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  1. Thanks for the written request template! I know! I sincerely wish I wasn't serious, but unfortunately I am. I'm asking for advice on another post, I'm well within my rights to lock the garage but it's kinda difficult when they won't even give you a key! I'm trying to get the LL details now so that I can discuss this with him directly. I think she's massively underestimating my intelligence, because I'm quite young I think she feels like she can get away with stuff because 'I won't know any better'. I know full well she's in breach of the contract!
  2. See above! LA has said she will not give them to me. I'll request in writing as per Section 1 of the 1985 Act, so she has to. She's currently in breach of the contract anyway by not providing me with a key or permission to lock my garage door(s). Going well!
  3. Note - We have only just realised we do not have a key for the garage as it was not in use until now. My OH is a mechanic and wants to bring home his project car and now can't until it's lockable.
  4. Thanks for that I emailed the LA for the details and she has said: "The property is on a managed basis and hence the landlord's contact details are confidential and any communication comes via ourselves." I've also noticed the tenancy agreement has the initial and surname of the LL with the LA address, not the LL. Can she do this? I'm also having problems now as she's saying I'm not allowed to lock the garage despite the contract explicitly stating the LL hands over the entire property including all and any outbuildings. They're breaching that part of the contract I'm sure!
  5. Renting property for a month, LA has been hell to deal with but all seemed well until I requested a key for the garage door as there wasn't one handed over to us when we got the keys. We have a gardener who lets himself in through the garage (the only way into the back garden other than through the house) at the request of the landlord, however we weren't aware we were not allowed to lock the garage at all. Our plan was to get the gardeners number, and unlock the garage for him on the days (once every two weeks) that he visits. The LA has said that the LL explicitly wants the gardener to do the garden, which is fair enough, and that we must leave the garage unlocked at all times to account for this - not fair enough. As far as I'm concerned, this not only invalidates any insurance we have/the LL has but it also means the garage is not fit for purpose and the contract explicitly states that the LL will let the entire property, including all outbuildings etc. It mentions nothing about the gardener, this has only been verbal. I'm seriously concerned that not only can we not use the garage at the moment for fear someone will take the contents, but someone could gain access to the back of the property, and we also have no idea who the gardener is or any schedule of when he is supposed to turn up other than "an adhoc basis". Can they do this? I've spoken to a few people who say I am well within my right to force them to give me a key so I can lock it or change the locks entirely, but I want other opinions. I also requested the LL direct address and full name which the LA has refused to give me on the basis that the LA is a "managed service and the LL details are strictly confidential" which I also think is complete bull. Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for this! My letting agent is just awful. Every time I contact her she basically tells me to leave her alone. I'm chasing stuff up that should've been sorted weeks ago and it's just delay after delay. Can't be bothered with it anymore, landlords details are the way forward!
  7. Do I have the right to request direct contact details to my landlord despite the presence of a letting agent?? The letting agent is very slow and incompetent, and if I have any problems I'd rather contact the LL directly.
  8. Has anyone ever had a letting agent not do an inventory when moving in and it come back badly on them? My last LL took control of the contract once everything had been signed at the LA's and didn't bother with an inventory as she was really relaxed and lived on the premises, and we got our deposit back no problems. I now realise that this is a rare thing. If my new LA doesn't do an inventory upon moving in, would that be their problem and I'd get the deposit back because they can't prove anything has changed, or would it be bad for us as we can't prove it was like that to begin with? I'll request one done, take photos etc on the day of course, but just curious to know if anyone has ever had this experience?
  9. Thanks everyone, your advice has been helpful. I know I can be very wordy and ramble a lot when I ask things on these forums, so I apologise if this was difficult to digest. I got a call from the LA today saying the property is ready and the only thing holding us up was these bank references, and she found it unusual that she hadn't heard anything. She seemed unusually chirpy and positive and said we can sign as soon as she gets them. I phoned my bank straight away and after 45 minutes found out the request she had sent hadn't even been registered on my account because the form she had provided wasn't detailed enough. So I've now got a copy of the reference being sent to her and myself by this Tuesday coming at the latest. My partner is also having issues as his bank didn't get him to register a signature with them when he signed up for an account (How many useless people can we encounter in a month?!) so he's been chasing them up, they now have his signature and he will be making "demands" on Monday that they get it faxed to the LA asap. Until that happens I've not yet asked for anything else but if she phones in the week saying we have it, I'll request a draft contract as you suggest to read over before we go and sign, which was standard with our last LA anyway, but I don't have my hopes up haha! Thank you, I'm feeling much more positive after today, and relieved that I should be hearing the verdict next week and hopefully moving next weekend!
  10. My partner and I are in the process of referencing for a property we absolutely love. Unfortunately the letting agent has been incredibly difficult and rude throughout the whole process (to the point where I had to download the energy certificates to find out what the address was for viewing!!) and she is not very good at answering my questions. For example, we have previously rented a property with an excellent LA who provided us with a complete list of the process from start to finish and all the fees included. They were friendly and helpful and answered all of our questions and I felt I could call on them whenever I needed to. This LA stood awkwardly at the viewing, very quiet, not explaining much and answering our questions in as little detail as possible. She gave us nothing but a "booklet" with pictures in it, and listed off verbally what I had to email to her after the viewing if we wanted to apply. Despite this we loved the place too much to worry about an awkward, unorganised woman getting in the way of it. However, we have been put through a bank referencing process instead of a credit check, which I had no idea even existed and it took me 3 days and 6 emails to actually understand what the document was that we were told (in an email) to "print, sign and return posted to the letting agents" - no further explanation. Then the actual process is taking forever, it's been nearly three weeks and I'm losing my patience as we really want to move and the LA has basically said (although in better words) to leave her alone until the process is complete. I understand the referencing takes time, but she won't answer any of my other questions until this is done. If we get it (there is no reason at all why we shouldn't) we've been told there is a gardener that comes every two weeks, though the garden and front garden were quite scruffy when we viewed and I'm concerned about how he gets into the garden as the only routes are through the garage or the house - neither of which I'm comfortable with. Should I get it in writing that this gardener is responsible for the maintenance? We've also been told that the property allows pets (one cat) and I've got it in an email that the only additional cost is if there is damage to the property - i.e. having a pet will not add more to the deposit. Will this stand as "in writing" if she tells me we have to pay more to have the cat? She told me at the viewing I could get another if I wanted (I asked) so I assumed the LL was quite relaxed, though they're redecorating before the new tenants move in, so can she charge us on the grounds that the property is newly decorated? Can I have some advice as to what I need to ask for in writing - as well as the contract - without having such a long list and whilst dealing with such an awkward LA that I end up putting her off us and she won't offer us the property? (can she do that?) Our last property was just so relaxed and easy and simple, that this time around it feels like we've never rented before! The property has a history of long term tenants (last rented in 2012) which is why we're going for it despite the LA, if they all stayed so long then they can't be that bad? Sorry for the long post, I know the LA doesn't owe me anything so I shouldn't really expect her to be nice as long as she's getting us through it, and I've been super sweet to try and get her to help me out a bit more but she seems to just have a really bad attitude. It's a small, local LA so we can't switch who's dealing with our application - you'd think that'd make them nicer!
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