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  1. FYI I'm actually pro brexit but i still absolutely despise Prime Minister Cummings and puppet boy Boris, I didnt vote in the last election as none of the parties/leaders/policies were right to me. I hope I'm not the only one who's like this? Also, am i the only one who feels as angry and powerless? I think social media and getting the press involved is the way things can change? But the way these snidey tory scum simply brush things off i.e. "the matter is now closed" is an effin joke. But you could not get more classically "snouts in the trough" than this lot right? And it's almost like they're not even trying to hide it? Even if people kick up a fuss I just don't think give a toss? Do they think they're untouchable? Are they untouchable? I'm invested in a company working with one of the univerisities on an alternative vaccine hence why i know a fair bit about it. The way Oxford and Imperial have been funded is very very off (no apprent apprasials/vetting etc), which obviously is no surprise. But the fact other potential vaccines don't seem to be getting any funding is even stranger. When Oxford/Imperial are getting £100m+ and other projects not even getting £100k. Something is not right. Oh an cummings is former Oxford alumini, as it Kate Bingham, chair of the UK vaccine taskforce. What a surprise hey?
  2. Apologies for posting this again but this was over £126 million of our taxes handed over to two potential vaccines without any sort of assesment or appraisal again...Cummings grubby fingerprints all over this: https://www.researchprofessionalnews.com/rr-news-uk-politics-whitehall-2020-6-mystery-over-who-approved-126m-vaccine-investment/ Look up the connections, especially Kate Bingham, chair of the vaccine committee.
  3. I think the implied notion is if you need to throw more props like to keep the housing market moving when interest rates are so low, it shows just just how messed up things are. It also shows just how desperate they are for liquidity, hpi and obviously helping out the house builders via HTB. Key word being desperation. Also this feels like sunak/cummings are trying to fix a leaking ship with a few plasters. The key issue here, as mentioned by several others is the FTB can't mortgages like they used to unless they have big deposits saved up, which in the current cliamate seems unlikely...and no FTB...no housing market. It can't be sustainable...shirley?
  4. I cant find the tweet now, but it was in response to Sunaks bravado tweet about his Stamp Duty changes, the reply was something like: "If you have to remove stamp duty for properties up to £500k when interest rates are at 0.1%, you know you're screwed"
  5. Great summary. The realisation the Government has no real ammo left. It's poopie pants/Wiley E-coyote falling off a cliff time. This! It's a bit like why i keep seeing course adverts on facebook about making money from BTL or ironicaly "how to profit from the upcoming house price crash", if BTL/property is such good investment you wouldn't need to be creating this courses for guiliable idiots, or you wouldnt need to be promoting the virtues of BTL/buying properties on a "little known" (apparently) forum. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" You should be too busy lauding it up at your mansion snorting lines of coke and swimming in your piles of cash like Scrooge McDuck, shouldnt you?
  6. "...High-ranking universities with large numbers of international students face the largest immediate drop in income, says the Institute for Fiscal Studies. But the least prestigious universities are at the greatest risk, says the IFS. The IFS does not name the universities, but says a targeted government bailout would be the most cost-effective plan." "...Lockdown related losses include: fewer international student enrolments less income from student accommodation, conferences and catering losses on long-term investments In addition, universities which are running pension scheme deficits will see them widen during the pandemic as investments stagnate." 'Flaws exposed' The National Union of Students said the crisis had "exposed many of the flaws inherent in running our education like a market". Who'd have thought it hey??
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53280965 It's like the original poster could predict the future!
  8. I think we'll be a seeing even more newbie troll accounts, especially after the nationwide report this morning. Welcome to the Terradome you VI newbie troll bitches! You are going to be FUBAR
  9. Profit/greed is behind most of todays ill's IMO, and in this case literally. But just look at house prices, BTL scum, MP's on the take etc, it's all greed and self serving, seem to run through British society?
  10. This might be one of the reasons: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jun/30/some-leicester-factories-stayed-open-and-forced-staff-to-come-in Some Leicester factories stayed open and forced staff to come in, report warns Some garment factories in Leicester stayed open as normal throughout the coronavirus crisis and ordered workers to continue to report for duty even when they were sick, a report from a campaign group has claimed. One unnamed worker quoted in the report said he had told his employer he was unwell but was told to come in to work anyway – even after testing positive. He was told not to tell any other workers about the result, the report said. In one factory with 80 staff, around 15 had Covid-19 at the same time, another worker told the authors. Workers in a number of factories told the group that there had been no physical distancing measures in place and that their employers had closed only for a few days, if at all. The Labour Behind the Label report also highlighted “furlough fraud”, including workers being asked to hide payslips so that management could claim more public money and being told to come to work if they wished to be paid furlough money. Dominique Muller, the author of the Labour Behind the Label report, said substantial new orders for clothing during lockdown were behind the factories staying open, and accused major brands including Boohoo of failing to do enough to monitor conditions at the factories. The report said Boohoo accounted for at least 75% of clothing production in Leicester and called on the company to identify its suppliers so that their practices could be scrutinised. “Allegations of abuse at many Leicester companies have been reported for years now,” Muller said. “So far, the local and central government have failed to take any meaningful action. Instead they have seemed to focus on immigration raids, which have made vulnerable workers more fearful of speaking out.”
