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  1. Quite simply i'm a single parent living at my parents, been here far too long so i could work and so my kid has stability and now i need to get out. Choice of sanity and getting my life back over money. If i rent my deposit will whittle away to the tune of 10K a year which is around 5% of what i want to spend, at 20% off current prices i cold get a very small mortgage and move on, start a small business etc..., as its a deposit for my kids stability i can't take a punt on the stock market etc.. From now on in i will earn tax threshold and get tax credits, if i earn more it'll go into a pension as you suggest as its the only way to play the system. But back to housing if i was playing chess v the state i'd say they've got me close to check.
  2. But when the points have to match exactly to what Venger and TCONW say and think then it this no longer happens.
  3. Again i have never suggested im brilliant or correct, the fact i'm sat in the spare room suggests otherwise. I have stated as others have that we, you, I would have been correct prior to 2007 if the state didn't change the rules of the game so drastically.
  4. Fair comment, but once the troll accusations come out for merely having a different opinion it gets silly.
  5. How can i argue facts with Venger when he blatantly makes up some obscure claims that i have not and would not say, then throws in utterly pointless and unrelated quotes? And then you do your predictable "troll" name calling like a 6 year old girl. And how can i back up what i'm saying about the future with facts when i am saying i haven't got a clue what the government are going to do in the event of a crash, the current state of play effectively rules out using basic economic fundamentals to make decisions, its as much guess work for me as it is for everyone else. The only facts i can use are what i've seen the government do in the last 13 years to make sure house prices rise forever more and aren't allowed to crash, though its clear the priced out plebs of Britain have had enough of this "help" and see it for what it is. And i'm aware of the facts of C24 tax and Stamp duty tax along with Basel 3, and the fact the referendum is tight which could lead to these 2 useless cnts being booted out of office though this is not a fact. But i think i may get my beloved 20% drop in the next year, either that or i'll find some land.
  6. QE has not ended, or do you wish to enlighten me as to when it was paid back. And there is plenty or new EU QE money splashing around.
  7. Seems as if the only people allowed to post on here are those who will wait out another 10-20-30 years or however long it takes for prices to return to 3.5 wages or 4 for those living in Surrey. No other mindset or opinion will be tolerated. Reminds me of the loony left who shout "racist" and other obscenities to people who have a differing view or heaven forbid a life that is not identical to their own.
  8. How he bloody hell am i a troll for being aware that the state intervenes in the market and being aware they're hoping to inflate away the debt thus my savings?
  9. I agree, but what if we get more QE, lower interest rates and more HTB. Not beyond the realms of possibility.
  10. Exactly. But interest rates could shoot up next month if there is a serious run on the pound, or the state will try and keep them where they are or very close for a long time yet. Unless you've inside knowledge its just guess work as economic fundamentals haven't applied for 13 years or more now.
  11. Seriously get some help, and don't tell me what to do. I will block you, could you do the same as i tire of your insane rants.
  12. I don't rent you confused individual and i don't own, you're that insane you make these things up, read back my posts and see where i stated that i live. And where have i said i am getting a £300-400K mortgage? How the hell would i pay such a mortgage when i have clearly stated i no longer work full time and make about £10K a year. I want to live mortgage free hence why i have bothered saving up what should be enough to buy a house. Why do you make up such lies that i want a huge mortgage???? And also why would i need a 400K mortgage for buying a 200K house which is all i want to spend ... are NR now offering 200% mortgages at 40 times income? I mentioned borrowing £30/50K, i mentioned i can understand why people buy after many years of waiting and gave reasons, if you want to critique something go after the reasons i said, not just your deluded rants where you make up utter nonsense and quote endless unrelated posts. You're absolutely bonkers and in need of serious psychiatric help, i actually feel sorry for you.
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