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  1. Yep. They tell me that they won't report it because it is no longer 'the' official measure, but completely ignore all of the impacts RPI has that CPI does not - loans, train fares, pension increases, etc
  2. They haven't taken that as tax. They magic'd it out of new debt. If you really think that the tories are cutting tax then you're living in a dream world. They are just slightly less socialist than the proclaimed socialists.
  3. I think that your memories are failing you. I distinctly remember having to make all kinds of art by glueing lentils and pasta, that the student teacher brought in, to a piece of paper.
  4. No. Not had mine yet. But this is just daft socialism. Where does everyone think the magic money tree grows?
  5. I don't think that was unusual. We had a school dinner so we didn't need more than a small 'tea' in the evening. Mind, we were better off so we had jam on ours.
  6. They might - for a brief period of time. Reversion to mean could involve seriously crashing below the longer term mean first.
  7. It's pretty rigorously calculated. I had to do a whole OU math unit on it!
  8. ONS says 5.4% https://www.ons.gov.uk/employmentandlabourmarket/peopleinwork/earningsandworkinghours
  9. The fact that the IT industry has failed to produce or leverage simple tests to quickly differentiate the good from the bad speaks volumes to the quality of the IT industry. Agreed, STEM subjects should be fully subsidised.
  10. Minor detail in the scheme of things. Take this snapshot from Brighton. Two things are clear. Transaction volumes never recovered after the 2008 crash. Covid SD Holiday just brought forward transactions.
  11. BBC refuse to report RPI again today, despite being a key factor in the calculation of many costs and benefits.
  12. I'd be more optimistic. It's a right faff having to pay council tax on it, insure it, check it over, pay utility daily standing charges and now, with summer approaching, maintain the garden.
  13. Might be worth paying the small fee necessary to check the land registry.
  14. See how that panned after the IMF loan. "In 1976 Healey adopted a policy of limiting the money supply which came to be seen by some historians and commentators as a move towards the economic policies of Thatcherism."
  15. Can't say I disagree. Certainly add in main house floor size, outbuilding floor size separately, plot size, EPC, last 3 years energy and water bills, lease details, last 3 years service charges, ground rent, etc.
  16. Walk away. Wait until supply returns to normal and prices reduce. The house will probably sell at 500K to some marginal buying idiot, it just doesn't have to be you. Buy the smallest cheapest comfortable house that suits for now and wait the madness out.
  17. They will plunge but it's the "about to" bit I'd disagree with. Like the talking-head saying that March will mark the peak. They are not accounting for the constrained supply. Prices will keep on shooting up as fewer properties come to market. I just see it all as false data in that the "average price" is not really a reflection of what everyone could achieve once the supply returns to normal.
  18. Good luck trying to buy Potassium Iodide tablets.
  19. But. but, but ..... "The property has been INDEPENDENTLY VALUED at £50,000 by a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) qualified surveyor. "
  20. You have to post more information for that stat to have any relevance whatsoever. For starters, what is the average French bill? How much of that is due to the unusually large amount of nuclear generation? What is the German and Italian equivalent? Is it France who is the outlier or UK?
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