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  1. I must be living life the wrong way, all that debt!!! Or maybe people have just become so desensitized to those kind of numbers?
  2. What is the point? I scrape one of the portals every day for each property, 30 fake "clicks" a month per property. I think they use clicks as a free metric for estate agents/ home owners, unless it has some outrageous number I cant see anyone taking note of it.
  3. awesome, sold 30th April 2017 re-brought 3rd December 2018 7ish months, looking forward to next year now!
  4. Another one, best quote from the owner http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/spectacular-13million-farmhouse-countryside-could-11334005
  5. This, in the article the following quote just reeks of advertising for redrow in my opinion. The whole thing just looks like a "this is what you can do to be a homeowner" along with the sums if you can afford it.
  6. Yes, I agree, that lovely person should be entitled to become a landlord and get extra money, the advise you should be giving is that should interest rates rise, then she can just raise the rent innit! On a side note, the house is worth 25k less coming from a sound reliable source her EA, that is enough to make a sound choice on using the 30% equity from her current asset to buy another property that could potentially be cheaper itself! Plus her other half may need to become the handy man in her new BTL empire, which is a win-win. Really people should be allowed to do whatever they want!
  7. I track Plymouth and on the only eventful things I have picked up this month are as follows (Bear in mind I don't track flats and my interest is seeing what comes under the 150k radar) sub 100k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-65159030.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-65048363.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-64372310.html 5-bed below 150k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-62859389.html Number of 4 beds creeping below 150k are 7 (this is increasing) one below of note
  8. what if i place a cardboard cut out of a human in the middle of a one way street... would these be to dumb to notice? what if people use them for car bombs... what is to stop people in balaclavas from disabling the cars and stealing all the parts... technology cant fight back unless you let it... I look forward to the day I don't have to drive, personally don't find any enjoyment from it.
  9. I look at this and can only think that using PCP is dead money... I own my '02' pile of shit car outright, but every time I think about getting a new car I think this car is saving me money as long as the MOT does not exceed £300 per year (quite high but my standard for yearly costs.) I did a quick comparison to make sure it is in fact "dead money". price paid for 30k 02 was £3500 - 6 years ago, just for comparison. OLD 3500 /3 /12 = £97 per month New (same make) £185.04 per month for 3 years __________________ Yes you could argue for double the m
  10. Why do I feel that students are treated like battery hens when viewing the floor plans of these.
  11. Not sure of the velocity of houses that come on to the local market in Plymouth, but if these HMO's are coming on to the market and also with the advent of Sherford supply http://sherford.org/ ... My first thought is, are FTB's going to bother with these HMO's when they can just get something new?
  12. I wish I didn't see that view!!! It makes me so angry that we don't get value for money in the UK, its so beautiful compared to what I can get here for the same amount.
  13. The removal of HTB2 and my predictions based on an outside perspective. Pros More money for Hammond as those with the smallest deposits will need to look at new builds rather than all housing options. This will stimulate construction growth for his company and other developers. Cons Limited options for those who cannot save enough for a reasonable deposit (5%), will need to move to HTB as a last resort and will not be able to look at the 'older' housing stock. Afterthoughts I personally think 5% is an unreasonably small deposit but this seems to be the acceptable
  14. I will be truly amazed if this happens, what an exciting time to be alive when the status quo will be disrupted, for good or bad who knows! Anecdotal news - I consider this good news but there are 4x for sale boards within a 500 yard stretch of road and have been up for at least 2 weeks. It feels like everyone wants to get on the gravy train and the train has not left the station yet. It has been a long time since I have seen for sale boards accumulate on our streets.
  15. I really don't see what all the negativity is about. 25% return on money put forward and 2% interest(Show me something else like this that can provide those returns on your deposit money). So what if is not provided as part of the deposit, if you couldn't afford the deposit, you clearly couldn't afford it in the first place and even if that is the case then just use HTB... (Clearly intended for those who want to over leverage or have not bothered to raise a significant deposit in the first place)
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