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  1. This is comedy gold. "Rupa" - a woman who is "project managing" which inolves going to a tile shop, getting them to do the calculations as to how many square feet she needs, then getting shirty about it when she doesn't understand the difference between square feet and square metres. She wants a full kitchen supplying and installing for under 2 grand, and flits from one company to the next trying to get someone who'll work for nowt, and then gets confused about putting together some kitchen units and rings the company to complain that it's "not as easy as she thought it would be". OMG

  2. The image above of Gordon Brown reminds me of an embarassing moment I had in Boston U.S. when I got a bit drunk on a stag do and called one of the stag's friends (a financial advisor to Gordon Brown) a horrible posh ***t and made some other drunken remarks I can't remember. This was out of character for me but it was at a time when I was a student and very left wing and he was the emobdiment of everything I hated at that moment in time and it all came blurting out of my mouth in a very crass and shameful way.... but thinking about it all now I don't feel so bad. Funny how you go through remorse and then eventually admiration for your younger self!

  3. 10 minutes ago, Darby Ram said:

    Britain is a terminally-stupid country.

    You're not kidding. It shocks me when I hear people talking about not being able to walk away from a house even though it's ridiculously over priced because "they've fallen in love with it". Are people seriously that stupid that all reason goes out of the window? If you treat a property like your first high school girlfriend upi've still got some serious growing up to do!

  4. 22 hours ago, A third of everything said:

    Not seeing that in the area I was looking in... took a couple of weeks off viewing as it's getting tiresome now and have had numerous agents chasing me daily despite not returning their calls

    I had an agent chasing me today too. Not sure how to read into that, whether she just knows I'm an active buyer in a good position or she's got nothing better to do I don't know. That particular agent sells properties at the middle-upper end of the market so perhaps business is slow for them.

  5. 5 minutes ago, flb said:

    With my current salary, I can easily pay rent here. No sweat. With just my pension, I couldn't. It would cover ~60% of it (assuming no increase). So even if the landlord wouldn't want to kick me out "just because", could I stay here, in "my home"? I doubt it.


    If you miss mortgage payments, your home will be re-posessed. So is your definition of "home" owning the property and not having to make payments on it? If that's the case, most people won't become "home"owners until their 50's... I also second the motion that your definition of "home" is incorrect.

  6. 2 minutes ago, flb said:

    I rent the flat I'm currently living in. I don't view this as my home in any way. They might call it "my" "home address", but I'm fully aware that it's not mine and therefore not my "home". I'd call it my home if I owned it. Like I said, I wouldn't call a car I rent "my car". 

    In my opinion, if the landlord can decide to terminate the contract and basically kick you out, you can't call it "your" "home", but it's probably just a matter of perception. I used to rent a place some years ago. Landlady's daughter had a child and she decided she needed the house. Therefore, when the contract reached 10 months, she notified us that we should leave at the end of the contract (12 months). I can't really see how I could've called it "my home" under those circumstances.

    So do you ask people "would you like to come to my landlord's for dinner"?

    Would you say "I'll drop you off in Honda's car"?

  7. 36 minutes ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:

    There's an anecdotal forum for made up stuff.


    But please present us all with your facts from the land registry when they are available.

    1) This is the anecdotal forum.

    2) Why would I make this up? Since I've been willing a crash for years!

    3) No you're OK thanks.

  8. 32 minutes ago, flb said:

    She's right about one thing, though - it's not THEIR (the tenants') home. They're simply allowed to be there for the time being...for a price.

    I don't know where this attitude first appeared - "I rent, therefore it's MY "home"". Speaking as someone who both owns and rents...It's not YOURS and it's hardly a home. 

    If you rented a car, you wouldn't think it was YOURS. If you rent a house, you think it's YOURS. Hell, if you REALLY think it's yours, stop paying rent - after all, it's "yours".

    Some people are clueless...

    You're wrong. It is their home, as a home is a place where you live. It isn't their house, since they don't own the building.....

  9. Having seen things go a bit daft this time last year before the BTL rush, I was expecting things to be quieter this year, but all of the lunatics are coming out of the woodwork again and offering over asking price. We're looking to buy and the two properties we've offered on (our offers were rejected) are apparently getting lots of viewings now. Usually I take what the estate agents say with a pinch of salt but my dad's just sold the property they've had on the market for 6 months at full asking price and there were 4 others lined up for viewings still, so I think it's true.

