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  1. Nope. Just someone who can't string two sentences together. (Teasing)
  2. God forbid that the limit of people's ambitions are to rejoin a failed organization. Think bigger, broader and better if you want my support. Give up your national sovereignty (and that includes you SNP and all the other devolution nonsense) and create a new single state.
  3. Nearly 6000 pages of a few (probably) blokes enjoying some rough and tumble banter with no hope of achieving anything constructive.
  4. Yep. It feels to me as though low transaction volumes are maintaining high prices. It's a similar picture across vast swathes of the South. I don't think that the HPC really starts until transaction volumes rise substantially. This needs more input from the 3 D's.
  5. You can see reductions on Zoopla For Sale (Sort by most reduced) but you're right - most stuff is selling for new highs (green) and that can still be after a large reduction off asking price. https://houseprices.io/?q=po33
  6. It's a statistical situation but with £50K you often have £0 one month and £100 the next. As soon as you double it with a couple you see a smoothing where you usually get £100 between the both of you.
  7. It does. But if you have the maximum holding (*2 for a couple) then you'll get close. I just view the difference as the cost of my entry into the monthly prize draw for the top prizes.
  8. I'm an advocate for equity investment but I would never suggest that large company values don't fluctuate much. They have been wild over the last year. And you never know when a Deepwater Horizon incident or Enron scandal will take out any one stock so diverisifcation is key both within an asset class and across asset classes. And rebalancing once a year or after % shift.
  9. Oi! You need some diversity training - making assumptions about sexual orientation. You never worked for a big US co. did you?
  10. Only 65 years left on lease so not a reliable indicator of the general market
  11. Haha. Busted. Sorry but I couldn't refuse. Just a couple of points. Pedantically (?), Premium Bonds pay a regular 1.1% if you have a large enough holding. So my 'cash' is pretty much matching inflation. I only hold about 14 UK companies including Shell, BP, BAT and also BHP and RIO. I love the companies close to the core commodities as they'll benefit from demand-pull and cost-push inflation. I'm less keen on the consumer stocks like M&S and finance like the Banks. Even though Shell is up 50% over the year it's still trading on a stupidly low historical P/E (around 8 or 9).
  12. Diversification is usually the most sensible policy as no one knows what'll happen next. But if you do then it's off to Vegas for you to put it all on red.
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