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  1. Tiger131

    Budget 2018 announced

    You're of course assuming a state monopoly would be able to provide cheaper services, unfortunately that is merely a leap of faith.
  2. The point is they are not contractors or self employed if they have been working for the same a company 100% for years, they are employees, it's all about the tax laws. I'm not sure how GPs can have self employed status when they work 99% of the time for the NHS and get a taxpayer funded NHS pension but I suppose the law is rigged so that public sector have a different set of rules to the rest of us.
  3. 35 year old woman wants to be a BTL landlord wannabe, sell the house and work for your money.
  4. People working full time for the same company for years or decades and calling themselves contractors or self employed then bragging about how they are paying less tax is just taking the p*ss. I know people who this applies to. He should be making sure they pay the proper levels of tax like the rest of us.
  5. Tiger131

    Budget 2018 announced

    Labour would increase taxes on "the wealthy", that is beyond a doubt, just who they decide is "rich" though is another matter, just hope that it isn't you. More council tax for those above band D because they are "wealthy" for instance, or how about NI for wealthy pensioners, there are plenty around? Also their plans to nationalise energy and beyond will mean that there is no switching of providers as there will be only one, do many people think about such things?
  6. Recently I saw a programme on TV where they were giving a 85 year old woman an operation to prolong their life which cost the NHS 50k. Great cheer was made of the fact that they could now make it long enough to go to the granddaughters wedding.
  7. Tiger131

    1/3 have no Pension Savings

    Being described as "snowflakes" doesn't sound very revolutionary though does it?
  8. Tiger131

    1/3 have no Pension Savings

    Most snowflakes are determined to vote in a socialist government which will tax mum and dad's house away from under their feet.
  9. Tiger131

    1/3 have no Pension Savings

    The trouble with sales is that unless you are in a very niche area automation and AI will gradually eavporate your customer base. As predicted, when most people are "earning" a UBI there is going to be very little in the way of spare purchasing power around. The consumer economy is on its way out, most skint millennials will live out their entire lives having no propserity at all. We are heading towards a watered down form of communism by another name.
  10. Tiger131

    Pick your top 3 triggers for HPC

    1. Recession, followed by 2. Re-emergence of the government debt crisis and more QE, followed by 3. Currency crisis.
  11. Tiger131

    UK House Prices: Bubble On A Bubble

    How common are 35 year mortgages? I've read several articles recently where the young person gets 35 years to "help them on the property latter". A combination of HTB and 35 year mortgages must be pouring lots of petrol on the fire.
  12. Only 78k of equity at 65, ouch! That's the real story here.
  13. Tiger131

    What Will the Government Do Next ?

    You can get a lot more than 10m off if you count all the working negative tax payers who get tax credits and housing benefit. That's why I came up the figure of 10%. Add to that the millions of other state employees and public sector pensioners paid out of taxation it's plain to see the horrendous burden that the average worker on 30k and entitled to zilch has placed upon them. And that's without even mentioning the national debt and unfunded future liabilities such as defaulted student loans at 50k a pop.
  14. Tiger131

    What Will the Government Do Next ?

    How many of those 66.5 million do you think are net tax payers? Probably about 15 million, so the NHS headcount which is increasing each year represents about 10% of the working population of taxpayers.
  15. Tiger131

    What Will the Government Do Next ?

    I'll be expecting a knock on the door from the NHS Bureau of Reeducation to explain how tax money is paid to then taken away from state workers as two totally separate transactions.

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