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  1. Facts - not attitude. God this site is littered with chippy people.
  2. I see how you managed to get to 33,983 posts.
  3. If it were all about global competitiveness, France would not exist
  4. Private sector wage increases are currently tracking inflation but about a percentage point behind. A year ago 1-1.5% was common, it's now more like 2.5-3%. If you are in the public sector it looks more like stagflation, but in the private sector it feels very muh like inflation.
  5. Well he's obviously a senior fcukwit, because if you can spell oil and gsa (tee - hee) you can land a job at the moment.
  6. Don't worry, I've had worse happen to me. Is that the I'm alright Jack attitude the one that wants to see massive house price crash falls, that see families evicted for negative equity and not being able to pay the mortgage, so that someone can buy a house more cheaply? Let's face it, a lot of people pray for house price carnage on this site, and don't give a damn for the personal consequences
  7. History tells us inflation eats debt, or are you going to argue that it's different this time
  8. I agree the public sector is struggling, but there'll be carnage soon. Just look what happened in the '70s. When you've had a £300 per month cut in mortgage payments, you are less likely to worry about whehter you get a 1 or 3% increase. Push up interests though and the unions will be screaming for inflation busting pay rises As for the private sector wage growth is already up near 3%. History tells us that inflation and wgae grwoth go hand in hand.
  9. Not all houses fall in value precipitously. If you wan't to aspire to a very desirable area then I think this image tells a good story. And don't come back to me with this in poncy craphole London. This gets mirrored in the nicer parts of Harrogate, Leeds, Bristol etc. Anyway, the person with the deposit will be stumping up for a 25 year (large) mortgage after the inflation has happende, while those with property will be a lot closer to being mortgage free, having had their debt inflated away.
  10. Not everyone is upset with the inflation figures. Being young (relatively) with a £200k mortgage and little savings, I'll take as much inflation as you can give to me. That is as long as my salary keeps up with it, and given I work in the oil industry that should not be a problem. Just look at anyone who bought a 5 bed stucco in Knightsbridge in 1970 for £20k. As long as your salary rises with inflation, then you may have a few of years of pain as interest rates kick up, but after that it's plain sailing, living virtually mortgage free for the rest of your life. Inflation hurts old people. Young people with massive debt is its friend, as long as you can bunker down and continue to repay during the high interest rate period. With high inflation but low saving rates, anyone who has a big deposit but no house is screwed. Inflation, bring it on.
  11. Thames Ditton Junior School has just received a grade 1 outstanding category in the just released Ofsted report. Thames Ditton Infant School has been grade 1 outstanding for a while now. Who needs private schools? That should keep property prices pretty firm in Thames Ditton.
  12. Assume you went along to the open morning, where the EA crams as many viewings into a two hour time-slot. EA will tell you that it's efficient to do it this way, whereas in fact it's a marketing ploy to get 5 ptoential buyers in a room together, and hence provide a sense of urgency. Works best in a bull market when you can be literally tripping over others viewing property. The sense of urgency forces up prices. I once went on a 'private' viewing to find many other familes viewing the property (it was a boom time). I stormed out and then gave the agent in the office a fvcking mouthfull.
  13. Hi Bob, Welcome back to the E&E thread. Guess prices must be heading south Even Rachman's stopped posting so things must be bad. It's been a couple of difficult years in the Elmbridge area, that is unless your a Granny downshifting from an Esher pile. I don't think there's a lot a forced sellers out there, and there's still the bonus season on the horizon. Expect a gentle decline of the market, but if interest rates ever do pick up, this has to accelerate. Hope I'm wrong, because I do fancy one of those piles on Station Road in Thames Ditton. Here's to renewed involvement from the old guard. Bobbins.
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