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  1. Exactly!!! Wait for a decent sized bounce before you buy in.
  2. Agreed. I like the K-wave theory which would mean this is 1929 all over again. Thing is a lot of people seem to think gold is good but I am not too sure. I am toying with the idea of moving a lot of my cash into the tax free index linked bonds as I dont see many things outperforming this in the next few years. Esp if you are a 40% taxpayer. I currently have most in cash and euro bonds in ISAs.
  3. Why dont you both grow up and PM each other. Nobody cares. Stop filling up the forum with hot air.
  4. Although you may be exempt from UK CGT, it is very likely that you would pay CGT in the country of residence. You need to check the rules in that country and the relevant tax treaty. There was a loophole with people moving to Belgium 'I think' where you could avoid CGT altogether.
  5. Whats comedy? Thats life mate. People look after number 1. Its in our nature. Survival of the fitest. You die of bird flu..... tough luck.
  6. Exactly! So why is everyone moaning. Come on thick people, buy, buy, buy, so people like us can profit from your misery.
  7. hahaha No sorry. I used to get stick all the time at school 'where's groverider?'
  8. I didnt say you did. I think it is a good thing (coming from someone who was brought up by au pairs). You said you were now trying to get back to work. Surely with all these working mums there is money to be made looking after their kids. Plus you would be 12 years qualified.
  9. Can someone explain how printing more money has an effect?
  10. Yeah but I bet your kids respect you more. Why dont you open up a day care centre and then you will be the one laughing.
  11. How about execute everyone over 45? that would be much easier. hahaha
  12. Exactly. I work with a lot of city firms with comp and bens advice. A lot of these guys know about their bonus' before the year end and most are paid in Jan. Then you have to look at last years share options etc that are coming up to vest etc. Its not the people at the top I was talking about. Its they guys on 50k a year that get a bumper 20k bonus' and want to get on the ladder. More people got large (relitavely as a proportion of salary) bonus' this year than ever before.
  13. Its probably down to the massive city bouses paid out the last couple of years in the Dec to Mar period.
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