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  1. ? Windows key + Shift + S then Ctrl+V. I'm probably missing something?
  2. To be near the station then you'd be best in the "Old Town" from my very limited experience of Stevenage (type in Old Town Stevenage into RM). But really, you'd get more information from Mumsnet. That's where I go to find out about areas!
  3. I can understand you thinking that. But try looking at the past performance (from 1970) of a portfolio with 20% cash. It's not insane - it's actually very sensible and profitable. https://portfoliocharts.com/portfolio/golden-butterfly/
  4. I'd disagree. Leaving aside the value of your home, then you should always hold a minimum of 20/25% in cash otherwise you having nothing with which to exploit the opportunities that arise. In reality it wouldn't be hard to find a cash based return that got reasonably close (say -2 or 3 %) to the inflation rate and therefore you wouldn't be hit with any sudden massive loss.
  5. Much easier than addressing the welfare budget.
  6. Worse. As soon as you know that it may be empty for more than 30 days then the insurer will (in my case)/may cancel your policy. You will have to buy a specialised 3/6/12mo empty building policy that costs 3 or 4 times the normal cost. And you get no rebate for unused months!
  7. Yes. You're right. There are some very disturbed people out there. She seemed outraged that she had accepted an offer 10K less than she'd paid. She only accepted that because she panicked!
  8. Enjoy https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/am_i_being_unreasonable/4162195-Hate-our-house-buyers
  9. Thanks for this work Count. I think that this just confirms what I thought - that low volumes are supporting increased prices. If you have to move (or are desperate) then you have to pay the price, e.g. seller's market.
  10. May not be too unusual. Mine went under offer in Aug and finally completed in Jan a couple of weeks ago. 5 months. That was with my buyers being renters and me moving into rental! No chain. I was bemused when, a day or so before expected exchange in November, they decided that they had better get a survey!
  11. PMSL! I have lived and worked in Scotland. It's utter rubbish you are spouting. No reply for our Shetland based participants? What's really important to you is how rich you can be compared to everyone else. No wonder the SNP are called the Tartan Tories.
  12. I told you that I am happy. We're moving in the right direction. I'm not so stupid as to jump from one insular country to another. Better to change that insular country from within.
  13. You're as bad as the SNiPpers! Full of self-importance. It's time for something different and better. It 'aint the the union called the UK and it 'aint the union called the EU.
  14. I want free movement within one country. Not a load of insular former countries pretending to act in union. Anyone who wants to shut themselves up on this little island and raise the drawbridge is a nationalist (and probably petty).
  15. Not sad at all! Everything is moving in the right direction. The UK referendum was successful in undermining the EU. And the Scottish referendum prevented those petty nationalists creating more borders
  16. Not sure what you're referring to. The EU elections are entirely democratic. But the EU Parliament doesn't really run the EU and hardly anyone would be able to describe a mechanism by which they could influence the leadership of the Commission. I really don't like nationalists - SNP, English/Republicans, French, Catalonians, etc. They just want to create more and more borders around their own little feifdoms until they think that they can get what only they want. I'd remove all borders at a stroke and create single European country but the EU is nowhere near promoting that ideal. We have
  17. Not a nation or a country. Just a region with some additional devolution beyond local councils - a mistake in my view. I do not believe that Scotland would allow Shetland an alternative to independence if they voted against it so why would the UK entertain one region doing something different when it comes to this referendum. Plenty of Scots voted to stay in the UK AND voted to leave the EU. Do their voices not count? If you're tired at being controlled by Westminster (really?) then wait until you become a very insignificant nation in the EU and have to erect a border with your large
  18. Sigh! There are far more people in the yellow bit at the bottom of the island! We don't run our democracy within our bedroom. We accumulate across the whole island.
  19. EUphobes - not Europhobes. Not sure how many times I have to correct this deliberate error.
  20. But I bet that they wouldn't let Shetland out of its bedroom cupboard. One rule for me .....
  21. Ah. The republic of my bedroom? It was a UK wide poll. We don't get to divide the results for our convenience.
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