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  1. The most common reasons for a property being unmortgageable are non standard construction, high rise buildings, in an area subject to flood/subsidence, non-standard construction, area/land on which property is built (near old mines, slag heaps etc), being subject to an imminent condemnation order/compulsory purchase order or being above/in very close proximity to retail or licensed premises or food outlets. Request a copy of the valuation report as the reason should be stated on this.
  2. Hello everyone, just joined the site, was recommended by a colleague. I work in financial services and have just bought a new-build which we move into in July. We have 4 investment properties, a holiday home in Cyprus and a lorry load of debt Looking forward to meeting you all
  3. As a brand new poster, I'm a bit taken aback at some of the comments I've just read! As I have personal experience of a family member committing suicide, I am appalled at the insensitivity and snide remarks made. There's a difference between being honest and communicating your opinion and being downright arrogant, crass and smug. Please remember this is a real person you are talking about with a family and friends who loved him dearly. No matter what his reasons for taking his life or what your opinions are of this, showing respect costs nothing. Contrary to popular belief, when your life has been affected by a suicide you realise that choosing to end your life takes guts - how many times have you made a decision that you later regretted but have been able to rectify or at least go some way to change things? Making the decision to end your life is the last thing you would ever do as there is no going back, ever. Working in the financial services industry I would suggest that his insurance company will probably pay out, depending on when he took out the policy. There are sometimes exclusions when it comes to death by suicide but that's normally only in the first couple of years of the policy's life to try to deter people from taking out a policy whilst planning a suicide. I hope this man's family are able to pull through this horrendous time and that they are able to sort out their financial difficulties in light of what has happened. Yes, he got himself into the debt. Yes, he should have approached the lender or asked for help with his situation. Yes, the Halifax have every right to proceed with repossession if all other avenues have been explored. The truth of the matter is that only he and his family know the extent of his financial problems and I hope those he has left behind are met with some compassion and understanding.
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