefit is not a 'subsidy'. It is money paid to people too feckless or useless to pay for their own shelter, as millions of others toil to do. How awful that the poor dears are now also expected to pay some council tax, my heart bleeds.

    Nice bit of Injin style obfuscation there. The nasty evil Tories and the nasty evil Duke of wherever do NOT entitle people to live off the backs of others. Decent people are expected to slave away to just scrape to afford a property which more often than not will be in the midst of people who do little else but hold out their palms for the latest 'subsidy', paid for with the taxes of those very same taxpayers.

    It's unsustainable, and thus will not be sustained. The only question is whether we deal with it now (already too late to be painless) or later when the reality we've been studiously avoiding smacks us in the face. We don't have the sort of social ties to deal with that effectively any more, and it will be very, very nasty.

  14. We got kicked out of our rented house 6 weeks before we had our third child. As we paid full market rent I guess we are entitled to no sympathy.

    Three kids, and you still live at home with your partner?

    Get with the program RichM. Move out and father a few more with various women, don't worry about paying for them as it's all on the social innit.

  15. The government need to start setting immigrant quotas on a country by country basis and make it clear that this is based on the past record of previous immigrants from those countries integrating effectively and not being a burden on the state.

    Our current 'diversity' is not very diverse. We need to take in a broader range of people, in lower numbers.

    Above all, we don't owe anyone a damn thing, irrespective of the shrill siren cries of lefties trying to destroy Western culture.

  16. The similar offshoot of socialism in Germany often mis-labelled fascism was of course national socialism.

    No, you may not say that. All socialists and left wingers in general are kind, lovely, considerate people who dedicate their lives to helping the poor, by getting fat little public sector sinecures and then telling the poor what to do.

    Report for reprogramming.

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