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  1. Thank you very much Joe! That’s good to know!
  2. Thank you so much, both! Really helpful!
  3. Hi guys, Can I have some advice about ex local authority house? I recently got sale agreed on a 3 bed semi-detached house in bt9. Didn’t know it is ex local authority house in till received the valuation report from the bank. I have no idea about ex-local authority house, so did some research online. It turns out that the advantages of this type of property is usually bigger and cheaper, but the one I get sale agreed is not bigger than any others around, and the price we’ve agreed is not cheaper at all compared with other houses in the same area. Now I am a bit worried about its value if I want to resell it the future. Also, the house is around 60 years old; the report form the bank mentioned that parts of the property are thought to contain asbestos material, which also makes me a bit worried. I’m going to have a homebuyers survey this week, but not sure if it can provide enough information about the asbestos issue. As the interior is a bit outdated, so we plan to have some renovation; I don’t know if it would disturb the asbestos. We have a 2 year old, quite worried if the asbestos will bring some health problems. Besides these, the report also mentioned dumpness to the ground floor walls and it is leasehold. I’m not originally from NI, but was told by the agent different from England that all house here are leasehold. Now I don’t know if I should continue the purchase or pull it out, mainly because of the ex-local authority house and asbestos issue, I do like the location and the houses in that area go fast on the market though. Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi Guys, any ideas about the five aptartment blocks in malone square, built by the McGinnis group?
  5. Ca3


    That’s the one we were about to put an offer. The angent called and said they just received an offer at 225, and if we don’t offer any more, it was about sale agreed on that day. It was three weeks ago, and apparently the house is still in the market..
  6. Ca3


    You’re right, many thanks for the advice! We checked with the school, Laganvale court is too far away to get a place in...
  7. Ca3


    Hi Joe, thank you very much! Very helpful. We didn’t buy that house eventually considering the price and its location quite far from shops and bus stops. Still keeping looking in south Belfast.
  8. Hi guys, may I have some opinions from you. I’ve been looking at the houses in stranmillis as I’d like to send my dd to stranmillis primary school. A friends’ daughters study there, and she speaks well about the school. Also stranmillis is not far away from the place I work, so I am quite happy with the location. Now I am thinking to put an offer on a townhouse in Laganvale court, but I have 2 questions: 1. Is there any place that I can find the sale price in that area? The house has been in the market for a few weeks but hasn’t received any offer yet. How much I should offer (eg. 10%-15% percentage reduction from the owner’s asking price? ) if I’m the first one to put an offer? 2. The house in Laganvale ct at the end of lockview road. Is anyone familar with that area? It seems a nice residential area, very quiet, the only downside I have noticed is a bit far away from shops and restaurants and I may have to drive. I’m very new to that area; is there any problems that I haven’t been aware of? Many thanks in advance!
  9. Ca3

    The Matic

    The new block in the city centre named the Matic including 1, 2, and 3 bed aptarments will be completed by the end of 2017 or early 2018. The price for phase 1 is from 135k for 1 bedroom and 170k for 2 bedroom, plus 15k for a ground/underground car parking space, which is optional to 2 bedroom apartment above 7th floor. It offers 24 hour concierge, residents swimming pool, and gym, which make the management fees around 1600 a year. As I'm single and work in the city centre, so consider buying a two-bed apartment nearby. From its website, the apartment in Matic seems nice, but the total price is quite high - two bed above 7th floor with a car parking space comes to around 200k, and the annual management fee is just crazy. Not sure if it is good choice for the first buyer... Any thoughts welcome.
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