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  1. It too me a little while to work out that this is the property with the blue door, The floor plan claims two areas of "patio", either side of the front door. Just look at them in the picture!! Still, there is a lovely "terrace" on the first floor. Imagine relaxing there in the evening, with a drink and good book in the sunshine. Er. no (picture 5).
  2. Regardless of your housing situation, remember that living on the SE coast gives you and your children a quality of life immeasurably superior to those who live far inland and face a 2 hour drive just to see the sea. (Canterbury, since you ask)
  3. I've been studying mortgage rates recently. The 10 year fix rates are quite a bit higher than the 5 year, so that is worth looking at closely. Also whatever people think about HTB inflating house prices, on a new-build you are going to pay that inflated price whether you use HTB or not; so if you are eligible for HTB as a new-build FTB do investigate it; it's a free loan which makes you eligible for the lower interest rates available to those with 25% deposit. And if you can't pay back the HTB loan in 5 years then you only have to ay interest on it at 1.75% and your main lender will still regard you as 75% LTV. You can't win, but you can still make sure you don't lose. Good luck.
  4. What "trouble" did Mandelson get into, exactly for this? There was never any comeback. He sailed on, ennobled into the House of Lords, drawing his enormous EU pension, and nowadays is able to lecture the plebs about how they made the wrong choice about Brexit.
  5. Another pro-BTL article in today's Telegraph, this time moaning about letting fees being charged to the landlord instead of the tenant. (Just 10% of the first month's rent, for all the letting agent's work in finding a tenant and saving the landlord from a rental void). https://www.telegraph.co.uk/investing/buy-to-let/buy-to-let-crackdown-gains-pace-landlords-stump-tenant-fees/ I've done my bit in the comments; other contributions welcome. The Telegraph Money section has a new editor - Lauren Davidson. She wrote some very good and well-informed articles as Personal Finance correspondent under the previous editor Marc Sidwell, but is showing worrying signs of reverting to the old pro-leveraged B2BTL policy that the BTLegraph had in the days of Richard Dyson.
  6. That's a great spot - thanks for sharing. I often said (only partly in jest) that I was prepared to go to Stevenage to campaign against Fraser by making sure his electorate were fully informed about his landlording activities. Now, there's no need. Good.
  7. The Telegraph is promoting this report today. I've done my bit in the comments section.... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/investing/buy-to-let/landlords-could-face-100pc-tax-rate-buy-to-let-made-scapegoat/
  8. Bump. Anybody still watching this? UK 10-year gilt yield now down to below 1%. Even 20-year is 1.40%, which is below what the 10-year was last year. https://markets.ft.com/data/bonds (click on the "Table" tab for the full listing)
  9. And this rental income (5 or 6 times average salary for someone working full-time) all comes from properties bought with other people's money, on IO mortgages [not available to owner-occupiers], with full tax relief on finance costs [abolished a generation ago for owner-occupiers]. In a nutshell, THIS is what is wrong with the UK housing market.
  10. these are just trivial details, not worthy of concern by any landlord, but pumped up by leftist tenants, lawyers seeking more work funded by taxpayers (i.e.landlords) via legal aid, and their hpc chums and influencers (that's us folks!). As for not deleting Giles Peaker's comments, it's a fact that New Year celebrations in Malta are among the most prolonged and enjoyable in the whole of Europe. Busta won't be doing any site administration for a couple more days yet.
  11. This made me laugh out loud: But maybe this is not as delusional as it seems. When Busta met with that senior Treasury civil servant back in 2015, she and her team took very careful and detailed notes of everything he said about Clause 24 and the ways that the most highly leveraged landlords might be able to avoid paying the extra tax.... It's quite reasonable that, among the civil servants and research assistants who work on housing policy, there are some whose officially approved workload includes spending a little bit of time each week keeping an eye on the online forums, to get a sense of how public opinion might be shifting, and to get early notice of any new anti-tax wheezes that might be emerging.
  12. More entertainment here: https://www.property118.com/landlord-vote-goes/ Ros is interested to know how landlords intend to vote in the next General Election, which might come round quite soon. It goes without saying that they can't understand how any landlord could possibly vote Conservative (although Ros is a member, if only to get her pro-landlord articles published on the "Conservative Home" website...), after the disaster of Osbourne's Section 24 and all its unintended consequences. Neither can they understand how any landlord could possibly vote Labour, as Mr Corbyn is undoubtedly even more hostile to landlords, and might intend to levy punitive taxes or even confiscate their properties. Labour are in the lead in her poll! Though it seems, the poll has probably been "hijacked" by "leftists" (i.e. tenants) , after she accidentally publicised it on a "landlord and tenant" website, as well as ones targeted only at landlords. If I were more technically minded about computers and websites and such stuff, I would possibly notice that the webpage is so badly programmed that, after voting, merely going to the next page of comments re-opens the original header page and allows you to vote again. Luckily for Ros, I'm a bit of a technophobe and haven't noticed that, so I can't possibly comment on it.
  13. Some good entertainment here: https://www.property118.com/negative-equity-banks-responsible/ "I borrowed some money to buy an asset which has gone down in value, so I have lost money and am now in debt. This must all be someone else's fault, so my debts should be forgiven" etc etc. No mention of all the rental income she has received from these properties! She is getting a real mullering in the comments, even from the 118ers!
  14. £10k fine and £15k costs, according to https://www.kentonline.co.uk/ashford/news/property-tycoon-fined-thousands-after-boiler-row-195130/ The comments to the article will be priceless, though.
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