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  1. Housing Ladder, Property investment ought not apply to housing. Its gambling, its a pyramid. Housing ought to be indexted and prices controlled. Even when housing does come down there will be a new crop of FTB's to do the same. We buy housing in other countries and push up prices there too. Strong economy reported today, how come? jobless figures going up again. Inheritence...ok for some but please dont put it into property. Inheritence causes "Same occupation two different lifestyles." I'm not against inheritence only how its spent. this site is listened to by the powers that be. They countereact our opinions on TV. I get the impression they think they are all and mighty poweful and the internet ought to be ignored. I think we are screeming for housing to come down and the TV is fighting to keep the prices high. It apears to be a battle between internet and TV. And TV talk like they have the cat in the bag.
  2. I have not read any of the above posts fully yet i am just posting this little snippet In addition there is a 22% price discount offered on PropertySpy land which exchanges before the 5th April 2006 at selected sites
  3. Good Idea..and another tip is when you buy your new toilet just make sure its got plans for a house extension
  4. Poor man! they can afford one..Just can't buy one...YET!!!
  5. In the past i can honestly say i have never met anyone who thought rising house prices was a good thing. I remember watching my chidren play in the street with other children and chatting to my neigbours about rising house prices in the past and we did not like it. We knew this was, and has incedently going to make it more expensive to move into a bigger home and our children were going to have to pay more when its their turn to buy..My neigbours and myself were flabergasted and could not understand where the money was coming from for this practice. However 15 years down the line and the evidence is begining to emerge as more and more people have had the extra money to put into houses with dreadful consequenses as far as i am concerned. The first wave benefited, after that it is a matter of finding extra just to stay still. I wil have a little money in the not to distant future and i refuse to invest it and fuel this fire!
  6. I prefer IHT to any other tax. Have done for years. One of the first things this Gov. did was to reduce IHT i was shocked Whats the point of paying higher taxes all ones life in order to recieve an inheritence when we are 65! can't have a child then now can we! + it encourages IOM and HPI so some lose it all in the long term anyway, as in HPC!
  7. I sold to rent, found this forum whilst researching as to where to invest. I could not find anything i had any confidence in i don't even trust the banks right now! My mother told me cash has a use by date I was shocked, what i believed was a british thing (interest in housing).has happened around the globe. Bush, Blair they are political opponents and yet the same story. Are you HPC'ers just waiting for a crash so you can repeat history and be the new wave of HPI? Is there ever a good time to lend people 6 times their income to buy homes? I think all this boom and bust started when we went decimal first a depression in Liverpool that seemed to go on forever and then the same thing moved slowly south. Well, once the nits have been combed out of the south i hope we can all get back to some kind of normality! Whats normality?
  8. They do give back..what we pay in on Friday gets paid out on Monday nothing invested nothing saved..When we become elderly we will be dependent on our childrens generation..the fact you paid 40% is neither here nor there its what they are paying that counts... Even if you have invested yourself the profit has to come from their generation activities as well as your own but mainly thiers as you will have more equity and not producing anymore hopefully One child for one or two elderly to draw from either privte or government money is bad news. 40% tax these days its a racket and depressing There is just not enough of you I don't know what the answer is i hope to find some on here... We are out of balance, The Books, Housing, Children, Elderly. I think Downsizers are keeping prices up by offering good prices for homes down the chain. People are gearing themselves up for the inevitable.
  9. And this is set to rise! These fit carers are going to be helped and by whome! the not so sick sick i believe, the blind helping the blind..this is where all the jobs are going to come from for those who are incapacitated. Only .05% claiming incapacity benifit are not genuine. This is a goverment figure i don't have the link because i read it a few weeks ago before i joined this forum. We are being spun about the incapacitated just as we are being spun about hpc Honestly its the sick who are going have to work looking after the sick so that the fit careres can go back to work! Hidden agendas! Its not just pensions our young are losing,its everything we older ones had. Its called REFORM The price of not having a new generation. Personaly I'm not resposable I have 4 sons 18-31 I am very concerned about house prices. Go forth and multiply (within reason)
  10. Hi, this could be considered my debut post, i have never been a member of a forum before, i have enjoyed reading all the posts. ------ This has been going on in some form for years. Its horrible i know but... We and they are paying less taxes because thier homes are being used to pay for their care. This is one of the benefits of high house prices. I would rather my home used in this way than make my children pay higher taxes at a time when they have children to bring up. My children may only see their inheritence being used and shout out loud, 'thats mine' but until i have passed away it is not! You could sell the house and look after your own elderly in your own home. Or move in with them and care for them. Use the money to pay for home help. It would be impossable for us all to save enough individually for our care we would be doing nothing else, and some of us drop dead at an early age so all this saving would be wasted anyway. Insurance? thats the equivelent of tax IMO However i would prefer my home to be kept for a specified time then rented if possable until one became well again or passed away. It is and is going to get very difficult and with less young to care for our elderly both physically and financially its not going to be easy...I know what! send us to China!
  11. 2 bed executive flat to let Basingstoke. Hampshire. My ex moved out of his flat about a month ago any way the thing is it is not being let...Last year he was in a que ..he felt lucky to get the tenancy, now they can't get tennants so easily. He moved out before the end of the contract. They told him he would not have to pay rent only lose some or all of his deposit..now they have denied this and he has to pay two lots of rent until the contract is finished some time in March. I bet he gets problems with the deposit too! Less people renting in Basingstoke? or too many new flats? I have just noticed its one of those flats being advertised in the Victory Hill, Rialto ad above, what a coincidence! Beautiful apartments though
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