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  1. I originally thought they'd offer a solution to the unlimited immigration issue and use that as the means to offer a new vote on a 'reformed' relationship with the EU. But I suspect you are right, we will eventually get the 'people's vote', and they'll just use 'creative counting' if necessary to ensure we vote the right way next time.
  2. With a bit of fettling the Irish border could be done. You set up a few custom's offices, near to, but not on the main crossing points and some number plate cameras at those crossing points. HGVs that are then seen crossing the border and should report in to the nearest custom's office in a timely manner to do the paperwork and/or inspections. Cars & people can go back & forth, unimpeded no bother. Vans would raise suspicions if they made too many crossings; but as I said, a bit of fettling. The only further check would be security, passport control between NI & GB mainland, on planes/boats. That ensures NI protects the mainland from foreign nationals who have been previously expelled, and likewise GB ports help protect the ROI. With the rise in terror attacks against mass transport, such a measure is prudent anyway. Maybe I'm missing something; but it seems there's no will to find a solution.
  3. The whole contracted out/SERPS thing seems a bit vague to be honest. I got an online forecast a few days ago, it credited me with 33 years worth of contributions. It then says to reach the full pension, I need another 5 years. So, 38 years in total not 35; I guess that's my punishment for contracting out.
  4. Basic Maths. New State pension £159.55pw/£8296pa accrued from 35 years = £237 pension for each year you pay NI. To buy you an Annuity with RPI at age 67, that's probably a rate around 4.2% ish. So your £237pa benefit accrued in one year is akin to a £5642 lump sum being put aside for you. How many of these recent migrants (let alone the locals topped up by Tax Credits) that we are told are working and contributing 'so much', actually pay £5642 in Tax + NI per year? It's going to have to go pop at some point.
  5. Lauren Southern has also been prevented from entering the UK.
  6. I'd say my terraced hovel (Wokingham) has probably dropped about 10% over the last 18 months. Can't remember the last time a similar house to mine was bought by a private buyer in my street. Perhaps the BTL tax changes are taking effect. Not sure though if it's impacting the semi's and detached houses yet.
  7. To me, not paying the rent direct to the landlord is just corruption .. they really cannot be that stupid. Surely all rents should be paid direct via BACS and that way all monies are known and traceable, with the data shared with Benefits Agency, HMRC & Land Registry etc. No benefit claimant would be able rent out a home they haven't declared, while living in one provided by the state, all income taxes due would be accounted for and so on. But of course I expect the benefit system to be for those in need; instead it just a way for all participants to fleece the tax payer (e.g. points A and B above)
  8. Benefits have distorted everything. The landlord class trouser our tax monies and/or the Govt. deficit money. Much easier than actually producing wealth. It's why they love immigration, as its just more claimants, and more consumers. Pull away the benefits and houses would have to reflect what people actually earn. The sense of entitlement now amongst our own and the migrants is reaching obscene levels. When the crash comes; we'll need the army out to keep public order.
  9. Remember they can also second the foreign employee to the UK, no NI to pay for first 12 Months; and of course then pay the person with a mix of Min Wage + Tax Free Relocation expenses. It's a jolly wheeze, so 'temporary' foreign workers transferred here are more or less paid Gross.
  10. I thought that .. or perhaps they will just let the expensive flat out, and move out to somewhere cheaper. Also isn't this appeasement a fire-hazard; wont it just encourage a load of fire-starters.
  11. This is spot on, paying people effectively 25K to sit on their hands is nuts. Yes, some may think its not a lot to live on, but that is because of the mad cost of housing. We need to turn back to council houses (without right to buy). Then gradually as you move people from private housing to the new public accommodation, those left in the private sector; whether working or on benefits will see their rents come down. This also requires us to control our borders and/or restrict in-work benefits to UK nationals. The Left however doesn't want to limit immigration, its wallows in creating poverty.. as it means more votes. The current benefits system props up housing costs, lines the pockets of the landlords and acts as a magnet for migrants to come here to join the gravy train
  12. Why not have both ? How about larger constituencies, say 450. Then we all still have an MP to ignore us, but with 650 seats in the house, the other 200 could be dolled out on a PR basis. A sort of hybrid solution.
