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  1. Same here in Berks, not everything selling anymore. Pent up demand and the SD cut pushed prices up and started a debt fuelled frenzy. The pent up demand has gone and so has the SD holiday. Prices will be going one way now and I can't see what the government can do about it this time thankfully.
  2. Pubs and restaurants open, fans back at sports grounds, traffic back on the roads, children back at school. The furlough to last another 4 months and 1 week. What a load of sh!te
  3. I'll take that. It's the first sign of the new dawn. The purchases taking place relying on the stamp duty holiday will be drying up very soon (only 3 months left) and others won't make it and fall back into the market. More Mr and Mrs Furlough's will be fighting it out for limited jobs as they lose theirs. House prices will go down.
  4. I expected it, but to have it whittled down each month to avoid the so called cliff edge. The 10% or 20% employers contribution to hours not worked is nothing. Rubbish by the boy Sunak again. And the 'opposition'? "Should have announced it earlier!" Nonsense. Now for the stamp duty....
  5. No youth movements, no opposition, an unbelievably thick population and still too many vested interests that love their 'investment' doubling every decade. They can do whatever they f**cking please. Starmer will probably back the policy even though it's an amazing opportunity to smash the government to pieces for using yet more debt to push up house prices.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56155531 Brexit: 1,000 EU finance firms 'set to open UK offices Surely not...
  7. Well here's hoping that this is the start of downward pressure on house prices coupled with a change in sentiment. Logic would suggest that this will be the case. I just hope Sunak stops the SDH and reduces the furlough (at the very least) and the new economic dawn can radiate it's first light.
  8. Agreed Wokingham is nice. I lived there from 2010 to 2017 and then STRd until now....oh well. It was looking rosy until the stamp duty cut then everything vanished but some are creeping on again. To be honest I feel sorry for the people on here who are under 35 with things looking bleak, I especially hope there is a crash of some sorts for them even after I buy again. Anyway, all the best.
  9. Wokingham & Earley. I think the peak in this area in the type of houses I'm looking at peaked in 2016. I'm seeing houses at £550k that were on for around the same in 2017. Hugely overpriced but hey ho.
  10. Thanks for posting rantnrave. The madness is drying up it seems. Just a quick anecdote, I was looking at gaffs here recently in the Reading area and looking at what the current owners paid I note they both bought in 2014. One was on at exactly the same price and one was 1.5% more. Looks like prices around here haven't moved much in 6 years. Have these current rises been skewed upwards by the lack of first time buyers?
  11. Cheers Count. Appreciate your work and your enthusiasm. And a special cheers to Sunak and the other turds currently in office. I personally was looking to buy this winter as I am getting old but will not bother now. I'm presuming we will have a lull from mid December as buyers and sellers realise it is getting too late for the stamp duty saving. Why offer £500k for a gaff when it will end up costing £515k? Hopefully that will turn the indexes downwards... The key for me will be when the absolute [email protected] say they are going to extend the stamp duty holiday. I bet the unborn can't wait to go without to pay for our 'worth it' generation.
  12. Don't worry; this Conservative government will do the right thing and raise interest rates to help bolster sterling...
  13. The mini boom seems to have spurted out here is Berkshire thank goodness. There seems to be a general consensus that prices are likely to drop, perhaps significantly, so if a property doesn't sell in three minutes reductions are happening. Also estate agents getting desperate; I received a flyer through the post yesterday saying 'no stamp duty up to £500k - buy now!!!! I'm using it for roach material naturally... Winter is coming.
  14. Thanks rantnrave. It certainly is a remarkable market, I've never known so many 'housing experts' look at their shoes in embarrassment. I'm sure Rishi 'crayons' Sunak is delighted to have paused the house price falls for a few weeks, the utter bell. By the way if after (if ever) I buy a home and come back to this 'house price crash' website shouting there will be 'no house price crash' and abusing respected long time posters on here please shoot me. Have they honestly got nothing better to do? There's hundreds of thousands of hours of porn online, have a jerky and get the pent up fear out of your systems.
  15. Cheers as usual rantnrave. Like all of the above I'm unfortunately expecting another small rise. The more bad news we get the better in my opinion as we move towards the winter. Unemployment up, Remainer press prophesying doom, tax rises. Just need to get this (and possibly next months) stamp duty giveaway, pent up, utter madness house rises and the 2nd quarter GDP 'rebound' and we will hopefully be entering hard cold reality this winter.
  16. Another drop of any sort will do me at this stage of proceedings. Got to move from anecdotal to real numbers (as dodgy as those numbers might be). Year on year drops at last will hopefully be the next stage.
  17. Just goes to show without the virus and subsequent meltdown we might well have had yet another year with no YoY drops. Another year of forlorn hope for millions of people who just want their own roof over their heads. The longer this goes on the better the prospect for those millions of people.
  18. The government dishing (future generations) money out to people is one side of the inflation coin, the other side is those same people are not earning any money at the same time. In fact a lot of them are effectively taking a 20% pay cut. Maybe inflation might not take off in the way you say.... Personally I think a cash buyer is in a great position right now to sit tight and see how things pan out over the next several months. Hopefully complete and utter carnage in the housing sector and I support anything that will make this so.
  19. Tough choice bear.getting old. Your name says it all; time is disapearing but at the same time if prices nudge down and sentiment turns over the next few weeks better 'bargains' might be found. Good luck.
  20. Possibly. I only look at the indices in terms of general sentiment. Personally I couldn't care less how much a middle terraced house in Burnley is selling for. I'm seeing more come onto the market, price reductions, SSTC coming back on stream in my neck of the woods in Berkshire. Still a long, long way to go but it'll be interesting to see how much this Covid 19 'horror story' will affect the economy and subsequently house prices.
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