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  1. http://www.propertytribes.com/live-from-the-judicial-review-hearing-t-127626664-7.html Read through this, there are some cracking comments, like the response below which shows exactly why this filth shouldn't be allowed a wendy house let along a bricks and mortar house. Heer 1 hours ago LLLLOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL! UNLUCKY! 0 5 Reply singlelayer to Heer 1 hours ago Your rent will be going up... 5 0 Reply
  2. "Cherie says that the case has been funded by 800 individuals who are decent, hard working people, looking to provide accommodation, which is much needed. " Speechless.
  3. Be alright, its not as if he can lose any credibility. ... as he has none!
  4. Yes Roy had no interest in house prices, well except for his beloved EE workers.
  5. The only posts i saw were pointing out that the markets saw the attack as being beneficial for the remain campaign as the pound went up. There was nothing but compassion from everyone no matter what their political allegiance. Leftwingism is a disease where illness makes the inflicted lack compassion to anyone who has differing views to their own as Peter Hun, Futuroid and the other muppet have shown. Anyway it seems Mr Woolfe is now conscious. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/10/06/ukip-leadership-favourite-steven-woolfe--in-serious-condition-af/
  6. This is what they have in Asia, the plebs just want a level playing field. I'm now starting to believe something is in the air. Since the BoE got independence they've shown a whole new level of incompetence to which politicians are taking the flack, maybe some of this freedom is to be taken away. Though some seem to want to ignore the failings of banker serving BOE http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/10/06/yes-quantitative-easing-should-end-but-the-bank-of-england-shoul/
  7. Wonder if Cherie will tell them that what happens now is the sell the property or pay the tax. But seeing what they're like they'll take it to the European Court of Human Rights.
  8. I can't wait for the comments on the various landlord websites, this will be funny. Good bit of easy money for Ms Blair though, fairplay to her.
  9. Anyway yet again the lack of compassion from your vile kind continues, you could say nothing but you try to point score when a man could die. Sums you up. PS Your beloved LIBLABs paedophilia was exposed and you still support them.
  10. Wish i owned some of this country for you to attempt to take. Now time to block you as i can't stand mouthy little students.
  11. That was pre BREXIT, now this topic is just bremoaners whining and trolling about the result. See futuroids post history to see what i mean.
  12. Surely its past time this topic was moved to the subforum, all it does is attract attention seeking Bremainer trolls who have no interest in house prices
  13. I've not shifted any blame, you tried point scoring and i pointed it out. No one came out with vile comments when Jo cox was attacked and prior to knowing she died, though sc.um like you did try point scoring. Anyway you're just a Bremainer troll who has no interest in a House Prices Crash ... i just had a quick look at your posts and its pretty much all about Brexit. Go away little man, you lost.
  14. He's in hospital with bleeding on the brain, typical lefty trying to point score after such an incident.
  15. That happened in 2003 when house prices went up by 35% and that speccy tw4t dropped interest rates. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/2732645.stm read the comments from 13 years ago, nicest thing i could wish the incompetent corrupt scum at the BoE is an early death. As a chartered surveyor in residential surveying, I'm very much afraid that instead of a much-needed gentle slowdown in the market we shall now have a short continuation of the present unsustainable boom followed by a re-run of the entire 1990s as the lenders sadly learnt nothing from that period. If only they would give the benefit of any base rate changes to their savers rather than their borrowers the country might be in a stronger economic position. Ted, England Fantastic. It's already hard enough to afford a house as it is - this will mean that people can afford to borrow more and so house prices could easily go up as people attempt to cash in. Did it really only take Labour to ruin our economy in 5 years - or was this going to happen no matter what they did? Duncan, UK This is certainly not good news Jonathan Lewis, Wales This is certainly not good news for savers and will further lower the interest rate return. There seems to be little evidence to support the cut in interest rates announced by the Bank of England today. Jonathan Lewis, Wales, U.K. This is the worst thing the BOE could have done! Lending is out of control, as is the housing market. It seems the bank will not be happy til everyone has debts up to their eyeballs and can spend no more on the high street. Sure this is good for industry, but unless you have a variable rate mortgage, or high debts... Sorry you lose. Your savings are worth less, as are your investments and pensions. Anthony Collins, UK This is bad news. Stocks, shares, endowments and pensions are sliding into oblivion. Lowering the interest rates like this will damage everyone's future. Paul, UK
  16. Raising interest rates will get the priced out on her side as well as pensioners. Does seem as if there is something in the air.
  17. They really do have no sense of reality, and because of this they'll cling on to BTL until the bitter end.
  18. Twice for about a year in total, this around 2000 when it was 3 dollars to the pound ... before they went bubble crazy ... i'd not want to visit now as i hear even a coffee is 5-6GBP (i dont drink coffee) My brother got citizenship then left.
  19. Got to pity these fools. Oh i wlll laugh when they are bankrupt and evicted and destroyed. https://www.landlordtoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2016/10/government-to-be-challenged-in-court-today-over-btl-tax-grab Barry F 06 October 2016 09:14 AM Theresa May in her conference speech yesterday said her Government would fight injustice. Well here's her first test is she going to defend Sec.24 or do the right thing correct this injustice and repeal it? Login to Reply Login to like comment islay Pitt 06 October 2016 10:51 AM She should also remove the stamo duty too Login to Reply Login to like comment
  20. If i didn't have my kid, i'd be in Asia where its fun and they aren't governed by PC fascists in London/Brussels. Too add Asia is on the up and looks as if it will continue to do so, Europe isn't. Most the wealthier parts of Europe have crap weather which is something that'd get me moving, and places such as Norway are just boring with no culture or fun. At least in England you're never more than 50 miles from a decent size town/city with lots going on. Jeremy Clarkson summed up OZ to perfection, he said you never hear of Brits who are doing really well for themselves move over there.
  21. In a nation awash with cheap and easy credit, the govt thinks its "helping" by creating cheaper and easier credit. Surely there must be a way you could form a ltd company, build a house, seel it to yourself then go bankrupt.
  22. A major shift in economic policy away from quantitative easing is expected to be announced in this year's Autumn Statement, according to reports. Theresa May is said to be backing a break away from the monetary policy pursued by George Osborne and a move towards more fiscal measures, such as tax and spending. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/10/06/government-expected-to-announce-major-shift-in-economic-policy/ Bye bye Carney
  23. SOme old peoples scam lets you get it for 244k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-56390377.html
  24. Sale Date Property Price Paid Source 28 Jul 2016 Detached, Freehold £310,000 Land Registry 05 Jan 2007 Detached, Freehold £211,000 Land Registry 28 Feb 1997 Detached, Freehold £76,000 Land Registry Just a £300K rise in 20 years. and if she was to get close it'd be a 400% rise, wages have gone up by about 70% in that time..
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