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  1. 3rd quarter earnings report comes out i believe 27th of this month.
  2. Would have happened even without Brexit, due to the shocking current account deficits that have happened recently. Silver lining the big drop should reduce that deficit to an extent, in the long run the debt ponzi needs to collapse and a decent system be put in it's place.
  3. Well if you're into that kind of stuff Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 is Elul 29 on the Jewish calendar. Monday, 9/29/2008 occurred on Elul 29/Eve of Rosh Hoshanah or the Eve of the Feast of Trumpets. The Dow Jones dropped 777.68 points on 9/29. Monday, 9/17/2001 occurred on Elul 29, this was the day stock markets in the US reopened after 9/11.Huge crash. We'll see i guess but things are certainly getting worse at a rate of knots now.
  4. Not enough money to implement. UK is bankrupt. Sweden has -0.50% interest rates so don't tell me their economy is healthy enough to implement this. Plus if you thought the migrant problem was bad before wait until the first country introduces this basic income thing....
  5. This is what I'm hoping for. I'm 31 and do not expect to see a penny of my super. I've bought and now paid off a quarter acre block in a WA country town, just need some money to build a kit home on it. I agree that it is very possible the govt will loosen restrictions on super but will they just do it for investment properties or could they do it for owner occupier to "increase equity", "get the economy moving" or something like that?
  6. Govt funded health system = Govt Telling you what to eat, what to drink, don't smoke etc.Increased taxes on these "sins". Total 1984 society where govt is in control and eventually becomes totalitarian.
  7. Not sure what the complaints are for here. Fact : By far the largest two govt expenditures are on Health and Welfare payments. To balance the budget you need to cut both. Socialised healthcare has continually shown that it is unsustainable in the long term, imagine how much less taxes people would need to pay if the government did not fund the health system.This money could be used for healthier food and people would pay more attention to eating healthier as they knew they'd be on the hook for health costs down the line.
  8. A good fact. I have been posting it in arguments with pro-EU folks. Couple it with the official BoE report showing that high immigration was the cause of much of this fall in real wages. Bulletproof.
  9. Incorrect. If house prices plummet the Uk economy goes into a severe recession, the pound drops sharply and people don't want to move to the UK. (I'm not arguing for the current insane house prices to stay high, just calling it how i see it)
  10. Who knows what they've got at Area 51 or other secret bases funded by black budget. They didn't reveal the stealth bomber for years after it was operational, that was decades ago.
  11. Depends where you are i guess. Australian stock market peaked in 2007, Japan stock market peaked in 89 or 90. Housing in Ireland peaked several years ago.
  12. No, they wouldn't have mentioned Brexit either way. They're hoping everyone just forgets about it.
  13. This could be taken two ways.... I see it as her saying that new taxes will hit the lower and middle classes hardest. A rare nugget of truth from parliament!
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