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  1. I'm sure I have read on here some quotes by people say that the economy has moved into a new paradigm and everything has changed. Just before it all goes tits up. Does anyone have a list? Cheers.
  2. I mean Western companies source most of the oil. And most revenue returned to the country of orgin goes to the ruling class like you say.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by the sad reality but if it is the general living conditions of the majority that is more to do to the distribution of the oil wealth (or lack of it) and the fact that most of it is sourced by Western companies.
  4. It must be because everyone there is a funny colour. Never argue with idiots.... I see why you are worried about some one nicking your job....
  5. Do you believe that the increases in house prices in London have been fuelled by foreigners? I'm sire it was mentioned more than once on here. Therefore some of these people will be imigrants and have capital that they have brought with them. So that doesn't really tie in with your last comment. To me you are saying "I will be welcomed anywhere as I take my capital with me and, as a Brit (God bless us!!) I'll prove my worth (Like we did in the blitz!!). But all immigrants into this country bring nothing (except perhaps Aids?)" If you can't see thet your last comment is at the most optomistic unintentionally bigotted. Was the brain drain down to ethnic tensions? I thought it was due to high taxes and other reasons such as the strikes, three day week? Just out of interest Poland is suffering a brain drain at the moment. The young and highly educated are moving to Britain. That and finding a ton of oil off the coast.
  6. It just seemed like a childish bile filled rant to me. I like the way some British people are so proud of their country and being British but as soon as something happens that they don't like they run away to another country. I guess they will live there, won't intergrate and get marginalised.
  7. No, I do not want Immigration to end. Some of the arguements given for ending it on here are ridiculous, some are fairly sensible. But I think the benefits out weigh the draw backs. I have competed with immigrants for jobs and have worked with them. I think it is funny that I should now feel sorry for builder, plumber, etc..etc that they are halving wages when for the last ten years I seem to remember all people ever complained about was the extortionate rate most of them charged. I work in Slough, I used to live here. I think the influx of Polish workers has improved the place.
  8. And the 3 million perspective FTB will just rent these 3 million BTL properties?
  9. He has got a good point though. And I have shares in one and the dividend is very good.
  10. All the other posts seem to be people from here pretending to be idiots. Shame really...
  11. It seems he doesn't understand how RealistBear investing his own money makes him a private investor and not a professional investor coupled with a rather rigid view of dictionary definitions.
  12. You have got the Six Nations in the spring so that will cause a dip as well.... But seriously, if there has been a dip because of the football what will the figures be like in August? Surely they will drop even further?
  13. Your mother must be very proud of a sick **** like you.
  14. Well if they were both at the same interest rates I think repayment would be better, but I'm not qualified so this could be plain wrong!! I'll put an example below: For both mortgages to pay off the interest in the first month costs £200. In the IO mortgage you put aside the £300. In the repayment mortgage you pay off £300 of the borrowed capital. In the second month the IO mortgage costs £200. The repayment mortgage costs £199 + the £300 repalyment. So say after 12 months repayment wise you are paying £188 plus the £300 repayment. The IO mortgage you are still paying off £200. Then you pay in the £3600 pounds and the interest drops to £188. Repayment is better as the interest cost dropped as soon as you paid a little back. So the repayment mortgage saved £66 I think. To be better off with the IO the house price has to go up or you have to invest the money you would have paid( the £3600) so that it makes more than the £66. I hope this makes sense/is right. I could be completely wrong but that is how I understand it.
  15. t h e t y p i s t i s r e a l l y s l o w
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