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  1. Enjoyed the first four minutes then it seemed to go off the rails.
  2. Wetherspoons is a great business offering fantastic VFM. They may be a little bit vulnerable however to a downturn in income from many of their, Labour voting, benefits scrounging, customers.
  3. Can't be far from the envelope of the Sound Insulation Grant Scheme: http://mag-umbraco-media-live.s3.amazonaws.com/1003/mitigationplusschemesplusbrochure.pdf
  4. Lovely looking place but is it not slap bang under the flight path?
  5. Interesting that the Labour supporting BBC aren't reporting this as a u-turn (a major one at that).
  6. I know these HPC discussion boards have been hijacked by the loony left but, honestly, what is Cameron supposed to say? Was he supposed to say, "I would love interests rates to be back at 5%", with the attendant headlines the following morning saying "Cameron threatens thousands of householders with homelessness"? If you really despise the Tories that much then simply vote for your big hero Miliband at the next election. You will then be able to witness first hand the country's economy being ground into the dust. It is my bitter regret that the sociopath Brown bottled on calling a General Election when he "inherited" the title of Prime Minister. That way, the extra five year's of Labour mismanagement would have been made it clear to even the dullest and uneducated members of the electorate whose fault this mess really was.
  7. The longer this goon hangs around the better it is for the Tories and the country. He is the 2014 equivalent of Neil Kinnock (sorry Lord Kinnock, another Labour party trougher).
  8. What knackers up this type of development, from an investors point of view, is the relatively short leases and the unregulated service charges. The two bed flat is a bit of a commodity but, depending on location, I think they are great places to rent but heaven forbid that you would actually want to "own" one.
  9. worked like a mule all my adult life. Big issue is that, from 55 onwards, I will be overfunding my retirement (i.e. pension income nudging 40% tax which is a massive disinsentive as far as I am concerned).
  10. From Telegraph article, this comment chimed with me: "The biggest advantage I can think of in what's generically called a 'private' education, is that it takes you away (for the most part) from all the wasters and disruptors that you will inevitably find in non-streamed and non-filtered schools. Sad to say it, but it's true." I went to state school where it only took a couple of d1ck-heads to completely disrupt the education of the other 30. Daughter went to a well known boarding school, much better.
  11. Found out today that the M6 J44 roundabout has had a new link road built which better connects up with the ASDA, easy to fill up when heading North of the border. 126.7 ppl
  12. IMHO, one of the most fundamental comments I have ever read on these boards. That and the Easter Island analogy, where a society pours more and more effort/resource into a non-productive asset (e.g. weird statues/housing) until all that's left is a desolate wasteland.
  13. 'fraid so: MOORING ANNUAL LICENCE FEES £5,652.30 (2014) inclusive of water rates. COUNCIL TAX £992.44 pa.
  14. Presume he is happy doing what he is doing... Trouble is, for this country, engineers are not particularly well paid (or recognised). If your mate was to horse on a bit he might get somewhere in the region £55-60k but for this he will have a load of responsibility/stress. The alternative is contract work, £300-400/day. Or overseas, e.g. Canada, similar tax regime but 2-3 x UK salaries.
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