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  1. The solution to rate rises will be to reintroduce the mortgage interest relief that the Tory's used to create an artificial bottom to housing disaster in the early nineties. My parents were able to keep their house because of this benefit. We had more house than we could afford at the time but we were bailed out. So, don't be surprised to pay for others' folly in the coming years. Helicopter money.
  2. That Billy is nominal. Take a look at this baby for the real story. It's really up to you, follow your instincts. The conclusion I came to was that cash in the bank was losing value very quickly against most stuff like tax, fuel, houses, food, gold of course, regardless of what GBrown says. The CPI is not so much dishonest as useless! So truthfully, I decided that cash was definitley more risky than gold. I think cash is at nearly as much risk as property right now.
  3. It IS a conspiracy. It's an accidental one though, an inherited one. The system is doomed to failure and inflation is the only thing that prevents it from imploding. It eventually collapses through implosion (deflationary collapse leading to bankruptcy and systemic failure) or explosion (hyperinflation) Bankruptcy is immediate and catastrophic whereas perpetual inflation is easier as it is a drawn out process, terminal nonetheless!. All we can do is try to keep it going as long as possible. Those expecting a substantial correction in cash terms will be fleeced just the same. If you hold cash then use it or lose it!
  4. Is there a beginners page for trading on LSE ?? How does a necomer learn to buy shares?
  5. It's called helicopter money. The government knows what it is doing. It has to extricate the consumer from its trillion pound debt mountain. The only way it can do this without taking out the entire banking system is to keep throwing lots of money around. If you want proof, go look at the price of silver and gold.
  6. Er, let us know if you decide to jump in because, given your record, I'm gonna jump straight out!
  7. Great stuff. All that extra money creation coming soon to a commodity near you!
  8. Oh my god, I'm such a dumbass!!!! I have been trying to find it to read it through properly. No wonder, it's been deleted now.
  9. It's so depressing. Thirty years ago Americans were walking on the moon, and now, they look set to be reposessed. I am afraid of what is unravelling in this world. I would give anything to stop it.
  10. Bump. This is the most frightening headline I have ever read. The dollar collapse is a bit like those 'The End Is Nigh' sandwich boards but it looks like the end really is nigh. Look how precious metals jumped at exactly the same time! Maybe no-one cares on here.
  11. http://www.hindu.com/2006/03/29/stories/2006032905401700.htm
  12. Join the dots:- -Houses will become affordable again over the next 5 years ish. -Houses will change little in price. If you are holding cash deposits or fixed investments take a look at the SM and commodities market. Join the dots.
  13. To be honest I think it is exactly the opposite! I think HPC is having the crisis of confidence right now and is struggling to bare its teeth having apparently lost its arms and legs. Mortgage lending is very strong. Until lending changes markedly, the housing market aint going nowhere fast.
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