  11. You could not make this stuff up. It's like he's trying to do as many cash for favours as he can! How is still in a job? Someone please tell me!? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jun/27/robert-jenrick-admits-israeli-billionaire-in-donor-row-is-family-friend Robert Jenrick admits Israeli billionaire in donor row is family friend Y O U A R E C O R R U P T
  12. Doesn't this buy two for a discount simply confirm that reality has sank in with these delusional idiots and now it's time to panic? They need to get rid quick and they know it. But yes who in their right mind would pay (or have paid) that? Genuinely? Only overseas nutters Shirley?
  13. RE Oxford vaccine, not a science expert but whilst safe, their previous SARs vaccine which this Covid vaccine is based on wasn't particularly effective at all, that's my understanding anyway? Happy to be corrected on that. RE alumni...I'm guessing implied favouritism? Taken from that article: "...Research Professional News understands that the Vaccine Taskforce, announced on 17 April and whose chair was announced on 18 May, will assess future vaccine proposals, together with BEIS’s board of experts, and will decide whether or not to commit funds based on scientific recommendation. The Expert Advisory Board that advises the Vaccine Taskforce announced by BEIS alongside the second batch of funding on 17 May is chaired by the chief scientist Vallance, and includes leads of both of the funded projects, Robin Shattock, a professor at Imperial, and Sarah Gilbert of the University of Oxford". Make of that what you will.
  14. Ah thanks, I can see where the article i posted was basing it's findings on. Someone on twtter seems to have summarised it well:
  15. I only just found this out, must have missed it when it happened: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/oct/11/dominic-cummings-accused-of-conflict-of-interest-over-nhs-fund Shady as fu.... I came across the above having been franky raging with anger reading this: https://www.researchprofessionalnews.com/rr-news-uk-politics-whitehall-2020-6-mystery-over-who-approved-126m-vaccine-investment/ Does anyone know if Cummings has shares in GSK btw? Genuine question. P.S. Do you ever wish you took the blue pill and lived in ignorant bliss?
  16. Looks like Proffessor Cummings decided which vaccines got £10's of millions of tax payer funding whilst ignoring other solutions. https://www.researchprofessionalnews.com/rr-news-uk-politics-whitehall-2020-6-mystery-over-who-approved-126m-vaccine-investment/ Government refuses to say who decided which UK coronavirus projects received millions in public money The government has refused to clarify how it decided to spend more than £126 million on two experimental vaccine projects at Oxford and Imperial while not funding other vaccine projects at Bristol and Nottingham. This money dwarfs the £48.6 million that national funding agency, UK Research and Innovation has so far invested into more than 114 research projects responding to the Covid-19 pandemic through its two major calls. But funding for the university-led projects at Oxford and Imperial did not go through the usual UKRI granting mechanisms and all the departments or bodies involved in Covid-19 response have declined to answer questions about what peer review—if any—was involved in the decisions. Other vaccine efforts, including one at a spinout from University of Bristol, and another one at University of Nottingham have had no government funding for their efforts. Imperial College London and University of Oxford did not reply to a request for comment on the matter. But Robin Shattock, a professor at Imperial who leads its vaccine project, told The Times in April that “someone from Whitehall got in touch” and then health secretary Matt Hancock told him over the phone he “had the budget on his table and asked, ‘Should I sign this?’” The mystery over exactly who approved the award of such large sums has been deepened by Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister’s chief aide, using vaccine funding as one of the reasons he needed to travel from Durham back to London, a journey that potentially broke lockdown rules."
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-53172995 Main BBC headline on the front page now. This has legs.
  18. Out of their depth and showing their true colours, looking out for themselves and their rich friends. Apparently Boris has said the matter is closed, just like with Dominic Cummings, typical. A PM who frankly has no decency or morality. But I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. They really are turning into classic evil tory caricatures? However, now the media has got a hold of this, it was the main headline with GMB this morning, so fingers crossed they pressure him out of existence. P.s. the key word I was looking for was "corrupt"... corrupt to the core.
  19. Very good point. I may have to tweet the met police the guardian link.
  20. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jun/24/robert-jenrick-to-release-all-relevant-information-in-planning-row Scheming greedy unscrupulous self serving immoral slimy scumbag. Can't come up with anything else that isn't swearing, feel free to add to the description. Possibly even scummier than BTL landlords, and I didn't think that was possible. Edit...he probably has BTL in his extensive portfolio...grrrr!! How do these people get away with it? Hopefully the media scrutiny shafts him hard.
  21. Tougher rules for buy-to-let landlords Well, well, well... https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/tougher-rules-for-buy-to-let-landlords-ddx9kvcxq "Barclays is to stop giving mortgages to buy-to-let landlords who buy property through their own limited company. From June 26 it will also no longer offer mortgages to private landlords looking to buy properties with more than one unit and to limited-liability partnerships (companies set up by at least two people) as well as limited companies that can be registered to only one person. The bank said that it sold very few of these mortgages. Aaron Strutt at Trinity Financial Group, a mortgage broker, said: “Lenders are wondering how they can leave themselves less exposed to the economic fallout from the pandemic.” Buying a property through a limited company has become increasingly popular with investors because you can claim relief on your mortgage interest...."
  22. ..I'm guessing this can't be undone? If so how will I sleep at night because it's going to bug me incessantly now!
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