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  1. Hmm personally I believe we're looking at a long process on unwinding the idiocy that has been going on over the past few years. I would suggest that Mr Fund manager is wrong. Yes there hasn't been anything like this in 30 years. The last massive systemic failure was in 1929 and that lasted for 10 years plus with many well known names ceasing to exist. I would take a primarily defensive stance... if only I could work out what it was.

    Agreed. I like the K-wave theory which would mean this is 1929 all over again.

    Thing is a lot of people seem to think gold is good but I am not too sure. I am toying with the idea of moving a lot of my cash into the tax free index linked bonds as I dont see many things outperforming this in the next few years. Esp if you are a 40% taxpayer. I currently have most in cash and euro bonds in ISAs.

  2. A UK citizen can sell a property CGT free the day after they leave the UK. However if they return to the UK within 5 years, the gain would be considered to have occured in the year of return & would be taxable. If the person returns to the UK after 5 full tax years, they would have escaped the tax altogether.

    The problem is first convincing the IR that the UK citizen has left the country intending to be away for at least 3 years. When the IR is happy that a person intends to be away for at least 3 years, they'll happily allow them to become non-resident. They shouldn't sell their asset until the IR has aknowledged their non-resident status. But the gain may be taxable in the new country, so that's something else to watch out for.

    UK citizens can show their intent to leave for at least 3 years by taking up full time employment in the destination country. If no employment is taken up, they can show their intention by buying a home in the destination country. The IR will also conside whether ther person's family moves with them or stays in the UK. They'll also consider a person 'ordinarily UK resident' if they visit the UK for 90 days or more each tax year. If they're considered ordinarily UK resident, their non-resident status will be denied or even revoked if it was previously agreed.

    Foreign citizens have less trouble getting the IR to agree to their non-resident status because they are obviously not from the UK in the first place. But foreign citizens will still pay CGT on their UK assets sold while away if they return within 5 years. Not indluding their main home of course.

    Although you may be exempt from UK CGT, it is very likely that you would pay CGT in the country of residence. You need to check the rules in that country and the relevant tax treaty. There was a loophole with people moving to Belgium 'I think' where you could avoid CGT altogether.

  3. You've forgotten my personal favourite...bird flu.

    The cheering on from the sidelines by the HPC hardline fundamentalists of a pandemic that could wipe out millions of lives just so they could afford a house was pure comedy.


    Whats comedy? Thats life mate. People look after number 1. Its in our nature. Survival of the fitest. You die of bird flu..... tough luck.

  4. Good Post!

    You were doing so well until the last line? Fancy Kirsty??? Yuk I would not touch here with your dick!!! :huh:

    In economic terms it does not make sense as you quite rightly point out. But we have a problem in the Uk with people not seeing the wood for the trees.

    A great example is the car deals.

    Buy now for only £99 and then 36 months payments of £149! Final payment £6,495.26. Total amount financed £11,958.23. Total Repayable £16,265 APR 9.8%.

    PEOPLE ONLY SEE £99 and £149. They dont realise what a RIP-off this is! At the final payment stage YOU the buyer have took the hit of the DEPRECIATION in the car! If you give it back to the trader he still ahs a car that worth less than Market value!



    Exactly! So why is everyone moaning. Come on thick people, buy, buy, buy, so people like us can profit from your misery.

  5. IMO they are trying to hide the movements of $ outside the US. Maybe because of the crime syndicate style printing and dumping of $'s in the Middle East recently.

    I agree, we may see a run on the £ if this rate hiking continues, which is probably the desired effect as far as the FED are concerned.

    Can someone explain how printing more money has an effect?

  6. See, I have been staying at home for the past 12 years. I'm a freak today. I have been trying to re-enter the work force with little luck. I think I would be better off telling people I have been a crack ho for the past 12 years than a stay at home mom. And the worst part is, woman are worse than men. Men seem to respect it, woman look at me like "how could I do such a thing?" <_<<_<

    Yeah but I bet your kids respect you more.

    Why dont you open up a day care centre and then you will be the one laughing.

  7. I predict a riot.

    quite literally - civil unrest within 2 years. Mark my words - Police friends of mine are gearing up for it...

    Doom monger? I hope not. Civil unrest is a really bad thing - for those with money and anything to lose. Oh wait - that's everyone over 45. France's demos/riots are a foretaste of UK very soon.

    If European youth get organised and uppity 'they'll' organise a war like they did in the Peninsula war, the First World War, the Second World War... finish that progression.

    How about execute everyone over 45? that would be much easier. hahaha

  8. Timing is important if bonuses are to be used as an explanation of the London rise. Though I suppose if city workers knew a big bonus was coming they might move on buying a house before they actually received it.

    Exactly. I work with a lot of city firms with comp and bens advice. A lot of these guys know about their bonus' before the year end and most are paid in Jan. Then you have to look at last years share options etc that are coming up to vest etc. Its not the people at the top I was talking about. Its they guys on 50k a year that get a bumper 20k bonus' and want to get on the ladder. More people got large (relitavely as a proportion of salary) bonus' this year than ever before.

  9. Has this caused the first ever winter bounce (as it was called in an earlier thread)?

    Can anyone, particularly the bulls tell us whether this is a pattern they expect to happen from now on. That is, instead of the traditional upturns expected in spring and autumn we now have them in winter. Has this winter pickup been caused by those holding off buying throughout last year?

    The fact that traditionally slow months such as November to now have had stronger activity than the spring / summer of last year still leads me to believe that the recent crowing about a pickup in activity and prices will be an anomaly rather than a pattern.

    Its probably down to the massive city bouses paid out the last couple of years in the Dec to Mar period.

  10. Cheers for that, nethouseprices is well known about in these parts.

    They will be accurate because the data is taken directly from the Land Registry data.

    Maybe HPC.co.uk should sticky or link it and get it out to the masses so that estate agents dont rip people off. I was looking for a place about 18 months ago and the price they were asking was 245K. I offered 225k and it was rejected. The price it eventually went for was lower than my offer. They also told me prices of similar properties that had sold nearby at the time. The prices they told me were 5 to 10% higher than what they actually sold for.

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