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  1. Try the gumtree as well for one bed apartments, I was looking recently and through the gumtree one can rent direct from the landlord, reducing the price.
  2. Been in the same situation myself - I think it's worth looking for a new flatmate. London is very expensive but the one positive of this is that you should be able to find other professional females (I only share with girls) in their 30s to share with. I landed on my feet last time, and I knew straight away I would have no problems sharing with my current flatmate. To me the whole point of living in London is to be able to get out and about and meet lots of people. My previous flatmate and I used to have to email each other about bills etc because we were both out so often we never saw e
  3. I saw a sticker slapped on an advertisment for some designer tat in the tube once: "Warning: This product will not make you happy"
  4. I think the rents go up during a HPC, Scott! Dublin rents are currently rising fast while house prices go down.
  5. Looked into it then, but I was in early career and the bank would only lend low salary multiples, so I thought I would wait until my salary increased.
  6. Did anybody read the thread in buying and selling on Daft about paying a cash lump sum under the table? I couldn't believe someone was posting that on an internet forum, and the replies were pretty blase too.
  7. My cash ISA provider couldn't even tell me how to use the shares allocation, although they have an "invest" section on their website! So thanks for the info above
  8. It could be a little cosy for four though. I rented a two bed very spacious flat in this area at £1260 per month so I'm not sure if you could double that figure for this place.
  9. Also isn't there tax relief for FTBs in Ireland?
  10. Hi, just wanted to say that I think this is a great site. I would be a potential FTB, 30yo, from Ireland and living in London. Had a savings target in mind for a deposit and reached it recently. Had a quick look around at the market both here and in Ireland, found this site and quickly decided that the current situation did not warrent the hassle of getting out of bed on a Saturday for a FTB. So thank you HPC for saving me the hassle of even a single viewing! Happily renting in London for the moment, it is so much easier (and ofter cheaper) to rent now than when I moved to London first in
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