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  1. Well if you're no rush Mr Frais get the old cigar out and sit back for a while and watch it drag lower. I've got a Cuban on the go but unfortunately it's starting to burn low.
  2. Good luck Fromage Frais. You're my go to man in Norfolk and it would be nice if you can knock the f%ckers down 10%. £500k on the nose mind...
  3. Cheers rantnrave. Yes it's a rubbish index but the plebs believe it. I've already had someone call me today to say that house prices are dropping and they'd 'heard it on the radio' and he's now 'marking' the value of his house down. Could be into YoY drops by the end of the year with a bit of luck.
  4. Thanks for posting neon tetra. The ripple seems to be pushing out and we are very close to a year on year drop that will be picked up by the MSM just in time for winter. Love it....
  5. Dear fluteroop. Only the first sentence was mine (the bit in italics) - the rest was from StuartMc. No need to apologise. I think my post was taken down becasue I made a crass remark about hoping for a cold winter which would result in more probates. If that is the case then as I said above - I apologise: it was a crass joke - I actually like old people!
  6. Whoops. Did I say something wrong? Sorry if I upset anyone
  7. It's fluctuating it's way down I'm sure.
  8. Thanks warrior88. Very interesting indeed. South East continuing to drop significantly which I can see on the ground more clearly now than at any time since 2009. I have to say I do love their use of the word growth though: The lowest annual growth was in the North East, where prices fell by 2.9% over the year to July 2019. This was followed by the South East, where prices fell by 2.0% over the year
  9. Thanks for posting rantnrave. Hilarious but at least we now have a chance of YOY drops by the end of the year unless of course they change their methodology again...
  10. There are two things I really want to see from Brexit. 1, A fair and thought out immigration policy. 2, This thread to no longer be on the front page of this House Price Crash website. Goodnight. Chin up all you Brexiteers, hopefully we might actually get what we voted for (OUT of the EU) after 3 plus years of despicable political obfuscation X
  11. Those south east numbers are looking very juicy indeed. Hopefully just the start now....
  12. Do you know the area? The only good thing about Falkirk are the roads out of it...
  13. Spent some in Scotland recently and certainly noticed things selling quickly up there despite their 'offers over' nonsense. It'll end rather nastily up there soon in my opinion. Hopefully those lines on the graph heading north will continue going up as we enter autumn and winter.
  14. But they did say asking prices rose by 0.2%........
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