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  1. The soothsayers, Carney, Osborne etc. said Brexit would cause prices to fall. They haven't so people don't believe these predictions anymore.
  2. You just made me laugh, I know someone years ago who did exactly that. Bought a massive van, parked it on the top road 30 seconds walk from their house and used is as a semi-permanent storage facility.
  3. As deposit rates are 0 and we are looking at -ve could banks legally charge a "small fee" on positive balances with only a letter or email as notice?
  4. In theory they have to fix defects, or it's legal action. You would hope that buyers are also making sure the house is covered by the NHBC scheme.
  5. The Builders still have to conform to the Building Standards requirements which are improving all the time. There aren't special material suppliers that are going to sell sub par materials on the cheap. There aren't going to be any "affordable homes" built by commercial companies because their costs are going to skyrocket due government money printing and they have to make a few £ profit. Affordable now means affordable with a 30 year mortgage and HTB.
  6. If we are now so pathetic that we compare a flu virus to fighting the First or Second world wars you know we are done for. Government printing and QE forever will mean the £ in your pocket will be worthless but employers will only pay the same wages as 2010. Saving money to buy a house is now like chasing after the wind.
  7. Yup I'd agree with you there, the price of the big ticket purchases, houses, cars is rocketing. Was looking on Autotrader at second hand cars and prices are crazy. A 150k joint income soon going to be needed to buy what a 40k joint income did in the early 00's, the death of the middle classes is in full motion. We're all supposed to double down working jobs for fiat that is rapidly losing value and most are too dumb to even notice what's going on. As for saving for retirement goes 300k pot to get 8k a year pension is a joke.
  8. Use the Brave browser, it has a built in ad blocker which gets round the problem of the extension detection.
  9. Good luck with that one when the local council are sending the bailiffs armed with reposesion orders to the average joe who chooses to pay for food for their kids over a 9k a year tax bill cos they live in a mortgaged 300k semi. Don't you get it, people in the UK don't have the money?
  10. Excellent idea, that's make the cost of living in the UK even more exorbitant by allowing local coucils to levy "wealth taxes" on top of council tax to "punish" those who live in a slightly better house than the basic UK Victorian "two up two down" band A terrace. Crikey where I live band C CT is already touching 2k a year half of which is going to fund ex council employees who retired at 52 "for health reasons" with their pension made up. People being forced to pay 5k+ in local taxes to live in just mediocre 300k semi would cause chaos.
  11. If someone dies single with 1million in the bank they really have made some bad choices in life. ?
  12. Just depends on what you are comparing it too I guess, there are plenty of houses where I live "oop north" that are getting on for 1 mill, and they aren't mansions either, so yes that figure doesn't even raise an eyebrow nowadays. But it's still more than a lifetimes nett pay for a higher earner.
  13. Lol, welcome to 2020 where people talk about a house being "only" worth 1 mill. What hope is there?
  14. Non taxpayer funded defined benefit schemes are in big trouble as we enter an era of forever QE, negative bond yields, highly volatile stock market, the rapid decline of B&M business and of course the beer bug. The PPF still operates in the same investment marketplace as everyone else.
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