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  1. Nsfw.....don't search Google images within the last week of the German Chancellor..... unless you want to see her (in her younger days) on the beech airing her bearded clam :-o, those Germans,,lol
  2. We know this is your homework Larry......
  3. The news just keeps getting Worsted ..... Twill get Worsted until the whole business lies in a Twisted Pile. Can't resist pun threads lol
  4. I'd risk a red card and jump in with both feet, then recruit additional victims......I'd clean up
  5. ECB are just creating a zombie banking system......Keeping insolvent banks on life support for three years wont create growth, we all know where we're going \./ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEmJ-VWPDM4&noredirect=1
  6. I can't reach ....... is there a button for bigger Cuban heels!
  7. All looks bona fide The immunity clause must mean they have DSK in mind to run the show
  8. FFS, she's so stupid she's been made Secretary of State --- she must be able to suck an orange through a drain pipe!
  9. Re point 5... Stop your moaning and plant some spuds!
  10. Maybe I'll have to go back to banking 101 but I thought Gilts formed part of a banks tier 1 - making it harder to meet Basel lll? Correct me if I'm wrog
  11. I'm off to Athens with a lorry load of PV panels Anyone want to invest in my fool proof scheme ..... Its better than GOLD
  12. You've got to share a driveway with Tony and Cherie ..... They'd need to be paying me to look at her ugly mug
  13. Good job Angela is a munter, he might have tried to 'cop a feel'
  14. Price drop already Not enough Twiggidge ....... It'll never sell Edit; add link
  15. The width of a house is overstating it a bit
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