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  1. Was on 187 when I just signed a minute ago.
  2. Hmmm... Mrs. Vasselini went down to the bank today to get some euros for her weekend trip, 1.2832 was the rate she got, shocking! but all banks were the same ish. 190 euros for £148.07 !! No commission!!
  3. All good suggestions, but what you need in Britain these days is a slogan or gimmick that makes certain people fell less impoverished (or higher up the social ladder) than others. This has to be "SHEEPLE", so sheeple should fit in somewhere. Once Joe Public gets the idea of what sheeple means, he/they will be falling over themselves to classify someone else as one of the sheeple, where they themselves are not. It has to be something like that for more people to take notice. Consequently, when we had HPI, we had things like "considerably richer than you (yow)", so what we need is something like the opposite of that with the word sheeple in it. The idea will be to get the sheeple at dinner parties to see who has lost the most, got the most into negative equity, reposssed etc. then for them to try and get one up on each other by classifying everybody else (but not themselves) as sheeple. A bit drastic I know, and I feel for all those people who will be adversely affected by HPC, but, you have to get the message across to try and prevent it happening again. Cruel to be kind.
  4. Totally agree with that, it will bottom about 2012/2013 an then slowly start to rise up again, if the 18 year cycle is anything to go by, which it seems to be. The posions in the mud will hatch, 100% guaranteed (just wanted to see if the "bad language filter" has been updated...)
  5. Yep, UK Finances are just fine, there's no way the UK could be saddled with weak consumer savings and high public deficits, so we are in a great situation to weather any financial storm. Move along sheeple, nothing to see here, it's only a US problem, the economy is just fine, Gordon and Darling have it under control......
  6. Yep, "d23" where are thee??? Used to enjoy the old "d23" versus "RB" battles. "d23" used to come out with some utter shite, but always did it in some sort of style. Do you remember the battles?
  7. And that's just getting into the starting gates, wait until the race really starts, they will be falling over each other to ask how we got into this mess and blame Gordon, he's so fecked, the Fat Controller is about to burst, just like Mr. Creosote and his last waffer thin mint.
  8. Excellent!, another Defender / Stargate fan, nice one. Actually "Smash TV" was my favourite...
  9. I totally agree, I think the other members of the MPC are starting to hang Merv/Gordon out to dry, it's going tits up and they need a scapegoat(s). When the papers get hold of the fact that this site is about 3-6 months ahead of the MPC, then I think they will be open to ridicule, which is why comments like this are beginning to happen. Incidentally, it wouldn't surprise me if IR reached 7% or more by year end, when the sh1t really hits the fan, I think the MPC will start raising by 0.5% increments, rather than 0.25%, so it would only take a couple of 0.5% increases and we are almost there.
  10. Marketing then?? Must be something like that for you to bite so hard on his hook.
  11. QUOTE(DoctorJ @ Apr 4 2007, 09:50 PM) Welcome. I'm with you. The whole situation is fekked, but I believe that all this madness will end soon. I have a 'friend' to bought a flat this week and, because of my views on house prices, he made a point of coming over and taunting me asking "how things were going renting." To be honest, it wasn't worth biting back because I know I will have the last laugh...when he and the BTL brigade set off to drop their keys at the estate agents. Your 'friend' is probably a tosser for buying now anyway. The last laugh will probably be easy with that one. I hope you meant saucepan by the way Jimothy, put it back in his cupboard, top shelf, tucked away nicely.
  12. Yes...... Well bless me! I was talking to a Financial Advisor friend of mine the other day (good friend), and even though he has a VI, he told me that a huge crash was coming, time to get out of the market right now, and all his BTL clients were selling up, just goes to show that Finacial Advisors really can provide a piece of honest and truthful advice, just when you need it. Bizarre eh?
  13. Absofeckinglutely, totally agree, used to think it would be 50% but now agree with you, 40% of old price.
  14. Sympathies for you. I bought in 1996, arguably the best time, but before that I rented for about 6 years, having previously bought in about 1987, seeing it grow, then seeing it fall, luckily I didn't lose anything. However, I spent a long time watching what was going on from 1989 to 1996, then decided 1996 is the bottom of the trough, need to buy, long before this site was about. In the long run, I was lucky buying at that time, I don't gloat about it, I feel sorry for people who have stretched themselves too far, but also like you I can't stand the "considerably richer than you" brigade. The wheel of fortune has a habit of spinning, come back in a few months time and we'll see if those people are still gloating. What's different this time is that the whole world has changed, back in the late 80's, the country wasn't going down the pan (as much as it is now/will do soon), we weren't exporting that many jobs, inflation figures were true etc etc etc. So this time, the crash will be much more severe, for much longer and many more people will be caught out. I hope therefore, you don't think that all 1996 buyers are the "same", it's too easy to generalise people, specially when you get people like you mentioned, banging on about their apparent richness.
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