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  1. Dont know if it's been suggested elsewhere but has he heard of a large interest rate cut coming tomorrow?
  2. perfect thanks!!!. Been reading up on (Dow) Dividend strategies as originally described in Beating the Dow by Michel Higgins . The strategy is also included in my Jason Kelly book 'the neatest little guide to stock market investing'. Long term (20 yrs) it claims a return of between 20-30% depending on which variation you take. Those type of returns compounded deserve some more research, anyone have any thoughts or experience of applying the strategy to FTSE100 stocks (or possibly FTSE30)?
  3. Does anyone know where I can find a (reguarly updated) list of the highest yielding UK shares. I thought it would be quite simple to find but not so, (perhpas its me thats being simple?) Thanks
  4. because they are matched to people on the other side of the trade/bet. Taken would imply they (Betfair) have taken it, when in fat all Betfair have done is matched it to someone with the completely opposite view as yourself.
  5. The odds may have dropped because someone else other than yourself placed a bet!? And more to the point Betfair dont set the odds!!! From Wiki: A bet exchange allows punters (gamblers) to bet at odds set and requested by other punters rather than by a bookmaker. Members can make both 'Back' bets (normal bets on a selection to win) and 'Lay' bets (bets on the opposite side of the Back, against the selection), thereby eliminating the traditional bookmaker. In other words if someone thinks a rate hold will NOT happen they can act as bookmaker, offer a price of 30 (called a LAY). Once this bet has been taken the odds may drop down to the next available LAY which may well be 2 or 3 etc. There's nothing to stop someone coming in half an hour later and again offering 30 or 50,000 for that matter. Edited to include wiki description
  6. Betfair dont send confirmation emails as far as I know? I've never recieved one, but it may be an option I've missed??
  7. whats appalling about the A&L current account? I was thinking of maybe switching to this..might hold off for a bit!
  8. my bungee rope has snapped, woo-hoooo!
  9. only if your long Im enjoying the bungee, wary of the bounce mind
  10. just broke resistance, in theory should see bigger falls now (to 12000?)
  11. if it breaks this 12039 resisatnce fully we could be in for some fun
  12. http://www.abbey-products.com/product/supe...a-squirrel/more Abbeys 8% ISA has been brought up on another thread, can someone with more brains than I work out the pro's & con's? Cant work out the catch, seems as if you can transfer in, and have guaranteed 8% till May 2008 (which is into the next tax year so do they then lock you in??)
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