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  1. BEST bit of news in a long time...keep em coming!
  2. Pork Pie

    Nick Abbot Lbc

    Nick Abbot was moaning last year about paying coucil tax at his flat that he no longer lived ,(but still owned) cos he was now in a new house, never said anything about the house purchase, i think his new house was an inheritance, cos years ago he did moan about house prices!
  3. @^^ thanks. you know i spoke to 2 biz owners recently one was 71, the other in his 60's and both could NOT get there head around ZIRP and crazing house prices, both told me its going to end VERY BADLY, but i just keep asking when...
  4. sorry i can't edit my last post, anyway what does S24 mean?
  5. what about the RECORD amount of 1st time buyers in the news a few days ago?
  6. depends on what you call 'obscene amounts for their cr4p house' ? well where i live (sh*t hole of the SE) houses are selling for an OBSCENE average around 350K , and they SELL within a few months or sometimes even weeks on the market. I thought with the OUT vote, this would get the CRASH going, but all you read is f***ing houses still going UP. It depresses me no end...
  7. Even so, its depressing news, one wonders if this CRASH is EVER going to happen?
  8. AH...and whats this on yahoo: "Across England and Wales the price of property coming to market fell by 0.9%, or £2,647, in July, Rightmove said." LETS HOPE THIS IS THE TREND from NOW on (DOWN) as the months and years go...
  9. I'm not buying it. 57% to 65% falls ...with LOTS of BLOOD in the streets!
  10. Pork Pie

    When Do You Expect To Buy?

    WELL SAID! We NEED 50% CRASH for the above scenario to happen, AND it will... I live in one of the worst sh*t holes in the SE, and a 2 bed semi in this area is 300k ...MENTAL or what?
  11. Pork Pie

    Brexit Bounce-Back Begins

    YEAH ...it makes YOU want to vomit! The whole thing is RIGGED by the crooks in suits.
  12. Pork Pie

    The Unfurnished Listing

    If that the case - lets GET this house price CRASH Going ...cos I've ONLY been waiting 13 YEARS!!!
  13. Pork Pie

    Are The Shires Crashing ?

    Still MENTAL prices in my areaSHIRE, time will telll...

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