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  1. Is it really a bad news? Talking only about London, never understood why people bother with dogs given the requirement for internal space (the smell in a relatively small flat is quite upsetting even on best effort to clean), the lack of outside facilities (ok few large parks, but rarely on your doorstep) and the usual lifestyle which involves being away from the house most part of the day. Not even sure, animals were seen as companions on such a large scale in society in other time in history. Dog helped at the farm, and cats hunted mice, till 70's as far as my grandad was concerned.
  2. I am not denying a downward trend as most YoY data for London have shown a continuous price weakening. Volumes have gone from 12 000 in July 2015 to just over 6000. For the rest, you just introduce some technicalities such as wage inflation as if one would look at wage growth to justify spending more on a house, or picking up vastly illiquid authority such as Westminster and City (50 and 20 transactions a year) or K&C which do not reflective the larger London market (other falls are pretty insignificant). All borrows are closely correlated at least within the same region, yet we see some
  3. I am not trying to do anything, I want a London crash more than anyone else here. We had some bitcoin type capital gain since 2012 (+50%-100%) depending on the area, and you keep splitting hair to prove we are done 1-2% rather than up by the same amount. Volume is the only thing collapsing right now, but sellers don’t want to cut prices and buyers can’t afford to pay more, market is stalled. Fact. Price falls are never gradual and sustained to bring back historical prices to historical average, they are sudden, brutal and unexpected. When we will have one, we won’t have this deba
  4. We = This forum including myself Out of the 7 negative borrows, 2 (City and Wesminster) are far too small too be statistically viable (city must have less than 20 transaction a year), and one (K&C) is mostly niche super-prime which arguably peaked in Sep 14. Now for what must be 90% of the household in London, we see a slowing pace of price increase but no collapse. Now, it doesn't put in question the expectations of an incoming and well overdue crash but it just hasn't happen yet with no sign proving otherwise between December 2017 and now either.
  5. We say that every month, and when it's pointing south, we all expect an acceleration of the MoM fall. I have checked London data, almost every authority, including central ones, are up YoY. Situation is simple, nothing is going to collapse until we have forced sellers. Good news is BoE has seen enough evidence that the economy may start to overheat hence will continue their interest rate increase possibly as soon as May. BtL is going to take yet another hit with increased refinancing cost, and potential buyers may find that earning a bit more on their deposit savings is compensating
  6. No supermarket in 40 years managed to even remotely approach the taste of Nutella. I won't even touch the waitrose/tesco one with a barge pole, might aswell through 2 quids in the gutter
  7. Nutella sits just under butter in the list of holly product that are unalterable for any respectable french person. I remember people outrage when some EU body tried to ban Nutella for health reason. Ferrero would be bonkers killing the golden goose.
  8. Are we saying that no Fund Manager would ever design a fund raising strategy based on a falling market? Obviously, those guys are doing so well for themselves with other people's money, an hair cut of 50% across 99% of the funds, would only hurt investors and reset the potential for future gain. Thinking about it, they can only attract more capital by claiming money growths.
  9. Report from the FT on Davos conference https://www.ft.com/content/6a892d1e-0013-11e8-9650-9c0ad2d7c5b5 Finance CEOs (Credit Suisse and Blackstone) bullish on the world economy, confirming earlier report this week from GS of buoyant sentiment underpinning stronger equity bull market. Are these 0.1% amongst the 1% brightest mind in the world be defeated by a self proclaimed ex-factory worker? More seriously, Durhamborn, how do you explain that none of what you presented here never seems to ever get remotely mentioned as a small probability by the most influential players in busin
  10. Exactly my thoughts, it couldn't sound any more bearish should it have been written by notorious CountofNW.
  11. I am an excellent listener aren't? I think probably 95% of the traffic here never post. Muts have been reading this forum daily for 5+ years. Anyhow, I am following London closely so looking to see what other data some will manage to collate but if Rightmove shows falls, Nationwide and Halifax to and finally LR, there isn't many holes in the puzzle left.
  12. CB slashed interest rate and increased QE (2008) => lowered cost of refinancing => increased number of companies in business => increased rate of employment => but downward pressure on margins => downward pressure on wages => household consumption gets negatively affected=> retail names start falling => defaults trickles up the chain to non-client facing business => unemployment rises, accelerating the negative spiral.
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