  13. Yes we all get that, endless HPI powered by ever lower interest rates. But what you need to accept, is that we the Lawson boom went bust, the free market prevailed. But since the late 90s, there hasn't been a free market, no matter who was in power the market was rigged. So are you suggesting that the huge deficit Brown created, that the current mob are still trying to unwind was sensible? Don't forget that much of the Blair/Brown spending wasn't even normal borrowing, instead it was dodgy PFI deals, wonder what was in it for them?
  14. Quite a shock, but lots of students tipping the balance I guess. How long before Labour's promises would have been found out I wonder? Labour, as always ... . Off to Never Never Land.
  15. Actually to be fair, you might not always have to top up the deposit too much... depending on what you buy. Remember the adds are before you have haggled. You can knock that list price down. Take a look at some of the car discount sites like Broadspeed, DriveTheDeal or Orangewheels etc, to get a feel for how much you might be able to negotiate. Go higher up the ranges and the discounts get bigger: http://www.sytner.co.uk/bmw/new-offers/1-series/m140i-sport-5-door-offer/ Again, that offer is before you have haggled! There are some folk who do almost make it work on these types of cars; but you'll never manage it on a more basic Golf etc, where the haggle room is less. I replaced my very old car last year, bought an approved used BMW 125i (3.5 years old) as an approved used car. However, there in lies the rub, we all know that most cars are worth 40%-50% of the list price at 3 years old. But I paid well over 50% for it; so the dealer still makes a nice mark up. So I tend to keep my cars a long time (I bought the previous car .. back in January 2000)
  16. Nope. Typically the GFV of the car will be about 90% of the projected Trade value (on a typical 3 year deal). So that if you hand it back, the dealer still has some margin. If you want to use it as the deposit for the next car then you'll have to top it up. If you go to the VW site, there is the 195pm deal for a new Golf over 4 years. At the end the Option to buy price is £7.3K, so I'd expect the Trade value at that point to be £8K or so, therefore not much of your original deposit left.
  17. When I went to Uni back in the 80s, it equated to about 7% of us. Plus 6% going to the old Polys. Now its something like 45%, and I don't believe that all those old colleges of HE calling themselves Universities really cuts it. Its been totally debased. On top of that the young also face an ever growing number of 'Internships' as a further barrier to employment. Of course as pretty much anyone can now get a degree, it is who you know more than ever.
  18. I always thought they'd use delaying tactics, transitional arrangements etc. to avoid a full Brexit and then lose the election to a Lib\Lab coalition which would abort the process. Multi-nationals & Establishment happy, job done. Of course bringing the election forward was a master stroke in achieving this. So yes Optobear, I think you may be onto something.
  19. Surely in a free market, the prices would reflect earnings. Problem is millions now live in private rentals with the rent paid by the state. Build tiny council houses and put the non-working in them. Then without the largesse propping up the rents, they'd have to fall to reflect what people actually earn.
  20. The political class are imposing a grand game of Russian roulette on us. There's no will to restrict the number of bullets permitted; but rest assured Labour policy is to increase the supply faster than the Tories.
  21. I still haven't found out how they propose to treat pension pots. Personally I resent paying anything for care and/or medical, because that's what I pay NI for. If they aren't going to honour it, then its about time NI was merged in with Tax, why should only the 'workers' pay for health, while those living off dividend income be exempt. What they should really do, is reform Inheritance Tax and close the loopholes that allow the likes of that great socialist Benn to pass on his wealth scot free. Perhaps something like a flat 15% on estate over 50K, rising to 25% on that over 1M.
  22. Lib, Lab, Green or Tory are the choices in my location. My vote. None of the above.
  23. No word on Pension pots yet? Will a gold plated civil service pension be treated as an asset? I assume a private pension e.g. a SIPP would be though. Will they force you to empty your pot? Or convert your obviously miss-sold Annuity back to a draw down pot ? Making work pay ? Really for whom? ah! yes the wealthy and the workshy. So modern slavery continues (just pay your own board & lodgings).
  24. Don't forget that next year or so is the peak maturity time for loads of Endowment mortgages.
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