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  1. The EU must be destroyed in order to secure the better future. Destroying the EU will mean that some practices are temporarily ended like FoM. We don't talk about "FoM' in the UK. It just is. And that should be the same in a new country with a single border. There is no way that I can destroy the EU but I could certainly undermine it by voting to leave. Job done. Now we need those who voted remain to campaign and build the case for a better future. Then I'll join you.
  2. No. I wouldn't keep freedom of movement in the EU form, because that just makes it easier to reconstitute the failed system (The Eu - not freedom of movement). We'll end up with endless tedious arguments about how we might as well rejoin. I wouldn't call what I want a Union (too many historical hangovers). What I want wouldn't be 'more' fully integrated. It would be completely integrated. National governments gone. Monarchies gone (or confined to theme parks). It would probably start with 2 or 3 countries making the leap out of the ruins of the EU. And it would depend on public approval.
  3. You are right. Except that I think inflation will go to 10%-15% and interest rates will follow behind. A lot of unproductive debt will be destroyed along with many zombie companies that can only survive in a low interest enviroment.
  4. I wouldn't bother with the small fry like that. But do think about getting that boiler replaced and other major works while they are affordable.
  5. Winners and losers in every scenario. Inflation is coming, Just give it a year or two to work through the system
  6. Yep. as I said earlier, you're limited in your thinking. Constrained. And now you've got me parroting as much as the rest of you do. Go and do something productive instead.
  7. And that just proves my point. Things could be so much better but you just want the same old same old.
  8. Yeah, but, as I've mentioned earlier, they are normally capped and will be crucified as we enter a period of high inflation.
  9. I agree with you (as a pensioner) and I think that it will happen. I'm not sure that the amounts paid on 25K will be that much. It'll be far higher for those on gold plated civil service scheme.
  10. Grief. You guys certianly like going around in circles. Just read my earlier posts. I'm not going to fall into your trap of parroting the same old same olds. It's time for you guys to start planning for the future rather than looking back at the past.
  11. Not sure why you think it failed when my initial objective has been achieved. Explain.
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