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  1. Feck em. Had they paid more attention at school they'd not be stacking shelves. in Asda! Automation will take their jobs anyway, its only a matter of time. They should be exported along with all the E.Euro scum.
  2. Feck Ireland. The most bullied country by the EU ever. Even Latvia has more weight. Ireland is a tiny country thats wholly dependent on the UK. Another potato famine might do them good. You will pay the price for being fussy eaters
  3. Is. https://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/022415/worlds-top-10-economies.asp
  4. Or Australia, New Zealand, S.Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc etc Remoaners really are the most unpatriotic bunch of asses. These loafer wearing liberals hate not getting their own way. Such utter contempt for democracy. They really don't like it up'em.
  5. Beyond the "borders" of the EU we have many friends, most of whom are considerably better off than most of Europe. Notable that the non EU countries of Europe do very well too. Little England - the world's 5th largest economy. London - the world's number 1 financial centre. The UK - member of the UN security council, G5, G7, G8 and G20. Top five military power too. We don't need Brussels. We don't need Polish plumbers. We don't need Romanian big issue sellers. We need our country back!
  6. Many are just taking the piss as economic migrants who bring no benefit to this country. So yes, to me they are trouble makers.
  7. Blackpool is where they should send asylum seekers and other trouble makers.
  8. These charities that pay their top staff more than the PM (that's all of them) can f right off. I would not give a penny to those greedy pretend socialists. I agree homeless in London should f off too along with all the spongers who live in zone 1 and 2 on benefits. Send them all to the Isle of Man!
  9. I spent some months in WA recently. I went to the pub once. Pubs/bars in that part of the world are dying off. Why spend $25 on a bottle of wine in a bar when Coles sells the same for $6. Rents are too high for everyone.
  10. Hairy has too many enemies. If you're not a champagne swigging socialist, then you are the enemy. He is probably angry as his tenants have fallen behind with their rent. Poor little lamb.
  11. I could have voted remain too but I am now a hardline brexiter. The country will flourish with or without a deal. Sterling will then rocket along with my overseas's purchasing power. Another bonus will be when I visit the UK. It won't feel like I've landed in part of EE anymore. Bring it on baby!
  12. Don't blame you. Big wide world out there. You could retire at any age with half a million, if you were frugal.
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