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  1. It's a popular area for the commuters, so guess not many people wish to move from etc. Every agent I speak to in the area are doing very good business or so they tell me. . . . . LL
  2. Not looking so hot in the area I aspire to live in, BR1 LL
  3. This is useful, thanks, appreciate it. LL
  4. Finally seen a house which I think is the one for me. Yes, I know and believe that there is still a long way to go concerning a downward trend. But, I have my reasons. I will put in an offer in writing next week at some stage. Question is this. I would wish to try and protect the property post acceptance of offer. I.e. try to mitigate the possibility of being outbid and prompt removal of the property from the market place. After some suggestions as to how I could do this ? Put down a deposit. Make the written offer conditional etc. Any advice welcomed. Cheers LL
  5. Wow, a whole 10 properties per agent. . . . up from 8 ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  6. Went to view a property last Saturday. gave feedback to the agent and then they asked me what I thought the property was worth ! So, is this a new tactic, to see what joe public are willing to pay and inform the vendor accordingly ? LL
  7. Think the one about road pricing was knocked on it's head. It did have 1.8M signitures upon thou. But, they all have to start somewhere
  8. Well you're entitled to your opinion. For others will feel they can make a contribution, please consider adding your support. LL
  9. Guy's n doll's, I urge you all to sign this one. http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/RepealSection58/ In a nutshell, the Government have decided to retrospectively back date a tax ruling to 1987. Although this may not affect you at this time, it sets a dangerous precedent that the government and Tax muppets can apply retrospective taxation at will. Here's an example of what could happen in the future. You buy a house today and pay 3% stamp duty (£9000) on the purchase cost of £300,000 In 10 years time, the government "decide" that the stamp duty rate should have been 6% And retrospectively change it and back date it. Therefore, you now owe them an additional £9000 and interest / penalty payments !!! Guess you would not be too happy about this. There are a lot of issues around this and cases are going before the European Court of Human Rights, as this style of taxation infringes your human rights. Please consider ! LL
  10. Nothing to worry about. There are so few transactions that seasonal adjustments and the fact that in Dec naff all mortgage business was done is skewing the data.
  11. Morning all, with the doom n gloom around us and the rumor that other UK banks are in need of capital, I have a question. The FSCS will cover personal savings up to the 50K limit. But, what would happen in the event that a bank crashed with which you had a business account and funds contained within? Would there be any compensation scheme for business account holders? Opinions? Ta LL
  12. Quick question to the HPC knowledge base. If I purchase a property. Is there a method / way to ensure that the purchase price is not listed in the Land Registry database? Thanks LL
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