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  1. i guess our tax money will be sucked into this one too?
  2. i don't post often any more but whenever i read a patprimer post i always yawn. such a labour devotee can only be a party member or seriously deluded and in need of committal.
  3. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-23545037.html check out the history - bump the price from £360k to £399k to have a sale where the price is.. shock... £360k!! isn't this sort of thing against trade descriptions or something? i thought if a shop did it then it wouldn't be allowed - i guess ea's are as ever immune? this house has been up well over a year at one price or another with a mixture of agents. i'd say 200k would be the right price..! what a pointless 'pool'
  4. as y'all say - 'tis the averages wot does it. on my property bee the discounts are always at least 10%, often 20%, but there's also many on there that have been for sale for donkey's that just aren't budging on the price - probably still the majority on my searches.
  5. doctorj: seasonally adjusted data gross mortgage lending all mortgage loans approved house purchase loans approved March £ 16.6 bn £ 15.6 bn £ 5.6 bn ( previous month ) £ 17.6 bn £ 18.3 bn £ 6.8 bn previous six month average £ 17.4 bn £ 17.4 bn £ 7.1 bn compared with a year earlier – 14.7 % – 22.5 % – 43.7 %
  6. lol, yet do they actually explain what 'seasonal adjustment' is and just how much it can affect the numbers?
  7. the simple reason why it changed 'recently' is because the search technology used also changed 'recently' - so no conspiracy!
  8. there will be a 1000 posts on here within milliseconds of the announcement - you don't need to go anywhere - just hit refresh
  9. even if cpi was 1.8% surely this is still at the upper end of the range so wouldn't merit an interest rate cut? why do the media all have it in their head that anything under 2% is good?
  10. given swervin mervins weakness these last few days, i'd say we're in for a .25 or .5 cut too.
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