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  1. It was discussed on this thread : http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=75492
  2. Mr Yogi is right. The Warren is an exclusive holiday park for footballers, wealthy businessmen and Cheshire wannabes. My nextdoor neighbours have a chalet there (200K one with no sea view) and said that last year there was a boat-off - with luxury yachts moored just off the beach. 500K is the quite possibly the going rate for one with a sea view. However I have noticed the number of chalets for sale on the park rise significantly in the last couple of years. In 2003 there were only 4 up for sale - today there are well over 20. PS Sadly my wife has her eye on one. Stupid woman.
  3. I remember 10 years ago we were all going to die from horrible skin boils caused by a hole in the ozone layer. Scary stuff at the time, but thankfully Anika Rice (correct me if I'm wrong) fixed it on an episode of Challenge Anika and now the hole is shrinking. Phew.
  4. The time to buy is when Rental Yields are high and interest rates are falling. At the current time it is cheaper to rent than to buy, and yields are lower than bonds and interest rates are rising fast.
  5. 95% no change but it is looking increasingly likely that the next move is up. Also have to remember that the brioef of the FOMC is slightly different to that of the BoE. BoE specifically targets 2% inflation, whereas (I think) the FOMC is charged with more of an economic stability thing. Suddenly I am out of my depth.
  6. commodity/asset price increases generally takes years to filter thru the system. There is every chance of a spike in Jan/Feb, as well as further lingering effects for 2-3 years. I fail to see the markets belief that interest rates are close to the top
  7. There's a new one by the Target Roundabout in Northolt and another one on Rickmansworth High Street. It's one of those trendy EA's with touchscreen wide angle virtual house viewings and a posh coffee machine, and yes, the 20something trainee behind the desk has one of those bird nest haircuts with highlights.
  8. Ray Boulger - don't you mean "industry award-winning mortgage expert Ray Boulger " http://www.myfinances.co.uk/news/mortgages...#036;446137.htm
  9. Marvellous Sadly water is only 8% more dense than Ice - And there is plenty of Ice above the sea to melt. Had me going (well enought to look up the relative densities of ice and water)
  10. I am a huge believer that the Hedge Fund industry is going to implode at some point. The thing that bothers me most is that every hedge fund uses the same historical data to create similar formulas strategies and trading patterns. The problem with this is that something new or unexpected could cause a huge feedback loop that brings them all down (and all the other financial institutions).
  11. No - they would move 0.25% - and then explain that people should look out for further increases in the near future. It would take total market turmoil before they would consider anything other than 0.25
  12. Unlike most Lib Dems - I like Vince Cable. The sad thing is that these days its good looks and general appeal that wins votes, and not substance or ideology or intelligence.
  13. http://www.haulfryn.info/property.php?loca...p;proptype=home at the bottom of the page - 3 bed static in North Wales for GBP300,000. Amazingly the prices on this site have been dropping for a year or so. Only falling further in my opinion. - oh and if you are English, you will be hated with a passion by the locals
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