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  1. You need to have something wrong with you, can't you pay to get an official Asperger's or autism diagnosis or something? I've thought about it myself.
  2. Homeowners will go on a spending spree on the tick with their equity gains, and C19 savings, resulting in inflation and growth, isn't that all the UK economy is about now? All is good.
  3. This is probably too simplistic yes, but the way I see it the national "debt" either has to be "paid back" or doesn't. If it doesn't because it's not a "credit card" and the government isn't like a 1950's housewife balancing the family budget and there is no theoretical limit to the debt to GDP then why do we need "austerity", the raising of the retirement age, lowest state pension etc. etc. Why is Hartlepool poor and voted the conservative because they blame Labour for doing nothing? Just print and spend and there could be money and jobs for all.
  4. But it's all been put onto the national credit card. In any traditional economic theory a global pandemic should have destroyed wealth not created it, and the majority in the UK now seem to be better off than before? Yes there have been losers, but this is fantasy economics. Now why can't we all retire at 60 like in France, work 4 days a week, double the state pension, have a universal income etc. etc. Government just pays for it by adding to the balance sheet, we all live happily ever after the most prosperous nation on Earth. Now the public have had a taste of it the next election will
  5. Lots of money created form debt sloshing around, how much inflation is needed to wipe it out? What will £10 buy in 10 years time, 4 cans of beans maybe? If HPI carries on its course how will people be able to afford 500k for a 2 up 2 down?
  6. Easy to imagine 20% unemployment, 50% youth unemployment, masses of newly homeless, huge queues for food banks.
  7. The French will send navy ships to protect their fishing boats, the British will retaliate with more ships. A few warning shots are fired, one goes astray and we are looking at Trafalgar II.🤪
  8. I can remember sometime in 2006 a colleague bought what was then the current model mk 4 Astra a couple of years old, the thing didn't even have central locking. We got out and had to go back and lock the passenger doors ourselves manually. A truly shocking heap of tacky garbage.
  9. Vauxhall cars from the 90s where horrible, they have never recovered their image. Best to let the brand die off.
  10. If some trumped up second hand car salesman/person refused to sell me a car for cash I'd tell them in no uncertain terms what they could do with their car. What next, estate agents refusing to sell people a house unless they use the agent's mortgage brokers?
  11. What will you eat when the desperate poor lay siege to your enclave?
  12. Then their activity can be identified and logged, a nice threat to pin a hard copy of their names and the porno URLs they have visited on the noticeboard should be a nice incentive to get back to work.
  13. There will be queues miles long of HKers desperate to come here and get that £74.35 pw JSA, which is all a working age capable UK national is entitled to. I presume that's what the government mean by the help available, or is there going to be a special raft of entitlements for someone who happens to be born in HK?
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