    :-( That'll be more HPI on the way then, not a good start to the year!

  10. 29 minutes ago, GreenDevil said:

    Taking to a mate  yest who has come into an inheritance. He is convinced he is going to buy another property. I said prices are too high ten times salary and rates at decade lows. What's about stocks? Not able to convince, his agrument, where can I get an income and a doubling of asset capital every 12 years. There is no end to BTL until they become taxed differently or rates make a savings return equal to that of a BTL.

    On a similar note, a number of work colleagues own BTL. One recently bought his first. He's a typical know-it-all and when I told him he'd be leveraged he couldn't understand it. His response was "yeah but once I've got tenants in they'll pay for the next one you can't lose as long as you've got enough to pay for one you can have as many as you like"...

  11. More kite flying here:


    Probably based on the fact some idiot bought a similar one for 360K last year. The owners must be expecting a greater fool to come along. Similar sized properties/plots in better areas locally for 325K. e.g...


    ...although that one's overpriced too!

  12. This one came on a year ago. Busy road, average sized 3 bed (1200SqFt) with a very small back garden priced at 325K, around the same price as a good sized 4 bed (1400-1600sqFt) with a decent sized garden, has now been reduced to "Guide Price 280K" (14% reduction). If they'd listed the property at 280K a year ago it would probably have sold, but as prices have already started turning here I'd say they'll have to knock another 20K off to get it sold now, and if HPC happens this year, their lagging behind the market trends could cost them a lot more!





  13. I'm fortunate to be in a good job, earning about 3x the average salary and I'm reluctant to contribute to HPI. Today when talking about a property that has more than doubled in price in 12 years I was told by a colleague "get on with it you can afford it" and that is the general sentiment amongst everyone I work with even the younger lads. Is it me, am I being unrealistic as to what I should be able to get for my money, or are 99% of my colleagues brainwashed? I'm starting to question myself!

  14. More relative to your title (sorry I rambled a bit there) I placed an offer on a place before christmas. They rejected it of course and I called back yesterday, got the same estate agent and told her our offer is still on the table. There was a distint shift in her tone from before christmas ("you must offer above their offers over price") to "oh well they've only had 1 viewing in 6 weeks and it didn't turn into an offer" yesterday. Just shows how fickle EAs are, they'll switch sides at the drop of a penny once they realise there's not many buyers around.

  15. My mum and dad flip houses for a living, paying 90-110K, spending 15-25K and selling on for 130-150K. On average they make around 15K per house and it takes the two of them about 3 months, so it's a fairly modest and honest living because they work very hard and finish to a good standard. The most recent one cost £98K and needed considerable work (about 20K) - after work was completed it was valued at 130K but my dad wanted to put it on at 140K so the EA suggested they put it on the market at "offers over 130K" and it went live in October. They didn't get a single viewing all the way up to christmas. They removed it from the market for a couple of weeks and then relisted it at 135K, and they got 2 viewings last weekend. They received a take-it-or-leave-it offer of 118K which is just below their break-even cost! Other than that they've had no other interest.

    I have been telling my dad for a few years now that the 10% yearly gains we've seen over the last few years are not sustainable when local wages are flat, and he's very adamant that I'm wrong, because "supply/demand" but he sounded a little defeated on the phone the other day. Then again, he went through a similar renovation in September last year and ended up selling at the asking price, so only time will tell!

  16. I don't know why you're still there, honestly you're a rent slave! You need to have a good work/life balance and enjoying your job isn't a reason to live your whole life on the bones of your backside! £1200/month here in East Yorkshire will get you a 5 bed detached with a big garden with change left over. We rent a 3 bed semi, approx 1100 Square Feet with large garden for £675 and we're still having holidays, meals out and putting a couple of grand away each month for a deposit when the time comes. If I were you I'd be looking for a job elsewhere. You can still get into London on the train in 2 or 3 hours from most parts of the country if you wanted to see friends and relatives at the weekend.

  17. A bit skeptical here. On one of their product videos it shows the car slowing for a cyclist who has their arm out to signal (the technology actually detects the arm pointing in the direction of intended travel). In my experience cyclists often just give a look over their shoulder or a nod and don't actually signal, so it doesn't seem practical. Maybe I'm wrong, perhaps their AI will be good enough to think and make decisions better/faster than a real driver. Without actually testing one out I wouldn't know and I wouldn't trust a promo video from Google. Let's wait for some proper in-depth reviews1!

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