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  1. oh get a grip! all that sensationalised nonsense is irrelevant. This kind of thing has been said for years by so called experts and they have always been wrong.
  2. under what circumstance? Maybe if you want to buy to make a profit, as an investment, its a bad idea. But if you want to buy a house to have a home of your own, a roof of your own to house your young family in, why is it a dumb idea? If you can easily meet the payments required, why is it a bad thing?
  3. diss me all you like, but dont EVER slag the teletubbies off. UNDERSTAND??
  4. well for me personally, i dont know anyone who cannot pay their mortgage. I dont know anyone whose home has been repossesed. Where are all these repossisions? The way you make it sound, you'd think we all have several mates whose homes have been repossesed, you make it sound like half of houses in streets are empty etc etc. Where do you get this stuff from??!!
  5. The UK is not like the USA. This kind of thing would never happen here. A small Island, large increasing population, shortage of houses. Supply and demand and all that.
  6. nah, the indepth threads are just boring. You guys tend to get all philosophical and economic over the issues, looking far too deep into things. In the end all that matters is these points: People want a house to live in They are prepared to take out a mortgage If they CAN get a mortgage, alone or with a partner, they will buy. Its as simple as that. most house buyers couldnt give a flying fiddle about all the in depths economics of the housing market, barr the investors. If they did, they would be like you lot, wait years, and have nothing to show for it, apart from still wishing for a crash. But they aint, they are just the average man, woman, couple, family, who want a home to call their own. In the end that is all that matters. I listend to the crap on here for too long. I'm glad I went against what you lot advised, because i would have still been paying someone elses mortgage if i had.
  7. that calculator was on their for a long long time, couple of years i think! They always had the 12% thing there. Its what i used to initially calcualte how much i'd be paying for a mortgage when i first decided to seriously consider buying. You guys get excited over any trivial thing
  8. Well of course we are going to bash the house price crash mongors. I was one of them not so long ago. Read my first few posts from when i first joined. In the end, looking back, i guess i was on the side of the losers back then, but i was hard working and saving hard at the time so wanted a crash. Now I'm on the side of the winners. I took the jump, brought home which was a bargain and will not look back. Those people who have been calling for a crash wont be paying any less for a home then when they FIRST started calling for a crash! In fact they may be paying more. IF they started calling for a crash, say in 2003 Prices crash 30% in 2009. Will the 30% crash take them back to 2003 levels? Maybe, but more likely prices have risen more then 30% between 2003 to 2009. Interest rates are also higher. So if anything they will now be paying more. muppets.
  9. Wishful thinking. Any small fall in prices will get buyers jumping back onto the buying bandwagon. Prices will not fall 10% in any crash because as soon as they drop 5%, people will jump back in and buy up the properties. There wont be space or time to allow prices to freefall.
  10. Ahh so FP that was you on Radio 5 this morning??!! talking about a 25% crash in 4-6 tears time? I better email the BBC and let them know it was someone from this site! lol! Also, i better get myself onto the BBC chat boards and let them all know. And their I was thinking it was not someone with a vested interest in house price crashes! 25% in for to 6 years? lol! never heard so much rubbish!
  11. yes but in many parts, a 15% - 20% crash will only reduce prices to 2005 levels. Is that really a big crash then? with the current higher interest rates, people who waited will actually loose out even more.
  12. you see, you guys get so nastey, that i have to retaliate. Anyway i dont eat microwaved food. Fresh food is in fact cheaper, as long as you dont buy from supermarkets. try local buthcers, grocers etc, you'll save a fortune. As for my desk, nowt wrong with an argos desk
  13. I will post pictures of my house, outside and inside, to prove it.
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