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  1. You work in a Uni right? Me too. I do seriously wonder if they will pay it though, espicially if its over 5% by then. At the time of negoating they were expecting nearer 2.5%.
  2. If the election is going to be called then a cut. Otherwise a hold.
  3. Also if its anything like the tax office, it could take months, if not years, to see your money again.
  4. In the words of Bart Simpson - "What do you mean the Banks run out of Money" Then in a different voice... "We've only got enough for the next few customers"
  5. Going to have to have a look in town at lunchtime now. Also best quote of the day from Sky.com about people queuing at Northern Rock People in the queue burst out laughing when one staff member asked them: "Does anyone want to pay money in?"
  6. Although one further problem with the student loans is the repayments is saved up over the tax year and payed usually between 3 - 6 months after the tax year. So if you pay £80 a month, the interest will still be accrued for a further potential 18 months before your first payment gets taken into account.
  7. But the average age of FTB's has gone up to substantially. The average FTB wage is that of a 30-35 year old as apposed to 20-25 year old.
  8. lol, very good. Sums up the problems really. Things I hate now is that every pay rise I get I loose 48% of it to tax and pensions Same for everyone but my god it sucks!
  9. Except for one HUGE point If you are in negative equity then say bye bye to any preferential mortgage rates. No more re-mortgaging, no more fixed rate deals, just the Lenders Standard Variable Rate at 50% above their fixed rate deals.
  10. And lets not forget a vote of no confidence for Gordy on the pensions issue. He will be having a good day today
  11. it will be on the Bank's website at 10:30
  12. It has happened. £1 buys $2.00030 Okay it doesn't anymore, but it did!
  13. If your going to buy a car at least buy a decent one. Chaved up hatchbacks (No Offense, but thats what they are) will have heavy depreciation. If your going to spend £20k buy a proper sports car like an Elise or a S2000. They look far nicer and would be a lot more fun.
  14. Shadow MPC voted 8-1 to raise and they are usually pretty accurate. (So maybe 7-2 or 6-3 for the MPC) So I reckon 0.25% is more than likely.
  15. Ditto. Didn't get a proper job paying a sensible wage until 2004 - by then it was far too late.
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