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  1. Having rented a 2 bed House in the past (approx 7 years ago) I now find that my salary (and I haven’t had a pay rise in quite a few years - in fact my pay HAS NOT gone up in line with inflation so effectively I’ve had a pay cut!) will now just about cover a ROOM instead!!! My question is when will the tide start to turn? When will prices actually fall? I’m really cheesed off with the whole housing situation in the UK. All the main political parties have let the house prices rise and have ALL just stoked it up instead with Help to buy, rather than actually REDUCED PRICES. It all seem
  2. Or re-entering the houses for rent / thereby increasing competition and driving down rental prices...hopefully just love it when a house to let is vacant for over a month - means that the landlord has to pay the mortgage himself - hah! Anything to screw their yield ;-)
  3. Unbelievable. Just who would want to p*ss money away like that!!
  4. Because ALL Landlords are opportunistic bloodsucking leaches on society - they ain't there for altruistic purposes they are there to make money, and plenty of it - off the backs of those that do work - don't kid yourself otherwise. THEY are one of the collective reasons why house prices are so high.
  5. Does anyone know what goes into the 'basket of goods' to measure inflation? Although inflation has gone up recently, it's still low according to their measures. But I reckon they just fiddle it to keep the inflation figures low -hell! at this rate inflation will be measured on a packet of peanuts. they'll be saying ' oh no plebs there is low inflation' but we all know it's a lot higher cos they removed all the essential stuff going up in price I.e. Housing!!! I don't give a fig about the cost of a poxy DVD box set or the price of a pair of garden shears. FFS.
  6. Just caught up with this on BBC iplayer-. Jeez how f*%#^?! Depressing ☹️
  7. It's a win win situation for the landlord - buy a property and basically get the government to pay off the mortgage in the form of housing benefits!!! Grrrr... The government really need to clamp down on buy to let but they won', apart from a bit of noise and token taxes - they won't do anything as they pretty much have their noses in the trough as well!!
  8. Can't seem to change the picture on my profile ?? Please advise!!! I wanna picky of big bird (naturally).
  9. It will feel like wasted money, when you get a notice to leave in 2 months, but the landlord will thank you for keeping his investment all shipshape!!! BTW if any of those small jobs goes wrong - the landlord will blame you and will deduct from your deposit accordingly.
  10. Alright everyone! Big bird here. Finally joined HPC after over a decade of sitting by the sidelines, waiting for prices to return to normal - but nope - nothing so far. Here's hoping! Buy to let need to be brought to heal, and all the disincentives to partake in BTL thrown at them - blood sucking leaches on society! Grrrrrr
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