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  1. The Isle of Wight is either Tory or Lib Dem and never Labour. Hence there is no benefit to the gubberment saving these 500 or so jobs. Despite the fact that this is the UK's only wind turbine factory. I'm not saying they should save any particular factory or jobs if they are not economincally viable, just that they wouldn't bother in a Tory area even if it was the right thing to do. Part of the problem for Vestas has been local old farts campaigning against the erection (*sniggers*) of wind turbines in the local area. They were concerned about local bat populations, apparently. In conclusion - most people are selfish shits and rarely do the right thing.
  2. I wish I could take reports like this to Downing Street and shove them down that fat fook's throat. I hate Labour, particularly Gordon Brown, and the waste time of the last ten years so much it hurts. The anger swells up inside and then I feel like crying. If I hear one more person speak of the housing market "returning to normal" I swear I will explode. Apologies for my outburst. I feel better now.
  3. Is there a graph somewhere of house prices according to the various indices? I like graphs (looking at them, not drawing them). Presumably this will show a widening divergence between Shitemove and the others. To use a popular economics buzz word, could I be the first to conclude that asking prices have decoupled from reality. Oops - dinner's ready.
  4. Don't fret. I confidently predict that none of these looming council job losses will become a reality. They're just tying to create an impression that they're in the shite with the rest of us in the private sector, but will announce quietly in a few months that none of the redundancies turned out to be necessary. Internal vacancies in the staff anti-bullying department, or pension black-hole creation unit will be found. Obviously the fact that all these jobs have been saved, even though they weren't really under threat in the first place, will be reported as good news and we will be terribly grateful that our councils are so wonderfully managed. That's why council managers get paid much more than MPs, cabinet ministers and even the Prime Minister. Want another prediction whilst I'm in the mood? Inflation by the CPI measure will not fall below 1%, let alone 0%. I ******* hate this country. Happy Friday!
  5. As a Caulkhead myself I am watching the market on the Island very carefully. Prices are generally falling, but I'm surprised by how quickly reasonably-priced houses are selling. There's definitely been a sales surge in the past few weeks and I'm worried this is the beginning of the end of the crash. The latest tactic from one particular estate agent is to add the ESTIMATED PEAK PRICE to any house, and this is typically 10% lower than the listed price (not that it means much). According to LR average price is 163 (Jan 09) compared to 181 (Jan 08) - about 10% down. Much further to go given that average salary is lower than country average. I'm waiting and hoping ..........
  6. With interest rates close to zero, isn't it quite difficult to get yourself repossessed these days? I mean you wouldn't fix at a rate you couldn't afford, so anyone struggling to meet re-payments would likely be on a tracker or SVR and would have benefited from recent interest rate cuts. Obviously this excludes those who have lost income due to redundancy etc., but the government has some sort of nonsense scheme to help these people. Even without the government scheme, shouldn't we expect redundancy-driven repossessions to happen later in the downturn rather than sooner? This is also why retail sales were "surprisingly" strong in Jan and why CPI isn't falling as quickly as "experts" predicted. The stupid and reckless (who should now be having their homes re-possessed) are being rewarded for being stupid and reckless and have money to burn.
  7. Looks like they'd give me £900,000. Do the maths people. Yes that's right. And I drive a 4x4
  8. I wonder if they will re-do any value-for-money calculations to take account of the tax payer's money spent supporting the system in 08? Why isn't the mainstream media shoving this stuff down Brown's throat on a daily basis? Why won't Brown admit he's made some mistakes? I'd have a lot more respect (though still not much) for him if he did.
  9. Good post. Thanks. I like the warm feeling I get from sincere advice, even if the consequences are worrrying.
  10. I suggest you have your daily poo at work, thus saving on both water and loo roll. I would also recommend that you never try to switch energy suppliers to save money if you are renting. Disregard advice from anyone who suggests it's a good way to save some money. I've tried it twice and on each occasion the process took so long (+6 months) that I moved out before it was completed. Thus I ended up with two accounts to close: it was impossible to keep track of who owed what to whom and I'm convinced I got shafted by one of them. Don't do it - life's too short - just say no. Finally, for the topest top tips I suggest you visit your local Nat. West for a dose of Moneysense. Do it on your day off, and be sure to have your a daily poo whilst you are there.
  11. They just don't get it that we struggling would-be first-time buyers aren't fighting over the last few hefty mortgages that the banks feel able to give us, we simply want house prices to become affordable again. Bring it on if a mortgage ration brings about a crash. Nothing depressing about that. and This support for homeowners (if that's the correct term) that have borrowed themselves into financial trouble is sickening. Everything seems to be loaded towards helping homeowners at the expense of the rest of us (in fact were even told it's for our benefit). It's like how I remember supporting Southampton against Man Utd at Old Trafford. Every official decision seemed designed to ensure that Utd would win.
  12. I've seen a lot of this lately too, for regular (not auction) listings. It makes me smile because any potential buyer would have to be nuts to offer anything higher than the bottom of the range. It must be a mind trick that estate agents play to get the vendor to lower price. At first there is shock at the suggestion that their house isn't worth as much as they've told their friends, but sooner or later the vendor gets used to the lower number and the price can be dropped properly.
  13. Correct. Win ten pounds. I have a 2-year old. All 2-year olds should be loved / cared for / brought up / educated at home by father or mother. If this is not affordable, children are not affordable. Soon we'll be sending sperm to nursery. Craziness. What is the point of having kids if you going to farm them out as soon as they can wriggle. I hate this Government.
  14. Although I lurk frequently, I am rarely sufficiently motivated to post. This thread, and particularly the above patronising toilet speak from Neitherland, has pricked me. It's not a question of "what have they ever done for me" - it's a question of "why are they shafting me in every imaginable way" and smiling all the time as if I should be grateful. I suspect the really really big problem in this country is people who think they know best when they know very little, like Neitherland. If the Government intervene to prop-up the housing market, I will start a riot. What annoys me the most is the way that any such move is portrayed in the media (or spun by Labour) as a help for "struggling first time buyers", as if they are nursing broken-winged birds. Their true motivation, however, is to keep middle-aged home-owners happy by propping up house prices, not to help FTBs. All FTBs would prefer a crash than a mortgage rescue. All voters would too if they could see beyond the Daily Express headlines. I am melting, so angry am I that they could even contemplate intervening. They are twits.
  15. There may be plenty of other people to fill the gaps, but none of them would be able to live on the salary because of the rampant increase in the cost of living (not accurately reflected by the CPI as discussed at length on here before) in recent years. These replacements just don't realise it yet, or they are Polish and don't care. I support the strike action because it reflects the fact that we've all been shafted by HPI/Labour/CPI/Immigration etc. for the last 10 years. Some serious wage inflation, followed by IR rises and mass BTL decimation would be a positive outcome in my opinion.
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