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  1. The recipient of the gifted cash isn't paying tax on the unearned income. The source of the income being a relative or paid employment shouldn't matter, it would be taxed the same if tax laws were consistent.
  2. Has the flood of Hong Kongers started yet to bolster demand?
  3. A lot of the damage will be "paid for" with inflation. So there is more public debt, inflation, QE, HPI, tax increases, shortages, more resources diverted to the NHS and away from productive economic activity, NHS holding the country to ransom, the death of city centres, WFH, everything moving online, increasingly sedentary lifestyles, the list is endless.
  4. The demand for schools places is increasing not decreasing, it you want to see who is having the children walk by a school in the morning.
  5. Self inflicting £100s of billions or even trillions worth of economic damage on the economy because the local NHS hospitals wouldn't be able to cope with the potential numbers of unhealthy people and over 70s in the ICU wards will go down as one of the biggest mistakes in history. The after effects of this will continue for years to come. We are looking at 2024 or 2025 before things are back to "normal" if they ever are. Just in time the for the "net zero" agenda madness to kick in, with the price of energy and ICE cars going through the roof as the panic sets in before the 2030 ban on the sale of new fossil fueled vehicles, boilers etc.
  6. What about all the properties long term rented out on an informal basis, no way the landlord is going to registered.
  7. Narrow it down to a few miles radius, it's a simple database query, assuming property ownership details are in a database. Seems to be too difficult for the elites in the HMRC to work out how to do though.
  8. It's not that easy to raise a lot of money just targeting the "rich". First of all there aren't that many really rich people around, secondly where is the dividing line between the masses and the rich, what is being rich, having 1+ million in a cash bank account, 7 BTLs etc. etc? That's why they love increasing taxes on employment income, it's very easy to do.
  9. I don't know what the problem is with Council Tax on high band properties, a few more above inflation % rises and throw in a few more "one off" increases for social care and 1 million+ houses will be paying 5k a year.
  10. Which tax is Sunak going to increase to slash borrowing? The last tax rise didn't exactly go down well with the voters.
  11. The tax laws in the UK are very strange, how can you gift someone a large amount of money and no one pays any tax, when every penny of earned income is taxed heavily and you are generally left with only 60% or less. It's almost like the country is set up for wealthy people to give their children a massive leg up in life scott free, and rob the masses by taxing their income. I know a few people who were gifted money for houses in the early 00s when they were cheap and obviously have done very well out of HPI.
  12. What are you lot complaining about? Anyone can become a BTL with multiple properties, beats a lifetime of working. Https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/16130611/landlord-young-no-excuse/
  13. Now you're saying council employes are underpaid because their employers pension contribution is higher. Is there any evidence for that?
  14. The majority of the funding into the LGPS is from the employer's contribution not the employees i.e. the taxpayer's contribution, it's about 6% employees, 20% employers. Easy to look up the contribution rates. The employers (councils) have legal recourse to help themselves to taxpayers money to fund a pension that the private sector could not afford. There could never be a similar defined benefit scheme for the private sector as employers would at least claim they could not afford a 20% pension contribution. So councils are are diverting funds for services into an unaffordable pension system.
  15. Parachuting in ex NHS management consultants to tell doctors and nurses how to do their jobs because they may (or may not) know better themselves isn't going to reform the NHS.
  16. Oh yea I remember Carney saying that, isn't this a case that the BOE can come up with excuses forever to justify never increasing rates?
  17. Telling other people how to do their jobs better which they then promptly ignore because they know more about what they are supposed to be doing than a parachuted in "expert", they just don't do it.
  18. Right on cue: From the Telegraph Tax pain set to threaten recovery and delay interest rate rises PM's tax move is 'significant enough to slow the economic recovery next year', experts warn The Bank of England could be forced to hold back any increases to interest rates next year as national insurance and dividend tax hikes hit households, economists have warned.
  19. It's not difficult to physically stop illegal channel crossings if we wanted to, we are an Island and we have a navy.
  20. Enforcing the border is nothing to do with Brexit, the buck stops with the UK government to protect the borders. If they aren't effectively doing that they are failing in their responsibilities.
  21. The UK gives asylum seekers far better treatment than Turkey. Millions being kept in hotels would be out of the question.
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