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  1. Absolutely - this is common business practice that anyone wanting to create a 'buy buy buy' atmosphere would do. Not too big a problem when you're just talking about The Spice Girl's latest cd - when it's the biggest purchase of your life, it's a different matter.
  2. Errrr - I don't understand your point - even if your bullish prediction on the 90% is proved correct (nobody wants mass unemployment) do you not realize that 10% of the workforce being made redundant is a hugely significant number?!? That amount of unemployment will have a devastating affect upon the British economy!
  3. Thought this was a HPC article. Wasted my time again. Can this be moved into the 'not at all related to HPC but has a comedy use of the word 'crash' in it forum?
  4. Oh get back to work. Haven't you got some SOLD signs to put up ransomly? And I might point out this site is called HousePriceCrash - posting articles about Housepricecrashes is sort of the point. Hey - why not keep posting on this site? It's great fun and you'll make loads of friends!
  5. and whom exactly do you think will be paying for your pension and your peers' pensions? This country needs people to run it! Or are you planning on relying on immigration going up by approximately 1000% each year?
  6. As much as it pains me, I have to agree wholeheartedly with you TTRTR on this point. My husband and I are fTB'rs in waiting - we both work in professional jobs, Husband full time, Me part-time. We do not and have never subscribed to the me me me attitude that you are talking about - we don't feel as though we need to have foreign holidays every year, eat out every week, buy new clothes etc constantly. I feel as though we are extremely content with our lives and see through the dreadful scam that is consumer Britain. It helps that most of our friends are intellectual, bohemian types too - we simply have no need to express ourselves through purchases...it's as simple as that. We enjoy our lives immensly - taking pleasure in things that cost either nothing or very little - This means that on the occasions that we do go to stay in 5 star hotels or buy new clothes, we get 100% maximum pleasure out of doing so. This country is a luxury-living country, where most people believe they deserve a luxury lifestyle. It's simply ridiculous and hollow. I have just found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant. I hope this child arrives safely, and perhaps a few more in the future too. I don't believe that people 'can't afford' children. They just mean they can't afford 2 holidays a year, a brand new car, designer clothes every other week, a new kitchen AND have a baby - it's all about priorities, and it's a very sad state of affairs when consumerism is more important to people than children.
  7. My sister and her husband have had their flat in the BN1 area on the market for nearly a year - hardly any viewings, despite it being absolutely gorgeous. To be fair to them - they're not even asking much more than they paid for it two and a half years ago - the place they have their eye on has also been on the market for AGES - still no offers (lucky for them, as they really want it). No HPC??? Well - not yet in BN1 perhaps - but it's virtually there..... it will only take the final straw now to break the proverbial camel's back...
  8. I think this is hilarious - The Tony & Gordon show is getting more and more entertaining by the day..... the leaks about the 'cash for peerages' I'm sure came from the Crash Gordon camp - only to backfire a few days ago when it was leaked that CG himself had been implicated in the whole sordid scenario. What I don't understand is how Crash thinks he can postpone the inevitable - the crash WILL happen, but is it going to happen while he's the chancellor or the PM? He surely can't be hoping that he can keep it at bay until he's in No 10??? It won't be any better for him if he's PM... Don't understand his thinking at all... unless he truly believes his cr@p about the booming state of UKplc. Tony is having a laugh, and (even though i'm a conservative) I must admit, I'm laughing along with him - this charade is going to play out for a long time to come and I think it will get more and more entertaining, with more back-stabbing and leaks to the press - watch out over the coming months for cupboard-based skeletons making timely appearences in the news.....personally I can't wait!
  9. 'We're at a turning point,' said Fionnula Earley, Nationwide's chief economist. 'I think we are at the stage where affordability constraints are biting - and there are other things on the horizon that will stop people splashing out: higher utility bills, rising unemployment.' yes - nothing to do with ridiculously over-inflated house prices - blame everything else.... utility bills and unemployment are just the straws breaking the HPI's back... still can't admit it can they...
  10. Just to try and brighten-up the glumful-gloominess of this thread - apart from the gloating bulls posts that is, Has anyone else notice the unusually disproportionate number of 'FOR SALES' to 'SOLDS'??? I visited my mother up in Leek, Staffordshire this week - and as I was driving around, noticed that for every SOLD sign - there were approximately 25 FOR SALES. Is this normal at this time of the year? Leek was quite slow for the property there to come into the 'boom' period. It is ridiculously high there now. However, many people there have had their houses on the market for a LONG time (a year or more) with few to no viewings. Perhaps the one of the last places into the boom will be one of the first out of it?
  11. I'm quite happy with my choice thank you. Are you a woman-hater or just rude?
  12. 'properganda' - is that like a real goose?? - sorry, just made me smile, that's all
  13. Can we have a huge round of applause for the 2 women in this programme please!!! Superb. and a mexican wave for good measure...
  14. Have you ever seen such a bunch of bstds? They all think they're SO clever - never mind that they're shafting young couples with children. Utter, utter b'stards Just hope they get what's coming to them.
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