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  1. Would be extreamly grateful for any advise: We took out a 6 month AST on Jan 20th, paying 6 months money at the start of the tenancy (so theoretically our agreement ends on 19th July). I have just been in to tell our letting agent that we would like to give 4 weeks notice only to be told that we are only allowed to give notice on or before the 19th of the month, and as I'm 3 days late I would have to give notice on the 19th of July (and move out by 19th August). Please would you let me know if this is correct? PS I've been on the Shelter website and they say: "If your agreement is for a fixed term (eg. six months), you can leave on the last day of the fixed term without giving notice. But you must ensure that you do not stay even one day over, or you will automatically become a periodic tenant and will have to give proper notice or come to an agreement with your landlord". So I'm totally confused now....Help
  2. Also, check to see if the surrounding houses are rented out. I have found that these are generally a bit tatty and might make future sales difficult - as the area wont look 'cared for'. (sorry STR's). I understand your reason for buying but please have a look at a good selection of houses and have go at making 'silly offers' on anything that ticks your boxes, that way even if you do end up with this house you know you've done your homework. Congratulations & Good Luck for the future
  3. If it's windows that do it for you, you'll love this one: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-111...pa_n=5&tr_t=buy
  4. Auction (Fox&Sons) prices: http://www.propwld.co.uk/auction/foxssouth.htm
  5. Oh well, that's ok then - my husband is finding it more and more difficult to find work because of the 'cheap labour' problem but if it's lining the pocket of the BTLers then I mustn't complain.
  6. Totally agree. We also have friends in plumbing and other trades in the construction industy, who are finding it virtually impossible to find work. The worrying thing is that my husband's work has been pretty consistant over the last 18 years, he has never known work this hard to find. Thank god we STR so don't have to worry about a mortgage.
  7. Thats interesting, I'm doing an architectural technology degree at the moment (I was made redundant last year from my IT job)!
  8. There certainly seems to be plenty of construction jobs in the press and on the internet, but I think you'll find they're mostly employment agencies with 'pretend' jobs (just after your CV so they can hassle building companies).
  9. Ok, just spoken to him, and he's all yours from next week if you want him.
  10. I'd be interested to hear if any other constuction workers are finding it difficult to find work at the moment, my husband is a plumbing & heating engineer, who usually works as a sub contractor but we are seeing a very noticable decline in contract work since Christimas.
  11. Good News from the BBC! Test Valley prices down by 7.2% this quarter. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_d...ml/county41.stm
  12. Thanks for the info, I think I'll give it a go - I keep looking around, but there doesn't seem to be anything else out there.
  13. Please let us know how you get on (thinking about moving from First Direct e savings)
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