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  1. No it was one occasion i assure you - she is just loud and constant barking when she is unsettled, we're used to her but appreciate why the neighbours weren't. i think it was more that the management company hadn't had notice (i wasn't aware that they needed to be informed for a visit) which is what the basis of the complaint. mum fortunately lives quite rural so no neighbours to be that bothered and hence why she was apprehensive of leaving them. Thanks for all of your replies - glad I'm not being unreasonable. really puts you off renting through agents its such a lottery.
  2. Hello any legal advice would be appreciated.... I will be moving out of my rented property in Sept and the letting agency have stated that i need to get the carpets cleaned and fumigated for fleas. I haven't kept dogs at the property but A couple of months ago my mum visited me but bought her dogs for a couple of hours. one is quite territorial and is barky so a neighbour complained to the letting agents. I apologised and all seemed fine but have since been told after giving my notice to quit that i will have to do this? There aren't any fleas in the property, no damage was done and the carpets are in the same condition as when i moved in - can i fight this?? i feel it is completely unreasonable but not sure where i stand! My contract states that there shouldn't be any animals living in the property - nothing to do with professional cleaning of carpets. They have sent me the usual moving out cleaning checklist which states "If you have been allowed to keep dogs or cats at the property, only professional carpet cleaning will suffice and we will require proof of this when you return your keys." The email received from the letting agency after notice was given stated: " If pets have also been at the property i.e. dogs, cats, the carpets will need professionally cleaning and flea treatment and we will require a copy of a receipt to prove this has been done." My contract just says: Not to keep any animals, reptiles or birds (or other living creatures that may cause damage to the Property, or annoyance to neighbours) on the Property without the Landlord's written consent. Such consent, if granted, to be revocable, on reasonable grounds by the Landlord and To pay for any reasonable cleaning services that may be required to reinstate the Property to the same order that it was provided at the commencement of the tenancy including the washing or cleaning of all linen, bedding, carpets and curtains which shall have been soiled during the tenancy Any help or advice on how to respond would be appreciated!
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