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  1. If you right click and "view source" you can see the whole page in html form, including the bits that are behind the paywall..
  2. I read a post somewhere the other day (PT maybe) that brexit would mean a lot of UK expats would come home which would PUSH UP house prices. Delusional much?
  3. BTL loans shouldn't be a thing at all - if you want to buy a property to rent out it should be in cash. Or at least make them commercial business loans and only available to actual companies with solid business plans, not Bob from down the pub.
  4. I don't get why he thinks the banks would care if he's on hunger strike?
  5. Friends of mine did exactly this just without the HTB bit - maxed out on an interest only mortgage for everything they could squeeze out of the bank. Then kids came along and she cut back her hours so couldn't afford the mortgage and moved up north somewhere... Except in this case they kept the flat and now rent it out - it's our pension, innit.
  6. In the short term would we not see a drop in supply as landlords sell up and the FTBs buy due to how long it takes to sell? I'm assuming if supply is going from LL to FTB rather than another LL they'd also need vacant possession so kick the tenants out and have to eat the voids until it sells, right? I know in the last few places we rented before we gave up and bought the landlords were selling and all kicked us out. One even stayed on the market (and empty) throughout the whole of our next tenancy...
  7. So might work if you buy now and the equity gets wiped out in a hpc
  8. Wait, you can bet on interest rates? Didn't know that. Surely there's an opportunity for hedging here if you're on a tracker - if rates going down save you say 200 a month in interest and it's 3/1 for them to stay the same you could bet 50 on it staying 0.5 and either way you're 150 better off (unless it goes up which is very unlikely).
  9. Sounds about right - when I first moved to London (10 years or so ago) I shared a 2 bed flat for 1000 in Ealing. Just looked and a near identical flat in the same building is on at 1650. So 825 per room for Ealing??? Ouch.
  10. We gave up and bought a couple of years ago after being made to move three times in three years, each time because the LL was selling. Just had enough. Bought something that needed doing up and was relatively good value compared to what else was around, but still about twice what it should have been in a more sensible world. Dread to think what they'd have asked for it if it were now.
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