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  1. The new NR plc "good bank" (where your savings are) is a highly liquid, well capitalised bank, currently owned by the government. I wouldnt worry about your savings.
  2. What did the presenters say? Did they agree with the statement or sit on the fence?
  3. I bet you were loving the HP boom. Unfortunately by the time you have put your place on the market, forked out on estate agency fees and sold it etc you will have 'lost out(?)' on most of the juicy price falls. I predict a U shape fall the nice steep left side of the U will all be over by mid 2010. Keep your eyes open in the next economic cycle. I bet you wished you'd logged into HPC pre summer '07! Greed is good, as Gordon Gekko would say.
  4. It's anyones guess. Although after halifix' increase in dec(?) there was a lovely compensatory fall the following month. I wonder why Nwide's rise got so much more press than halifax'? Anyway, as they say, "lies, damn lies and statistics". Wake me up in Jan '10 when we have another 20% fall under our belt! mmm lovely
  5. Big deal, all the rubbish that comes from china is disposable. Game boys, mobile phones, etc all go out of date within a year. That said, I use a 5 year old nokia without all that 'take a picture message whilst playing mario brothers whilst listening to lady gaga' nonsense and it works perfectly. But I don't see the need to cherish and look after it as if it's a family heirloom! Just throw it away and get a new one! Second hand if you want. I think your son has the right attitude because it is what it is - cheap rubbish!
  6. Thinking back to GCSE geography, don't we have way too much farming capacity in britain so that farmers are paid not to farm? (set aside) what about all the grain mountains and milk lakes they were talking about?
  7. Even at 2004 prices the prices are still too dear IMO. Even then people were talking about a housing bubble (this website was created then) I think the trough will be around 2000 prices in about 3-4 years time. Hopefully I'll have saved up a nice wedge by then and will only need a small mortgage. Happy days.
  8. Not forgetting the 25yrs interest you would be paying on that £70k (roughly 2/3 times over) so a total saving of £140k-£210k! Well done
  9. What's happening right now is that we are in a transitional period. We have nothing to offer the rest of the world FULL STOP. What we are seeing is the 'coming to a head of' Thatcher's privatisation through to outsourcing of all industry with NuLab, the destruction of a productive economy and the move to a consumer economy- I foresee civil unrest as the British masses, so used to a comfortable, materialistic existence cannot let go. How are we going to repay the trade deficit??
  10. Why do you say 20%? Can anyone remember that doc with John Snow and his son discussing the british economy - I think they worked out it was about 50% financial services. It's starting to become tinfoil hat time for me - I just cannot see how this country is going to survive this. It is completely wrong footed in every way. I think the best investment people can make now is to stock up on crossbows, shotguns, rolls of barb wire, bottled water, pennicilin, stock up on fuel/wood, buy a generator, grow vegetables,rear pigs and chickens - defend home. The global economy is collapsing - it's mad max time people - prepare yourselves before it's too late. The world as you know it is over.
  11. Refusnik I think you need to move the arrow on your picture down and along a bit!
  12. True, if you focus on property sites and estate agent windows, they are horribly reluctant to reduce the asking price. However, anecdotally you can definately tell that HPC is in full swing. Take my bro put his house on the market earlier this year at 190k, refused an offer and decided to 'wait a little bit'. Now the house is on the market for 150 and they are receiving offers of 120. Huge reduction in price.
  13. "Everything all was hunky dory we were all so happy lending each other money and buying houses then those nasty americans spoiled it." Idiots, completely miss the point - complete ignorance. Now lets try and flog em anyway.
  14. They quoted a devastating "1%" fall from April 07 to April '08 - how about 15% ytd Nov 08???
  15. Precisely. BTL is akin to buying up water reserves and charging people to drink it. Or buying the only bridge crossing a river and charging an exorbitant fee to cross it (TROLL)
  16. 1. Swooping Camera shots of a 'property' that someone has done up accompanied by chilled dance/light classical guitar music. 2. When they put candles and big wine glasses with napkins in on the dining table as if an improptu dinner party is about to spontaneously break out. 3. When they sit in a bar with a poncy drink mulling over the 'properties' they have just been to see, looking ever so smug.
  17. Sorry, I meant interest rates at 6%. Not CPI! That would be something. Three points jdc: Surely you are making a massive assumption when you say that oil "certainly won't go up" (unless related to weather, politics or war). But how can you assume that there won't be any bad weather, political changes or war? In fact it's probably more likely than not. My point was that it is impossible to predict these things. Secondly, although Merv has quoted energy prices as pushing up CPI, wasn't it also driven also by domestic prices not affected by energy? Thirdly, what's the point in having a bet with me about inflation when not even Mervyn King could predict the 3.1 figure. Otherwise they would have raised interest rates more in previous months.
  18. What happens if CPI is still >3% next month? Will he have to write another letter? 6% by xmas Who says energy pxs will fall anyway? Who knows what they are going to do? Face it, the upward pressures are domestic.
  19. House Prices out of control Inflation well above target Lunatic Public Spending MEW credit binge Public debt £1.3trillion King: Raise Other invertibrates: Hold Branchflower: Cut Thus hold
  20. Joking aside, this article actually proves that the BBC are a bunch of cretinous liars- we knew that already, but this is concrete evidence.
  21. Never seen anyone get banned on here before. Think I may have slayed a bull there! To reiterate, I really don't think a hard working chap like myself should foot the bill for people being stupid. In the old days debt was debt. You paid it back or you went to jail. If you chose to go bankrupt, it stained you for the rest of your life. Now we have to pay for it. Why?
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